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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PIONEERS

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Bethlehem, 97:and the recognition of its value by the pioneers of the human family, may succeed in leading themBethlehem, 178:They rose again from the dead, and became the pioneers of mankind to the Heavenly world. TheyBethlehem, 195:and the logical outcome of His teaching. Pioneers and those who reveal to men their next step,Discipleship1, 187:work with the intelligentsia or with the pioneers of the race or with the thinking aspirants. TheyDiscipleship2, 231:of the group in the early part of this century. Pioneers of this group appeared in the nineteenthExternalisation, 120:the mental element unfolded among these pioneers just as the intuitive element is today unfoldingHealing, 68:many; but again, where are they not found? The pioneers along the new lines of thought and the manHealing, 271:by the idealistic pronouncements of the pioneers in the new fields of nature healing, by theIntellect, 15:research of the scientists, and into which the pioneers of the human family have always penetrated,Intellect, 25:is as yet but the privileged knowledge of a few pioneers. [26] If Professor H. Wildon Carr isIntellect, 31:kingdom into that spiritual realm where the pioneers whom we call Mystics, and the standard-settingIntellect, 45:and objective realms. They will act as the pioneers of the New Age, when men will be practical menIntellect, 149:considered a few pages earlier. According to the pioneers into the realm of the soul, the conditionIntellect, 181:the way. Third: In the language of some of the pioneers into the spiritual realm, the third resultIntellect, 209:race. In the old, old East, the few adventurous pioneers sought seclusion and ascertained for usMagic, 86:the attention of aspirants now, for they are the pioneers of the human family, the pathfinders intoMagic, 219:and issues forth from the mental realm. The pioneers of the race, and the foremost thinkers andMagic, 224:fearful stress and strain, dimly sensed by the pioneers into the human kingdom from the ranks ofMagic, 277:their endeavor and so awaken others. The pioneers of the human family, the scientists, thinkers andMagic, 314:effect of this sign is constructive among the pioneers of the race, and destructive among the rankMagic, 482:evil good will come. A goodly number who are the pioneers into the kingdom of the soul, who are thePsychology1, 137:reveal, and all true esoteric students should be pioneers in this field. [141] Psychology1, 232:of today, and the new ideas which influence the pioneers of humanity, become the inspiration of the
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