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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PIERCING

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Astrology, 61:of the disciples, with Sagittarius gradually "piercing the heart with his arrows, and then upon theAstrology, 155:the king of beasts is blinded and killed by the piercing of his eye and heart by the long horn ofDiscipleship1, 407:that one-pointedness has in it the quality of piercing, and this focused work you have carriedDiscipleship2, 259:1. The Stage of Penetration. This refers to the piercing through the world glamor and therebyExternalisation, 348:open for the light to irradiate men's minds by piercing annually through light substance to theFire, 1243:Path VII. The initiates upon Path III through "piercing the veil" find themselves upon Path V. ThisGlamour, 98:a group and under direction of their Master, in piercing the world glamor and letting in some lightGlamour, 225:situation. The groups who will do this work of piercing the glamors which dim the vision ofGlamour, 225:by the Church in a diffused and vague way in piercing the glamor of material desire and materialHealing, 11:to see the first dim ray of light which is piercing this glamor, and serving first of all to revealHercules, 25:to go straight to the goal; symbol, too, of that piercing illumination, that shaft of Light whichHercules, 156:forth an unearthly screeching sound; a sound so piercing and so harsh it could affright the dead.Hercules, 171:Soon he saw the triple-headed dog, and heard its piercing bark. Snarling, it sprang upon him.Hercules, 175:have the arrow that comes from a cosmic source, piercing the heart of the son of God, called theInitiation, 56:long thin face, black hair, pale complexion and piercing blue eyes. His work at this time isMagic, 593:causes, is, in the majority of cases, due to the piercing of one or other of the webs, through theMeditation, 18:all knowledge. As the process is continued, the piercing of the periphery of the causal bodyProblems, 148:churches to the exclusion of the penetrating, piercing vision of the divine in every man. It is theRays, 284:will in such a manner that He succeeds in piercing the planetary ring-pass-not; He is then givenRays, 426:Path VII. The initiates upon Path III through "piercing the veil" find Themselves upon Path V. ThisRays, 538:as follows: "The light is seen, a tiny point of piercing light. This light is warm and red. It
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