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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLAN

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Discipleship2, 330:strength can be brought to the service of the Plan, and the occult significance of the words: "MyDiscipleship2, 332:or intrusions. The sharing in the service of the Plan, resulting in action in the three worlds. TheDiscipleship2, 333:which can release energy in the service of the Plan. It produces also a point of crisis, accordingDiscipleship2, 340:later, the vision of predetermined choice, of Plan and of cosmic opportunity. This latter threefoldDiscipleship2, 342:situations which are related to the hierarchical Plan which I - as a disciple - must follow? ThisDiscipleship2, 342:In what way have I cooperated with the Plan in order to have "modified, qualified and adapted it"Discipleship2, 343:Ashram, the Hierarchy and the workers with the Plan upon the inner and the outer sides of life. TheDiscipleship2, 347:and not in accordance with the hierarchical Plan. The above various stages of the fourfold processDiscipleship2, 350:Their task is therefore to perceive the Plan which is the hierarchical mode of implementing theDiscipleship2, 350:They have also to undertake to see that that Plan becomes a factual expression upon the physicalDiscipleship2, 350:of the United Nations to formulate a world plan which will eventuate in peace, security and rightDiscipleship2, 352:will be increasingly unimpeded, and Purpose, Plan and their Precipitation upon the physical planeDiscipleship2, 353:group endeavor is right and part of the divine plan; its implementation by grasping greedy andDiscipleship2, 355:must interpret and apply it in terms of the Plan, of directed energy and [356] of the Ashram, as itDiscipleship2, 358:relation and of direction. As they work for the Plan on the physical plane, they carry with them toDiscipleship2, 360:problem of human planning: Its relation to the Plan, as it has been communicated to him within theDiscipleship2, 360:from Shamballa for the implementation of the Plan, and as constituting its directing agent. TheDiscipleship2, 360:steps to be taken in order to carry the Plan forward, logically, practically and with the leastDiscipleship2, 360:The probable duration of the cycle in which the Plan can progress from its inception until itsDiscipleship2, 360:should take to offset the distortion of the Plan. Only in this way will he learn himself to plan.Discipleship2, 360:Plan. Only in this way will he learn himself to plan. You can see from the above what a differentDiscipleship2, 361:to think and work with the group in terms of the Plan. He grasps eventually that in relation toDiscipleship2, 361:them tending towards the externalization of the Plan in any particular century, cycle or worldDiscipleship2, 361:disciples, plus the energies to implement the Plan. Next comes Program, wherein the Plan is takenDiscipleship2, 361:the Plan. Next comes Program, wherein the Plan is taken up by the particular ashram involved in itsDiscipleship2, 361:of all hindrances and the presentation of the Plan. The emergence of the hierarchical PatternDiscipleship2, 361:who are involved in the implementation of the Plan, and among the intelligentsia on Earth. TheseDiscipleship2, 362:undertake to supervise the precipitation of the Plan. Their work is necessarily far more exoteric,Discipleship2, 362:but is most responsible, because it is when the Plan has reached the stage of human implementationDiscipleship2, 362:freedom may not be infringed. The staging of the Plan and its working out is, in the last analysis,Discipleship2, 365:Evolutionary processes from divine Purpose into plan and then into manifestation. The nature ofDiscipleship2, 371:and directed towards the carrying out of the Plan. It is wise to remember that the Plan is as muchDiscipleship2, 371:out of the Plan. It is wise to remember that the Plan is as much of the divine Purpose as can beDiscipleship2, 372:initiatory process - the nature of the divine Plan, as it can be seen working out on various planesDiscipleship2, 373:ways as they endeavor to implement the divine Plan: They formulate, deliberately and in line withDiscipleship2, 374:relates to the carrying forward of the divine Plan upon the physical plane and to theDiscipleship2, 374:respond to the energy, but fail to register the Plan which it is intended to implement, and theDiscipleship2, 376:committed to an intelligent implementing of the Plan upon the physical plane. Discipleship2, 385:as it expresses itself through the hierarchical Plan and manifests that quality of love (theDiscipleship2, 385:will-to-good) which gives to the Purpose and the Plan warmth, its magnetic appeal, and the majorDiscipleship2, 388:"modifying, qualifying and adapting the divine Plan" simultaneously. Why is this so? Why is theDiscipleship2, 388:Plan" simultaneously. Why is this so? Why is the Plan not imposed? Hint IV. - The initiate knowsDiscipleship2, 389:'modifying, qualifying and adapting the divine Plan' simultaneously. Why is this so? Why is theDiscipleship2, 389:Plan' simultaneously. Why is this so? Why is the Plan not imposed?" [390] You will note immediatelyDiscipleship2, 390:intention and to the furthering of the divine Plan. The apprehension of this Plan by the discipleDiscipleship2, 390:of the divine Plan. The apprehension of this Plan by the disciple will necessarily vary accordingDiscipleship2, 390:experience) enables the disciple to see the Plan from the angle of the Ashram and of the MasterDiscipleship2, 390:reference to the three worlds wherein the Plan must manifest. There are two kinds of compromise,Discipleship2, 391:is always involved in the furthering of the Plan) over towards that which concerns the spiritualDiscipleship2, 391:humanity and the immediate aspects of the Plan which the Masters feel should be presented to, andDiscipleship2, 391:still another development within the eternal Plan; to this must be added the disciple'sDiscipleship2, 391:been destroyed. They are the Custodians of the Plan. Soul-infused personalities; these are theDiscipleship2, 392:whom the "souls" work in the carrying out of the Plan. Intelligent aspirants who are not yetDiscipleship2, 392:but who recognize the necessity of the Plan and who seek the welfare of their fellowmen. TheDiscipleship2, 392:fellowmen. The highest group formulates the Plan; the second group "modifies, qualifies and adapts"Discipleship2, 392:group "modifies, qualifies and adapts" the Plan to contemporary human requirements and thus ensuresDiscipleship2, 392:ensures the gradual and steady continuity of the Plan; the third group are the agents who carryDiscipleship2, 392:the third group are the agents who carry this Plan to mankind and seek to make it workable, guidedDiscipleship2, 392:the second group. Disciples, as they grasp the Plan and are spiritually informed as to the steps toDiscipleship2, 392:as to the steps to be taken to modify the Plan upon the mental plane so that its acceptance byDiscipleship2, 392:of the Masters. The various aspects of the Plan - as Presented to them in the Ashram - are thenDiscipleship2, 392:- are then modified and rearranged so that the Plan becomes a series of sequential steps and is notDiscipleship2, 392:compromise of the disciple (working with the Plan) transforms the basic idea (through mentalDiscipleship2, 394:and wisdom as he works out the hierarchical Plan as best he can. He must perforce experiment andDiscipleship2, 396:cooperate with, and work out, the hierarchical Plan. This is the positive and not the negativeDiscipleship2, 403:revelation - add to his work with the Plan and its building technique, a capacity to work withDiscipleship2, 404:Science of Redemption, under the hierarchical Plan, is the technique employed to redeem the worldDiscipleship2, 429:the human family who are capable of grasping the Plan and of penetrating to the periphery ofDiscipleship2, 431:them for the furthering of the hierarchical Plan. These three stages of conscious activity -Discipleship2, 432:"he returns from whence he came to carry out the Plan," the stage of precipitation takes place.Discipleship2, 432:to work with these energies in relation to the Plan, even if only a tiny part of that Plan is knownDiscipleship2, 432:to the Plan, even if only a tiny part of that Plan is known to the initiate. He becomes a part of aDiscipleship2, 434:energies in accordance with the hierarchical Plan in order to bring about the precipitation of theDiscipleship2, 434:has been revealed to him of the hierarchical Plan, from the attained Point of Revelation. All thisDiscipleship2, 434:precipitating centers of energy under the divine Plan and in accordance with the divine Purpose.Discipleship2, 447:your personality life, your service to the Plan, your various group affiliations and your generalDiscipleship2, 448:of your success. Are you cooperating with the Plan, or in reality with your plans? Again a questionDiscipleship2, 472:and the measure of his understanding of the Plan, in unison with the entire Hierarchy. ThisDiscipleship2, 478:gladly anticipated events. Will you try out this plan, my brother? Stage I. The Diadem. TheDiscipleship2, 498:of the constant and untiring service to the Plan which you have so ceaselessly rendered. You haveDiscipleship2, 498:learning that a fused and organized and blended plan or scheme of worldwide service is required,Discipleship2, 498:worldwide service is required, and that a master Plan of the Hierarchy must be carried out, andDiscipleship2, 498:must be carried out, and that into this Plan all disciples, including you, must endeavor to fit.Discipleship2, 498:there physically or for any length of time. The Plan must be served. I would ask you to prepare toDiscipleship2, 501:intention each then proceeds to carry out the Plan, via their Ashram, and thus the work makes itsDiscipleship2, 510:direction - except a general knowledge of the Plan - then the disciple has demonstrated that he canDiscipleship2, 514:The attitude of the hierarchical worker to the Plan. - This is selection of activity. Ponder onDiscipleship2, 519:a purpose which cannot be understood until the Plan is followed. Herein lies a clue. Shamballa isDiscipleship2, 520:and expresses itself through the medium of the Plan. These statements may be somewhat familiar toDiscipleship2, 520:of your individual self-will to the loving plan of the soul, of that will to [521] the divine Will,Discipleship2, 548:consideration. All this is a part of a definite plan, and the teaching which I intend now to giveDiscipleship2, 556:the Ashram without impediment, and all the Plan is safe with him." This is what I want you to aimDiscipleship2, 566:still greater attainment. The first concerns the Plan whilst the second deals with Purpose. Again,Discipleship2, 566:picture: Sight - Vision - Illumination. Action - Plan - Purpose. Self-will - Goodwill -Discipleship2, 567:which the Masters serve. Let Light restore the Plan on Earth. [568] Let Love restore the Plan. LetDiscipleship2, 568:the Plan on Earth. [568] Let Love restore the Plan. Let Power restore the Plan on Earth. Let hisDiscipleship2, 568:Let Love restore the Plan. Let Power restore the Plan on Earth. Let his Will be done on Earth as itDiscipleship2, 581:by much initial criticism. It is a very simple plan and can be "put over" (to use a familiarDiscipleship2, 586:disciple, is a quick spiritual reaction to the Plan as it emanates from the Hierarchy, rapid andDiscipleship2, 593:Picture of the worldwide scope of the desired plan. I suggest that the emphasis during the coming
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