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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLAN

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Fire, 197:of the not-self and thus actively to serve the plan of evolution. We should study likewise in thisFire, 212:order are found, and the ramifications of the plan can be seen on all planes and all subplanes.Fire, 224:into its appropriate niche. Perhaps the best plan would be to formulate certain questions, and thenFire, 224:when he has reached the point where the big plan is becoming visible to him, but the pile ofFire, 225:more intelligently into a consideration of the plan, and to grasp more accurately the immediateFire, 225:a curious interest and a farseeing grasp of the plan of the Logos is of no importance to a manFire, 233:will be seen how each has its place within the plan, and how [234] evolution is but a term used toFire, 239:Intelligence who works thus through an ordered plan, and Who consciously takes shape and incarnatesFire, 360:body it is a corporate part. The details of the plan may not be given. [361] The general outline -Fire, 372:upon and studied, the wonder and beauty of the plan will become apparent. A clue to the idea of theFire, 405:the resolving process will commence. The plan, viewed largely, will be as follows: The four schemesFire, 409:This, as earlier pointed out, is the intelligent plan of the Entity concerned working out in timeFire, 421:purpose, pursuing a fixed and settled plan, and working out a preconceived ideal in time and space.Fire, 440:Law, and to an intelligent cooperation with the plan of evolution. It might here be stated that theFire, 447:purpose, and who mould matter upon a particular plan. These Builders evolve the forms out of theirFire, 447:out of their own nature and substance. Fourth. A plan by which the work is carried out and which isFire, 465:in America is part of the working out of the plan. The inner life or fire which animates the animalFire, 490:disintegrates. This hinders the evolutionary plan in the case of the life involved, delays theFire, 491:and without participation in the purpose of the plan, and the magician is in danger, under the LawFire, 503:appreciation of the grandeur of the divine plan, an appropriation of the energy and force which isFire, 503:in the furtherance of the evolutionary plan as it affects him individually and his groups. [504] Fire, 546:here has been but the formulation of the general plan of egoic unfoldment as interpreted in termsFire, 561:system is the gradual evolution of a definite plan originating in the Mind of the Logos, andFire, 566:our own planetary scheme and what is the basic plan of our planetary Logos? Wherein does it differFire, 580:it), and is just as much a part of the divine plan as that of attraction. It is one of the lawsFire, 614:energies as appears best in the interests of the plan of evolution. The Brother of Darkness,Fire, 615:wisely, and intelligently cooperate in the plan. As yet, for the average man or even the advancedFire, 615:They contain within their consciousness the plan logoic, [616] and inherently possess the power toFire, 619:they will have built according [619] to the plan a perfect sheath or vehicle of expression for theFire, 623:their own substance, and thus develop the divine plan. These three types of force affect substance,Fire, 626:secrets of initiation. They are an aspect of the plan of the Logos which can be contacted direct byFire, 651:Therefore, those of us who see somewhat of the Plan are urged to spread the knowledge of the WisdomFire, 656:there must be unity of purpose and of plan. The devas of the atomic levels of all the planes in ourFire, 666:great devas Who cooperate intelligently in the plan of evolution. They have Their own method ofFire, 713:assimilated, and the man responds to the plan blindly and ignorantly. Later, as evolution proceeds,Fire, 713:by the man in a conscious cooperation with the plan of evolution. 38 After the third initiation,Fire, 713:enabled to know consciously and to recognize the plan for his group-center through the immenselyFire, 732:They may get, and an idea of the general plan, but the details are as yet unrecognizable. Fire, 843:the process of their own development within the plan of the solar Logos. The evolution of the humanFire, 860:a man desires to awaken his centers according to plan, and if he wishes safely to follow along theFire, 901:will, in due course of evolution, work out the plan in objective perfection through the medium ofFire, 929:the man will become aware of the purpose and plan of the Intelligence of his group. He will awakenFire, 929:his group. He will awaken to the beauty of that plan and will begin to submerge his own interestsFire, 929:through intelligent recognition of the greater plan. He will become alive to the fact that thereFire, 943:are the little entities who, adhering to the plan as embodied by the builders, blindly constructFire, 952:Therefore, the place of man in the cosmic plan becomes more vital and apparent when it is realizedFire, 952:This involves A realization of the archetypal plan, An understanding of the laws governing theFire, 952:that which is in line with the planetary plan, and which tends to further the best interests of theFire, 955:in group interest, and thus cooperate with the plan, and a faculty that enables him to become awareFire, 956:in the occult sense, and thus bring through the plan from higher levels, ascertain his individualFire, 956:levels, ascertain his individual share in the plan, and then cooperate in the work of someFire, 957:process of alignment with the Ego, so that the plan, purpose and method of achievement may beFire, 957:brain consciously, proceeds to carry out the plan, construct through will and purpose theFire, 967:the form for his idea, and thus materialize the plan of his Ego. The amount of energy he can pourFire, 970:to the brain some concept, some portion of the plan, and yet will have to repeat the processFire, 972:of playing its just part in the evolutionary plan, being but a grotesque distortion. The idea nowFire, 978:a full trust, sympathy and united effort for the plan we will have a formation wherewith the MasterFire, 998:his steady meditation upon the purpose and the plan. It may be of use to the student if he hereFire, 1054:does on the five planes of evolution. Thus the plan is carried forward until the Army of the VoiceFire, 1141:any unit to bring about the consummation of the plan. 22 Symbols. "In a symbol lies concealment orFire, 1150:incarnation occasionally so as to fit into the plan of a greater than himself. When a messenger ofFire, 1151:and by their physical plane realization of the plan. The coming into manifestation of theFire, 1152:main impulses, each emanating from the will, plan, or conscious purpose of a cosmic Entity areFire, 1152:indicated in this Treatise to show the general plan underlying and accounting for systemicFire, 1160:average man. He constructs in unison with the plan and the divine Manasaputra, the Son of Mind,Fire, 1163:Point in evolution, Position in the general plan, Karmic opportunity, Rate of vibration. The mainFire, 1212:controlled, and awareness of a place within the plan and purpose of a greater Man - must,Glamour, 11:a symbol, of its place in an ordered manifesting plan, of its true unified intent. IdentificationGlamour, 13:Mind, the Mind of God, the Instigator of the Plan. It presupposes a certain ability to interpretGlamour, 13:may learn to work more intelligently with the Plan and become a better helper of your fellowman?Glamour, 13:(at some stage of the evolving purpose) of the plan of the creating Deity? What are you yourselfGlamour, 14:they lead you and where, within the Eternal Plan, they fit. [15] If aspirants will do three things:Glamour, 36:Earlier I referred to the fact that part of the plan of the Hierarchy embraces the starting ofGlamour, 43:organized somewhat our ideas and outlined the plan under which we would approach this theme. I gaveGlamour, 52:He is, temporarily at least, made aware of the Plan. The need of the world and the capacity of theGlamour, 62:of an Idea. Every disciple has a life plan, and some chosen field of service. If he has not such aGlamour, 63:to integrate it into his life purpose and life plan. It may have for him no definite use, and isGlamour, 74:is vital and real ever exists within the divine plan. That which is unnecessary to the rightGlamour, 121:being busy. The glamor of cooperation with the Plan in an [122] individual and not a group way. TheGlamour, 130:of the Hierarchy and the Custodians of the Plan are never permitted to become such until they areGlamour, 131:himself to a partial aspect of reality or of the Plan and not to the truth as far as it can beGlamour, 131:the truth as far as it can be revealed or to the Plan as the Members of the Hierarchy know it. ThisGlamour, 136:world saviors. These touch and sense the divine plan and are pledged to service, and to work forGlamour, 137:the will of God and a wide vision of the Plan. Such great Representatives of Deity have the freedomGlamour, 137:are on the line of the prophets. These touch the Plan at high intuitive moments and know what theGlamour, 190:of the detached Observer and an agent of the Plan. When this technique is correctly followed, itGlamour, 191:can then become an efficient cooperator with the Plan because the world of psychic meaning becomesGlamour, 195:life of intuitional perception and to serve the Plan is slowly developed. These distinctions (inGlamour, 244:therefore increasingly he becomes aware of the Plan as it exists in the Universal Mind and theGlamour, 266:a member of the Hierarchy, cooperating with the Plan and occupied with the salvaging of humanityHealing, 4:You naturally ask here: What is the general plan which I shall seek to follow as I instruct you inHealing, 91:not to be frustrated but to make the plan work. The result is frequently the breaking down of theHealing, 92:may be based upon a mental realization of the Plan, for instance, plus a recognition that thoseHealing, 124:for an inexperienced worker with the Plan. He fluctuates between the mental plane, where heHealing, 148:purpose (the initiate), intuitive vision of the plan (the disciple), and a spiritual direction ofHealing, 159:he works out the divine purpose according to the plan, the ajna center becomes the directing agentHealing, 160:goodwill will become apparent and the divine plan will begin to work out. This is the first stepHealing, 222:development is definitely a part of the divine plan, no matter how undesirable it may appear toHealing, 245:activity and on the beauty of the divine plan of death and disappearance. With man, death takes onHealing, 284:controls the area of the disease. The safest plan for the average student of healing or for a
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