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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PICTURE

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Healing, 135:to confuse, and my effort is to give a general picture of the underlying causes of outer physicalHealing, 144:in my other books, and so presenting a clear picture of the energy body which underlies the denseHealing, 146:in so far as it presents a truth, completes a picture, and gives the student a symbolic idea ofHealing, 151:only in the case of disciples - a most amazing picture story or symbol of the ninefold ofHealing, 182:training and give them a somewhat more complete picture, but which will protect the ignorant fromHealing, 203:by both. It is not intended to be a true picture of any physiological organic relations. The centerHealing, 203:healers should get clearly in their minds the picture of the areas in the body which are governedHealing, 206:of students. I would have you grasp the general picture and get the outlines of process clear; IHealing, 253:brain trouble. All this presents an appalling picture. Against the ills which it discloses,Healing, 259:itself should find their place in the overall picture. A particular incarnation is not an isolatedHealing, 305:matters and bear in mind that you must see the picture upon a large scale, as large a scale asHealing, 360:Why, think you, is there no good and true picture of the Blessed One. There are only a fewHealing, 427:the great universal Law of Attraction. Can you picture the time when the process of death, clearlyHealing, 428:I would like to present a somewhat different picture, indicating what is known by the departingHealing, 467:Process of Restitution I wish you could get a picture (symbolically considered) of a man who is inHealing, 481:- Chapter V - The Process of Restitution The picture I have outlined of the psychologicalHealing, 607:control, and because it occultly gives a picture in miniature or microcosmically of the universalHealing, 610:general rule accurate. This law gives an amazing picture, and one too which is full of hope,Healing, 664:During the past two hundred years the entire picture has been altered. Individual men, in adequateHealing, 673:in the three worlds and the completed all-round picture such an observer gradually attains. This isHealing, 675:and to enable him to get a somewhat complete picture of the situation. It is obvious that thisHealing, 688:powers. There is, however, another side to the picture; this involves the skill in action, theHealing, 715:the soul. There is no attempt in this diagram to picture the correct number of petals in eachHercules, 4:should now be possible to gain such a synthetic picture of the progress of the soul from ignoranceHercules, 4:will be found to give us just such a synthetic picture. It leaves untouched no phase in the life ofHercules, 4:the mind of the bewildered aspirant, and such a picture painted of universal sequential developmentHercules, 7:life histories must disappear in the larger picture. Hercules astrologically enacted the lifeHercules, 8:of form and the subjugation of matter, a picture is given us of an unfolding divineHercules, 47:King. The more closely we study this heavenly picture book, the more we realize that ever before usHercules, 83:give some idea of the wonderful synthesis of the picture, and of the steady progression, and of theHercules, 105:of the man who is seeking initiation. They picture to him distinctly and clearly the work that heHercules, 136:themselves in the future, they will have a picture of physical human achievement and of futureHercules, 142:However, it is impossible to negate the powerful picture of the world disciple in this supremeHercules, 142:effort, still keeps that symbol in the picture. While sex, under the test of at-one-ment ofHercules, 152:thought has died. It is valuable to get the big picture and learn to interpret it in the variousHercules, 167:kind and that he must do something about it. Picture his reaction, the conqueror discovering thatHercules, 184:two thousand five hundred years hence, can you picture what humanity will be like? The animalHercules, 187:division again, between those who are getting a picture of the universality of the love of God, andHercules, 192:yes, but we can begin to get a [192] larger picture, develop the consciousness of humanity as aHercules, 192:up of all the single men In such a unity the picture ends." Hercules, 194:fields wherever we may be. In view of the cosmic picture, doing all we can do at this particularHercules, 198:with our own problems that we forget the larger picture. It is to be noted again that the keeper ofHercules, 207:of God. We are given a synthetic and complete picture of the progress of the soul from ignorance toHercules, 208:with fresh courage as he gains a sequential picture of universal development and destiny. We find,Hercules, 215:planet, and the use we make of them. The larger picture of the effect on world and racial evolutionHercules, 219:of Zodiacal Energies on Earth Life In the larger picture certain interesting facts emerge. We canHercules, 229:twelve labors will give us a somewhat synthetic picture of the work done by every disciple who isInitiation, 17:on the Path of Holiness we get an approximate picture. Let us enlarge somewhat: The first fourInitiation, 64:part of oneself. One can have a perfect image or picture, but it lacks life. The life can beInitiation, 125:for his encouragement, there is granted to him a picture of a final consummation of a glory pastInitiation, 137:of force, a wheel of energy, or a lotus, and to picture it as a lotus with nine petals, hidingInitiation, 150:was concluded, and the whole completed as a picture before his inner vision, he brought into use aInitiation, 166:in inaccurate transformation. To enable him to picture again accurately the imparted secret, soIntellect, 223:of meditation is the use of the imagination; we picture to ourselves the threefold lower man,Intellect, 224:to envelop our Images. When we make a mental picture, the mental substance of our mind sets up aIntellect, 225:at the stage of the [225] beginner, some people picture the three bodies (the three aspects of theIntellect, 230:give a lecture upon these words to an audience. Picture yourself as formulating the notes uponIntellect, 234:must be a genuine and persistent desire, a clear picture of the value of the results, a realizationIntellect, 251:law of correspondences, and fit into the world picture; above all, it will carry the impress ofMagic, 45:esoteric sciences can, if they remember this, picture to themselves a network of nerves and plexusMagic, 110:life; it is only because we do not see all the picture that we draw these temporary distinctions.Magic, 121:to that now seen in the emotional? Can we picture the condition of the world when the intellect isMagic, 126:beginning, and can hold in steadiness the true picture of the ultimate consummation. You ask,Magic, 243:of the aspirant who has built for himself a picture of walking in a constant illumined conditionMagic, 280:creative work of some kind - a book written, a picture painted, a home functioning rhythmically, aMagic, 298:that he becomes afraid of his very reason. The picture cannot be too blackly colored, for fear isMagic, 303:then prevision will carry with it no terror. The picture will then be seen as a whole, and not as aMagic, 329:of the body of Christ, and giving to the world a picture of the true nature of a spiritual organismMagic, 352:a part of yourself. You can have a perfect picture or image but it lacks the life. You have aMagic, 364:whole. It is valuable to endeavor to grasp the picture and to vision the wonder of what isMagic, 418:maybe not in your peculiar field of action. The picture to be held before your eyes is that of aMagic, 428:the future in more explicit terms and hold out a picture of an intriguing quality when at theMagic, 468:bud; not yet the full blown flower. Stage II The picture changes form. Another voice, coming fromMagic, 523:which will suffice to convey a temporary picture of divine reality. Magic, 536:of souls. In the retrospect of history, the picture of the emerging prisoner, Man, can be seen inMagic, 553:H. P. B. and were taken by her from this ancient picture. They are well known but seldom applied byMagic, 555:the only possible thing to do is to present a picture, then no harm can eventuate. But the picturesMagic, 556:evolution proceeds upon its way, and [556] the picture of today will at a later date be deemed noMagic, 556:no better than a child's rough scrawl. A new picture will then be presented, simpler and moreMagic, 570:triple sheath." (P. 227.) This gives a general picture of the subject of our consideration andMagic, 617:the highly significant phrases which give the picture of the consummation: "Let the magician standMeditation, 48:of these schools) I would like to urge that you picture not some isolated spot for their location.Meditation, 84:When meditating in the heart center, picture it as a golden lotus closed. When the Sacred Word isMeditation, 84:closed. When the Sacred Word is enunciated, picture it as a lotus slowly expanding until the innerMeditation, 84:light, more blue than golden. Build there the picture of the Master, in etheric, emotional andMeditation, 84:ever more and more inwards. When the picture is fully built then gently sound the Word again, andMeditation, 95:inhibit the processes of the lower mind. If you picture the mental body as an ovoid, surroundingMeditation, 96:the Sacred Word gently three times. Let him picture the breath sent forth as a clarifying,Meditation, 153:will be the accuracy of the inner symbol or picture around which the clouds of color circulate. TheMeditation, 211:of sevenfold light. Too apt is the student to picture seven bands, striking down athwart the fiveMeditation, 220:as the color of kama, or evil desire, and the picture of the dark and lurid reds in the emotionalMeditation, 254:in some form on the physical plane. They picture themselves, perhaps, as the exponents [257] ofMeditation, 289:of the etheric heart. He is told to picture, toward the close of his meditation the heart etheric,Meditation, 347:in the background too, and result in a whole picture of rare beauty. Life progresses by smallPatanjali, 14:plane, and in these three we have in miniature a picture of the macrocosmic manifestation. ThesePatanjali, 24:of past desires and their gratification. The "picture making faculty" of the average man is basedPatanjali, 24:the memory of the orthodox saint, based upon his picture making of a joyous heaven. That memoryPatanjali, 47:free from karma and desire. Here we have the picture of the spiritual man as he is in reality. HisPatanjali, 47:given in this and the following three sutras, a picture of the liberated man who has passed throughPatanjali, 109:energies, is a psychical state, just as the mind picture of a stage with the actors on it, is a
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