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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLAN

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Psychology1, 251:expectation and may warrant a hastening of the Plan. Let us now tabulate our points anent thisPsychology1, 255:planned objective, and of intelligent design or plan. These qualities are inherent in man, andPsychology1, 255:part of the divine process of integrating the Plan and of producing an ordered and harmoniousPsychology1, 257:or to inaugurate new moves whereby the divine Plan may be more rapidly developed. To offset thePsychology1, 264:the dark to building in the light! Such is the Plan. Thus do we enter into life that is a death;Psychology1, 266:but that cyclically and under the directed plan of the Minds (who are embodied by the rays),Psychology1, 266:period, the product of the united and concerted plan of the building forces, working in completePsychology1, 267:building. The creative work will proceed and the Plan materialize. Man's work for the animalPsychology1, 316:ray souls. In the 7th root-race. Perfection of Plan. 1st and 7th subraces. Ray II. Love-Wisdom. 2ndPsychology1, 317:in the first race to the fulfiled evolutionary Plan in the seventh race. The second Ray ofPsychology1, 319:7th and final root-race. The head center. Will. Plan. 6th root-race. The next. The center betweenPsychology1, 325:radiance and attractive power are knowers of the Plan, and in every organization they constitutePsychology1, 352:the divine intent, the universal purpose and Plan will be seen emerging with greater clarity, theyPsychology1, 352:the divine nature more potently than the divine Plan. This truth can be applied also to thePsychology1, 353:of aspect produce primarily the unfolding of the Plan. The rays of attribute produce the unfoldingPsychology1, 353:this dominance we can see working out the plan of God, which is the definite fusion of spirit andPsychology1, 353:intellectual achievement of the Aryan race. The plan of God that humanity should control matter onPsychology1, 356:and as it unfolds, the will, purpose and plan of the Deity begin to take shape in men's minds. ThePsychology1, 356:activity. They evince capacity to sense the Plan of God and to cooperate; they see the broadPsychology1, 356:as never before the great evolutionary plan. Men are building now towards the future because theyPsychology1, 358:of one ray or another is dependent upon the Plan and divine Purpose. It is not often that two raysPsychology1, 359:see in this relation the working out of God's Plan and the coming salvation of the race: The sixthPsychology1, 360:[360] The sixth ray, as part of the evolutionary plan, led to separations, to nationalism, and toPsychology1, 360:of initiates, working in close unison with the Plan and with each other. The sixth ray brought thePsychology1, 363:and the assistance of various aspects of the Plan, and of the varying cyclic activities of thatPsychology1, 363:and of the varying cyclic activities of that Plan. Where these rituals exist, but where the meaningPsychology1, 363:in its working out, cooperation with the Plan becomes possible, and the aim of all the divinePsychology1, 363:themselves cooperating intelligently with the Plan, and participating in those basic rituals whichPsychology1, 367:the Wisdom, but there is no coercion under the Plan and no forced and dictated service. [368] MuchPsychology1, 373:work is done, and through which the geometrical plan expresses itself) is at the same time thePsychology1, 413:2 - Intuition. The Planetary Kingdom Ray 6 - The Plan. Ray 3 - Creative Work. The Solar Kingdom RayPsychology1, 423:Devotion to ideas. 3. Active Intelligence. The Plan. Creative Work. 7. Solar Lives 1. Will orPsychology1, 429:ray souls. In the 7th root-race. Perfection of Plan. 1st and 7th subraces. Ray II. Love-Wisdom. 2ndPsychology2, 5:he begins to tune in consciously on the emerging Plan of Deity, and the whole story of the creativePsychology2, 6:space and to tune in on the soul purpose and the plan of the Creator, as it is known and expressedPsychology2, 6:is a partial realization of the purpose and plan of the Solar Logos, as it is grasped, apprehendedPsychology2, 6:in evolution. A seventh part of the unfolding Plan is being expressed by our particular planetaryPsychology2, 6:through one of the seven sacred planets, the Plan as unfolded upon the Earth is a part of a dualPsychology2, 6:planet reaches its consummation can the whole plan for the Earth be realized. This may not bePsychology2, 6:revelation and a gradual apprehension of the Plan which will enable man to Work consciously andPsychology2, 9:emphasis laid upon the understanding of the Plan amongst esotericists; hence likewise the work ofPsychology2, 13:mentally in touch with the ideal and with the Plan. They are aware of forces and energies utterlyPsychology2, 15:and the success of this part of the divine plan. It should be carefully noted that the successfulPsychology2, 27:according to the behest of the soul, or as the Plan can best be served. The soul is then in no wayPsychology2, 28:of high degree can enter into Their true Plan. What we see today is only the expression of TheirPsychology2, 28:and of the evolution of consciousness. The Plan, as it is sensed by the world disciples, in thePsychology2, 28:even a glimmer of the vastness of the synthetic Plan for evolutions other than human, bothPsychology2, 29:All we [29] really know is the fact of the Plan, and that it is very good; that we are enfoldedPsychology2, 29:no free will. Within the vaster processes of the Plan, however, as it includes the entire planetaryPsychology2, 33:into manifestation, for the fulfilment of the Plan and at the urgent behest of His own spiritualPsychology2, 36:use of destruction for the furtherance of the Plan, must be the way for you. Adherence to thePsychology2, 39:Behind all that which seems to be, must be a Plan. Teach me the purpose of it all. How can I work,Psychology2, 39:to the forms of life which must express the Plan of Deity! For this Blessed One release is found inPsychology2, 39:in work. He must display his knowledge of the Plan by the sounding of those words which will evokePsychology2, 40:dynamic use of energy for the furtherance of the Plan; The use of destructive forces in order toPsychology2, 40:leading to: Building wisely, in relation to the Plan; Inclusiveness; A longing for wisdom andPsychology2, 41:forces intelligently for the furtherance of the Plan; Ordered rhythmic activity in cooperation withPsychology2, 43:and chaos, through misunderstanding of the Plan, The wrong use of speech to bring about chosenPsychology2, 43:cooperate with the Whole; Understanding of the Plan; The magical work of interpretation;Psychology2, 44:their work as desired and to cooperate with the Plan correctly, need that inner reflective quietPsychology2, 45:and save. I will to lift the race. I serve the Plan with will, the Whole with power.' " Ray TwoPsychology2, 45:goes forth: 'I tread the Way of Love. I love the Plan. Unto that Plan, I surrender all I have. UntoPsychology2, 45:the Way of Love. I love the Plan. Unto that Plan, I surrender all I have. Unto the [46] Whole, IPsychology2, 46:Whole, I give my heart's deep love. I serve the Plan; I serve the Whole with love andPsychology2, 46:Way, for these three Ways are one. The Plan proceeds upon the outer Way; it shews itself. The WholePsychology2, 46:itself. The Whole will stand revealed. That Plan I know. I will, with love and mind, to serve thatPsychology2, 46:know. I will, with love and mind, to serve that Plan.' " Ray Four "The Angel of the Presence standsPsychology2, 46:of the Lord of Love shines forth. Such is the Plan. Thus is the Whole revealed. The higher and thePsychology2, 46:In harmony with all united souls, I serve the Plan.' " Psychology2, 47:the highest point has reached the lowest. The Plan can now be known. The Whole can stand revealed.Psychology2, 47:life that issues forth from God, have served the Plan. The mind that gathers all with wisdom intoPsychology2, 47:all with wisdom into the boundaries of the Plan has reached the outer limits of the sphere of God'sPsychology2, 47:enlightens all my world. I therefore serve the Plan.' " Ray Six "The Angel of the Presence reachesPsychology2, 47:glory of the Day is here. That light reveals the Plan. The Whole is with us now. The purpose isPsychology2, 47:is revealed. With all I have, I serve that Plan.' " Ray Seven "The Angel of the Presence lifts onePsychology2, 48:work is wrought. Again the two are one. The Plan is served. No word need then be said." ThesePsychology2, 48:battling, at this time, in the service of the Plan. They are present in the world at this time, andPsychology2, 57:unison with the divine Idea nor grasp the Plan as it is sensed and seen by the cosmic Thinker. WePsychology2, 57:with the design, with the pattern, and with the Plan, for we are only as yet in process of beingPsychology2, 57:as yet in process of being initiated into that Plan and we are not aware of the true significancePsychology2, 59:Ability to work in connection with the Plan, which is dependent upon the number and quality of thePsychology2, 60:intuitive understanding, cooperation with the Plan of God, and many [61] other such qualitativePsychology2, 72:through subservience and obedience to the Plan (which begins to be recognized as soon as thePsychology2, 72:thought forms. Subservience or obedience to the Plan involves something else than a vague and mistyPsychology2, 72:a vague and misty realization that God has a Plan and that we are included in it. It is more than aPsychology2, 73:[73] The general perspective and the large world Plan for the planet, and Those immediate stages ofPsychology2, 73:the planet, and Those immediate stages of the Plan in which intelligent cooperation is, at thisPsychology2, 73:of an unenlightened intellect. That part of the Plan which relates to its immediate application isPsychology2, 73:trained disciple. Those who know far more of the Plan than we can, refuse to let Their minds dwellPsychology2, 75:therefore, more consciously in line with the Plan. Every single unit of the human family whoPsychology2, 79:for group purpose and in cooperation with the Plan for the whole. The life of the soul with allPsychology2, 80:power which makes them powerful factors in the Plan, and magnetic centers of force, gatheringPsychology2, 90:to act. We do not know His ultimate purpose or plan; and only aspects of His technique and methodPsychology2, 108:They leave each other free to serve the Plan. They train Their disciples (no matter what theirPsychology2, 108:(no matter what their degree) to serve that Plan with freedom, for in freedom and in the sense ofPsychology2, 112:humanity has to play in the great scheme or Plan of God, this is the law which will be thePsychology2, 112:of his group and intelligently respond to the Plan, so does this group of aligned souls come intoPsychology2, 133:thenceforth creative work in accordance with the Plan can go forward on all three planes. Thus hasPsychology2, 135:the mind by the light of the soul. Thereby the Plan is revealed. This will not be the shedding ofPsychology2, 135:It will be the recognition, in the mind, of the Plan of God for the world at the particular time in
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