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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PITY

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Astrology, 124:into selfless world service. Self pity into compassion, sympathy and divine understanding.Astrology, 397:illusions and glamorous of the aspirant; self-pity, which is the effect of a constant concentrationAutobiography, 21:things lay elsewhere. I was morbid, full of self-pity, through loneliness, exceedinglyAutobiography, 147:think I can truthfully say I'm not full of self pity. I am normally conservative and used to beAutobiography, 195:I now see was not exactly tactful of me) what a pity it was that the Arcane School and the esotericBethlehem, 78:is trodden, happily, silently and with no self-pity in the home circle, no other lesson orBethlehem, 79:our responsibilities and obligations. Self-pity and too much talk are the rocks on which many anBethlehem, 166:and reality than do failure and neglect. Self-pity, a sense of martyrdom, and resignation areBethlehem, 241:some bring to the adventure a feeling of self-pity, and are so occupied with what they have toBethlehem, 268:we are all the children of the One Father; it is pity and compassion and understanding andDiscipleship1, 47:personality sensitivity to depression, to self-pity, your defenses, your so-called sensitivity toDiscipleship1, 56:But only the disciple can handle his own self-pity and free himself from the inner emotional stormDiscipleship1, 176:wells up within my heart; and understanding, pity, love and self-forgetfulness arise. I carry loveDiscipleship1, 330:towards their lower nature in disgust, self-pity or hurt [331] pride. All this leads to loss ofDiscipleship1, 369:will not be truly possible where criticism, self-pity or wrong speech exist, for one person couldDiscipleship1, 472:I say: You know whereof I speak. Eliminate self-pity. All that comes to you is the working of theDiscipleship1, 475:you can use daily or when swept by the self-pity which troubles you at this time. The attachedDiscipleship1, 476:few signs of your ancient and deep seated self-pity. Study with care what I earlier gave you, renewDiscipleship1, 479:lies your problem. Get rid of hatred and self-pity and you will leap ahead upon the Path. I standDiscipleship1, 479:walk not all the time in the darkness of self-pity and of self-interest. You are freer from theDiscipleship1, 493:yourself. Jf I should call this attitude "self-pity," will you accept it and use your intelligentDiscipleship1, 494:quality with determination and persistence. Self-pity must give place to compassionate interest inDiscipleship1, 508:coming months. Restlessness and resentment, self-pity and suspicion are your present problems.Discipleship1, 511:which predispose him to being glimmered: 1. Self-pity. To this all disciples are prone. Their livesDiscipleship1, 511:and tested in this particular direction. Self-pity is a powerful and deluding force; it exaggeratesDiscipleship1, 514:last instruction I urged you to eliminate self-pity and this would then produce a harmless handlingDiscipleship1, 562:from you. Then with a tender heart of love and pity, serve all you meet, knowing that "each heartDiscipleship1, 570:living Self-effacement Freedom from self-pity These six phrases should form the theme of yourDiscipleship1, 655:often did I refer to myself yesterday, either in pity, or as an illustration, or to evoke interest?Discipleship1, 658:from yourself and your dramatic sense of self-pity. You have great wisdom and can use it, once youDiscipleship1, 658:a chance that your sense of drama and of self-pity will cause you to lose the significance of theDiscipleship1, 659:control and reactions, release from self-pity, release from physical and emotional limitations.Discipleship1, 661:to justify such violence, and your dramatic self-pity. Unless you can learn to decentralizeDiscipleship2, 189:is based upon an unconscious and unrealized self-pity. To offset this unrecognized habit ofDiscipleship2, 463:emotion, and compassion will be substituted for pity; understanding will take the place ofDiscipleship2, 615:therefore, for a richer giving. Drop self-pity and the sense of magnanimous superiority you haveDiscipleship2, 680:personal criticisms, hard feelings or self-pity. Deepen your spiritual life, my brother. Much thatDiscipleship2, 700:about in your life. Once you get away from self-pity and irritation, there is little that is wrongDiscipleship2, 703:loving. Love all, as love all chelas, and let pity rule your acts. The noise and turmoil of the wayExternalisation, 11:grief, based on personal loneliness and self-pity. At present many of the lower kind of mediums areExternalisation, 302:in terms of national glamors, revenge or self-pity, then their voices will be added to those of theExternalisation, 427:bear the general suffering and prompted by pity they demand an immediate peace. Others are promptedExternalisation, 469:of a listening, observing Christ, animated by pity and compassion, but Who has done all He couldExternalisation, 616:men's eyes are blinded with the tears of self-pity and not of contrition; because the hearts of menFire, 846:globe of the moon chain. On His high level, pity awoke in the heart of the planetary Logos forGlamour, 111:likes and dislikes, and their dominant self-pity. Self-pity is one of the major glamors of theGlamour, 111:and dislikes, and their dominant self-pity. Self-pity is one of the major glamors of the advancedGlamour, 111:and transmuted. The second major glamor is self-pity. The world today is divided into three groups,Glamour, 121:which negates right action. The glamor of self-pity, a basic glamor of this ray. The glamor of theGlamour, 212:Such a minor glamor would be a sense of self-pity in an individual or the glorification of someHealing, 51:Good Aspect First ray. Will or Power. Head Self-pity. The dramatic I. Cancer. Sacrifice. DedicationHealing, 64:to the medical profession and a subject of deep pity and commiseration to the humanitarian and theHealing, 71:his complaints and is so submerged through self-pity, self-consideration, or in a focused negativeHealing, 346:self-centered emotion, and of these self-pity and self-dramatization are outstanding examples; forHealing, 563:or form on the outer plane of human life. Self-pity, so prevalent a trouble, leads to acuteHercules, 63:what he himself has set out to do and, in pity, takes the load off the shoulders of Atlas and bearsMagic, 474:and the light will enter in. Speak not of self. Pity not thy fate. The thoughts of self and of thyMagic, 587:of life's turmoil. He wastes no time in self pity or self justification for he knows the law hasMeditation, 346:no cloudy grey depression, and no greed or self-pity, but - realizing that all men are brothers andPsychology1, 79:goes forward. The workers veil their eyes from pity as from fear. The work is all that counts. ThePsychology2, 276:they fall into the illusions of self-pity. These prevent the process of appropriation. A furiousReappearance, 15:are regarded tolerantly, or with amusement or pity, as the case may be. A study of times andReappearance, 130:has never been correctly employed and it is a pity that it was ever used in the early days of theReappearance, 163:men's eyes are blinded with the tears of self-pity and not of contrition; because the hearts of menSoulor of equally undiscriminating distrust. It is a pity that this is so. The worshippers are as bad
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