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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PICTORIAL

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Astrology, 437:new day from the top of the mountain. Here in pictorial language I have endeavored to indicate theDiscipleship1, 89:is to achieve factual knowledge of this. Pictorial visualization (which is a definite feature ofDiscipleship1, 90:dispatch of this focused energy by means of a pictorial process (not by an act of the will at thisDiscipleship1, 172:ask you to give ten minutes each day to the pictorial visualization of your entire work andDiscipleship1, 543:Form appeared. Sound the O. M. and vitalize the pictorial vision which you have succeeded inDiscipleship2, 73:and am choosing phrases which will convey a pictorial connotation to your minds; in this way theDiscipleship2, 116:definitely there. Then follows the conscious and pictorial (or imaginative) withdrawal of theDiscipleship2, 121:heart and finally to the head, we have a [121] pictorial and symbolic presentation within the lifeDiscipleship2, 306:as the result of the divine thought and are not pictorial presentations of what already is.Discipleship2, 313:essentially what is covered by the symbolic and pictorial phrase "the raincloud of knowableDiscipleship2, 368:I said - either in form or formless; it can be a pictorial symbol or a subtle demonstration; it canEducation, 28:a term can be used (my intent being entirely pictorial), from the center of the head to the mind,Education, 33:minds. We can learn much through the use of the pictorial and visual imagination. Many aspirantsFire, 483:into gold was but preliminary and a symbol, a pictorial, allegorical, concrete step. The wholeGlamour, 228:Ritual. The reason for this is that it is a pictorial representation of the process of Creation, ofHealing, 203:this diagram is simply an effort to relate in pictorial form the centers, the glands which theyHercules, 8:of Christ, the World Savior, we have an entire pictorial presentation of the final stages ofInitiation, 116:eyes to see. The mystic significance of these pictorial phrases will prove only a snare or a basisMagic, 76:the blaze a fourfold fire is seen." In this pictorial writing which I have sought to convey inMagic, 378:spark of mind" in animal man. This is simply a pictorial way of picturing the creation, by a directMagic, 399:preserved in the consciousness of the race a pictorial representation of a momentous planetaryMagic, 597:of superimposed eights. The word petal is purely pictorial and a center is formed on this pattern.Psychology1, 197:wind and the insect world. This is not just a pictorial way of portraying truth. The very nature ofRays, 354:and also related to the Hierarchy, and this "pictorial event" is a parallel to the one alreadyRays, 442:mental presentations; it is concerned with a pictorial and symbolic sensitivity which expressesRays, 450:minds. We can learn much through the use of the pictorial and visual imagination. This bridgingReappearance, 81:the Aquarian Age, Christ foresaw and reduced to pictorial form for us, thus preserving for us -Reappearance, 104:to the world, through [104] the form of a pictorial and world drama (symbolic in nature) theReappearance, 128:the mysteries of Masonry are, as yet, only the pictorial presentation - but is simply the result ofTelepathy, 106:and interpreted in symbols, in word forms or in pictorial representations; these the aspirant
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