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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PITRIS

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Fire, 819:next solar system. In solar fire, these solar Pitris in their ninefold formation represent and makeFire, 819:human evolution. In fire by friction, the lunar Pitris are represented and constitute the lowerFire, 819:stages: First. The stage in which the lunar Pitris function primarily, and prepare the lowerFire, 819:all else. Second. The stage in which the solar Pitris gradually become predominant, in which theFire, 819:of its blaze puts out the other fires. The lunar Pitris have fulfiled their work, the solar PitrisFire, 819:lunar Pitris have fulfiled their work, the solar Pitris [820] have developed the self-consciousFire, 821:in the three groups of Agnishvattas or solar Pitris above referred to. These groups form theFire, 829:[829] worlds. Thus is the work of the Solar Pitris consummated. The fact of the abnormality of theFire, 831:and quality are gathered back by the solar Pitris of the highest order into the Heart of the Sun;Fire, 831:be used for another manvantara, but the solar Pitris will not again be called upon to sacrificeFire, 833:the two types of energy. For instance, the solar Pitris are the substance of the egoic bodies andFire, 833:for Spirit manifests by means of soul. The lunar Pitris, who form the personal lower self, beingFire, 834:ourselves with the solar Lords of the lunar Pitris, but must recognize also: The solar Angels of aFire, 836:The goal for the devas (below the rank of solar Pitris) is individualization, and their objectiveFire, 836:do for the humanity of that age what the solar Pitris have done for him, and make theirFire, 837:Vol. XXIX, p. 50. 66 The Goal for the Pitris: The lunar Pitris are on a level with the lowerFire, 837:p. 50. 66 The Goal for the Pitris: The lunar Pitris are on a level with the lower Principles. - S.Fire, 837:in the animals. - S. D., II, 266, 279. The solar Pitris embody the fifth principle - S. D., I, 241.Fire, 843:were arrested and directed elsewhere, while the Pitris already active began to center theirFire, 843:not be forgotten here that the work of the solar Pitris from their point of view, is not primarilyFire, 843:Logos of their particular ray; the solar Pitris are in the council of the solar Logos. 69 It mightFire, 845:of three directions: To the line of the solar Pitris. To Sirius, as a karmic adjuster. To the solarFire, 845:system, and not just in a scheme. 5. The solar Pitris. The highest three groups will become majorFire, 845:6. The Human evolution. To become the solar Pitris of another cycle. To follow any of the pathsFire, 845:paths earlier enumerated. Those who become solar Pitris, being the bulk of humanity, return toFire, 845:breathed out again into activity. 7. The lunar Pitris To become men. They will in their higherFire, 845:force-matter which we call that of the lunar Pitris, and its place has gradually been taken by thisFire, 854:to have upon: Other Egos in his group. The solar Pitris who are the substance of the group. TheFire, 854:who are the substance of the group. The lunar Pitris, who are linked with the solar Pitris throughFire, 854:The lunar Pitris, who are linked with the solar Pitris through the permanent atoms. We haveFire, 866:of both the good and the evil. The lunar Pitris who form the bodies of his brothers and his ownFire, 869:of the Mahachohan. The third group of solar Pitris affected. Love Petals - Second circle OrganizedFire, 874:worlds - has to do with the work of the lunar Pitris and the solar Lords. It signifies essentiallyFire, 878:destroyed. The four lower groups of solar Pitris return to the heart of the subjective sun, or toFire, 879:must bear in mind that [879] in thinking of the Pitris, he must ever think in group terms. TheFire, 879:Pitris, he must ever think in group terms. The Pitris who formed the egoic body of a human being doFire, 886:and therefore relates to the lunar Lords or Pitris, causing a weakening of their hold upon theFire, 886:will eventually result in a return of the lunar Pitris of all degrees to the central point forFire, 998:emanating from one or other of the lunar Pitris; the downflow of the impressing energy from theFire, 1098:purpose and place to the particular set of lunar pitris who form the vehicle. The mental body isFire, 1112:yet been much considered. They are not the lunar pitris, as that term is commonly understood, butFire, 1139:and evolves so do the lower kingdoms. The lunar pitris are to the planetary entity what the threeFire, 1139:centers are to man or to the Logoi. The lunar Pitris who contribute the human form are (to theFire, 1139:forms correspond to his heart center, whilst the Pitris of the mineral kingdom are analogous to theFire, 1169:demonstrated by the three major groups of lunar pitris. These three groups are not concerned withFire, 1213:relation with other human units and with the pitris of the animal kingdom, and also the developmentHealing, 178:the relation of the "lunar Lords," the Barhishad Pitris, to the solar Lord or Angel. The field ofHealing, 292:the lower three worlds where work the lunar pitris and the elemental essences of all forms. ThisInitiation, 79:of both the good and the evil. The lunar Pitris, or little lives which form the bodies of hisMagic, 60:emanating from one or the other of the lunar pitris, the downflow of the impressing energy from theMagic, 311:of a vast number of lives, and those lunar pitris or lesser builders who constitute the sentient
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