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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PIECES

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Atom, 71:from those bodies they disintegrate and fall to pieces; then perhaps we have the clue to what theAutobiography, 32:the two crates arrived and we unpacked these pieces of shining mechanism. We rode everywhere andBethlehem, 37:it must carry out, and which it sees falling to pieces at the very moment when completion was near,Bethlehem, 178:Eleutherios as he was called) was torn to pieces, not unlike Osiris. Even in far Mexico [179]Education, 81:of the signposts in a world which has fallen to pieces. Fire, 604:produced by friction, as the friction of two pieces of wood; and Pavaka means the vaidyuta or fireHealing, 246:one meaning "wind" and the other "falling to pieces." The significance of both these meanings willHealing, 246:withdrawing of the wind or breath, a falling to pieces eventuates, and this is a true andInitiation, 79:of their centers and vehicles they go to pieces. This can be seen working out in groups as well asIntellect, 11:is static and crystallized eventually falls to pieces and, where there is arrested growth,Magic, 466:to point out, however, that these intriguing pieces of information which I at times convey andMagic, 487:of gossip. Devitalize it by love, break it in pieces by the power of a counter thought-form ofProblems, 32:hopeful element in a world which has fallen to pieces before our eyes. They are the guarantee thatSoul, 107:or to weld together. Just as in welding, two pieces of the same metal are made to become one by the
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