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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLAN

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Magic, 453:with the Purpose underlying the evolutionary plan. From the angle of vision of the disciple, theseMagic, 458:who prepare the blue prints of the great Plan; they calculate the effects of the forces with whichMagic, 459:carry into manifestation the desired part of the Plan. They work with those so chosen, impressingMagic, 460:which embodies the purpose, the will of God, the Plan, as we regard it. In the words "the light ofMagic, 460:an expression which sums up the purpose, the plan, the will of those entities, who, incarnated inMagic, 461:in their own affairs and personalities, the Plan will have to wait, and energy which wouldMagic, 462:and right purpose and for the furthering of the Plan, if the aspirants and disciples of the worldMagic, 462:en rapport with the custodians of the plan and their minds and brains are illumined by the light ofMagic, 471:will he arrive at a true understanding of the plan, which constitutes the will of God as far asMagic, 472:black magic, and learn to build in line with the plan. He will, if he follows the rules I give,Magic, 473:the good of all and for the furtherance of the Plan of God. Use it not therefore for thy selfishMagic, 475:thine ear. Speak of the soul; enlarge upon the plan; forget thyself in building for the world. ThusMagic, 516:its purposes in line with the universal plan. This cycle of recorded soul activity is followed byMagic, 518:can now proceed to the work of materializing the plan upon the physical plane by the focused energyMagic, 519:world and seeks to carry out the divine plan, whilst the black magician works from the level of theMagic, 520:who can "work in the interludes" and so keep the plan progressing and the vision before the eyes ofMagic, 521:sensed the vision or seen a part of the intended plan should rededicate yourselves to the serviceMagic, 523:and by intuitive interplay will the plan and the technique of its expression be grasped in aMagic, 524:be comprehended by the part? How can the entire plan be noted by a soul which sees as yet but aMagic, 525:in the big scheme and the working out of the plan. We will infer a humanity which is composed ofMagic, 528:and the beautiful will be manifested; the divine plan will eventually work out, and that energy beMagic, 529:with divine intention but it is not all of the plan for man, and when this remains the primeMagic, 552:will either be in line with Divine purpose and plan and, consequently, will further the cause ofMagic, 555:their individual purposes to the one divine plan. Recognition of the objective which exists in HisMagic, 565:of manifestation, or an expert worker under the plan. This is due to two causes: The automaticMagic, 567:to materialize and the reason lies right here. A plan is, after all, an idea let loose in time andMagic, 568:an intelligent understanding of the evolutionary plan. These Instructions are intended to beMagic, 572:and, therefore, a conscious worker with the Plan, it may be his privilege to utilize or transmit.Magic, 574:disciple and aspirant, he will work with the Plan and will wield third ray force to bring about theMagic, 578:the force of the One Who is the ALL. Thus is the Plan consummated." And thus it might be added isMagic, 580:selfishly or selflessly, or in line with the Plan Universal, or the plan selfish and personal thenMagic, 580:or in line with the Plan Universal, or the plan selfish and personal then you will work consciouslyMagic, 582:man the right to be a recognized worker with the plan (recognized by the Great Ones, if notMagic, 603:be based upon an evidenced knowledge of the plan as it works out in the wise formulation of theMagic, 603:which will enable him, as a worker under the plan, to influence his environment and to clothe theMagic, 605:of consciousness. The third thread concerns the Plan itself and here we enter the realm of theMagic, 605:enter the realm of the truly unknown. What the plan is, and what the goal, is as yet totallyMagic, 608:better understanding. They know far more of the plan than do the two outer circles in the new GroupMagic, 610:reached and a man is in conscious touch with the plan then true magical work can begin. Men andMagic, 610:has learnt to work as a white magician under the plan of the great White Lodge. It, of course,Magic, 613:seen; it is the stage of the half-realized Plan, and when one works on partial knowledge,Magic, 620:at this time. Students are urged to consider the plan as it is thus expressing itself, and to studyMagic, 620:ahead for the average student to look and to plan, and in their recognition of this phase of theMagic, 621:who know nothing of the technicalities of the plan. Those who guide the human race are notMagic, 622:by the aspirant to enable him to fit in with the plan. But the trouble with which we on the innerMagic, 624:responds both to need and to the theory of the plan; they realize their truly valuable assets andMagic, 625:gathering out of those who can materialize the plan and bring to birth the new age and itsMagic, 630:are beginning to work in cooperation with the plan and are learning the significance of service areMagic, 634:the world situation among the workers with the Plan. Magic, 635:and help will come from other sources, for the Plan goes unerringly forward. May I in all earnestMagic, 635:for freer and more potent work. Take the Plan seriously and the call to serve, but waste not timeMeditation, 14:has been impossible to do more than formulate a plan for practice that carries in it the elementsMeditation, 36:to the Ego and the life divine to carry out the plan, the attention of the Masters being directedMeditation, 54:and the great Builders more clearly saw the plan. There is a definite connection between the fourthMeditation, 66:the hand of the Logos for the hastening of His plan. [67] I have touched here upon certain effectsMeditation, 161:vehicles for the better carrying out of the plan of the Great Ones, and when he desires not toMeditation, 171:with the concrete and its place in the divine plan. He admits the fact of the indwelling life butMeditation, 172:man takes some ideal, some part of the divine plan, some phase of beauty and of art, someMeditation, 272:at this period will confer with His "Son" and plan the work to be done upon their united point ofMeditation, 283:aim in view and only one - the furthering of the plan of the Hierarchy of Light. The methodMeditation, 299:that I now impart is a portion of a tentative plan, which has in view the hastening of theMeditation, 299:men, through the power of the God within. This plan has been drawn up in view of the crying need ofMeditation, 300:people themselves. With this object in view They plan to utilize the incoming Ray of Ceremonial LawMeditation, 300:extant... All these are the beginnings of the plan. When they are firmly grounded, when they areMeditation, 301:faith and aspiration at the beginnings of the plan. H. P. B. laid the foundation stone of the firstMeditation, 305:I but seek to lay before you the big general plan in its outline. The working out in the futureMeditation, 309:follow at slightly later dates. This much of the plan has been permitted publication as anMeditation, 309:application. Each and all has his place in the plan would he but qualify by doing the necessaryMeditation, 344:of their importance: A realization of God's plan of evolution, a sensing of the world's dire need,Meditation, 344:When you have this intellectual grip of God's plan, coupled with the strong desire to serve theMeditation, 348:work to be done by him in cooperation with God's plan. Then, having done his part, he passes on toPatanjali, 10:to follow and they do so. Under the logoic plan, the spirits or divine sparks are imprisoned byPatanjali, 23:until he "awakens" to a knowledge of the plan, and endeavors to bring the lower man into line withPatanjali, 34:onward to a knowledge of that part in the plan or purpose of the All which is the motivating factorPatanjali, 35:spirit-matter, a knowledge of the purpose or plan for the microcosmic or macrocosmic manifestationsPatanjali, 35:activity and who is working in line with the plan. This soul, being one with all souls and with thePatanjali, 35:souls and with the Oversoul subserves the one plan and is group-conscious. Thus through these fourPatanjali, 41:content of the Adept or Master. He knows the plan as it is to be found on the highest levels and isPatanjali, 41:reached the point where they can perceive the plan as it exists in the mind of the "Grand ArchitectPatanjali, 41:are able to study the blueprints of the great plan and thus can intelligently cooperate in thePatanjali, 72:bodies of men. It is all part of the great plan, working ever towards the one objective - soulPatanjali, 87:adept can intelligently participate in the great plan of evolution. Beyond this state of samadhiPatanjali, 131:of the place his group holds in the planetary plan, catching a glimpse also of the cosmic scheme.Patanjali, 155:all his activities are in harmony with the great plan. When this is so, he is part of the whole yetPatanjali, 162:which blends the many ideas into one homogeneous plan. 3. The mind. This is the instrument whichPatanjali, 165:entities, from spiritual lives, and the great plan of the Architect of the Universe can unrollPatanjali, 267:intelligent cooperation with the evolutionary plan becomes possible. Service is then based onPatanjali, 276:Hierarchies as they bring to concretion the plan of the Logos. Imaginative forms, the result of thePatanjali, 344:he can then cooperate intelligently in the plan and become a white magician. For the majority it isPatanjali, 406:thinker. His mysterious ways, His secret hidden plan, the [407] great purpose towards which He isPatanjali, 410:in view, and in pursuance of the group plan. It must never be forgotten that all egos work in groupPatanjali, 410:and in the consummation of this, the divine plan is gradually worked out into manifestation on thePatanjali, 410:responsive to divine thought, then will the plan of the ages be carried to a conclusion. No manPatanjali, 410:for to each of us is entrusted some part of the plan and we must work it out; without ourPatanjali, 418:of the Hierarchy. In cooperation with the plan of evolution. In Book I. Sutra 41, we find thesePatanjali, 419:vision may be seen by all; [419] he knows the plan, for it is revealed to him in the "secret placeProblems, 35:that goal. Let us try to formulate a long range plan which will meet with no hindrance from theProblems, 49:processes which will make the long range plan which some of us have visioned a possibility. Problems, 49:of the Children of the World The Long Range Plan Let us now formulate a more extended plan for theProblems, 49:Range Plan Let us now formulate a more extended plan for the future education of the children of
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