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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANE

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Discipleship1, 770:all kinds. They respond to those upon the astral plane who are catching the higher impression orDiscipleship1, 771:task of standing firmly on the physical plane against that which is destructive and hateful (in theDiscipleship1, 772:for which the soul (the Self) upon its own plane is waiting. This is what is also happening withDiscipleship1, 772:world. It is not an assembling upon the physical plane but a profound subjective happening. Each ofDiscipleship2, 19:right transmission of force upon the physical plane - one of the first things an initiate has toDiscipleship2, 20:expression becomes evidenced upon the physical plane. Its potency is that which evokes the physicalDiscipleship2, 21:evokes; but it also, in relation to the physical plane, precipitates energy through a process ofDiscipleship2, 24:soul powers into full expression on the physical plane. It is service which causes a divineDiscipleship2, 28:only eighteen now remain working on the physical plane. Two of them have passed into what we inDiscipleship2, 28:in connection with my Ashram, upon the mental plane. C.D.P. is now in process of freeing herselfDiscipleship2, 30:to the disciple - struggling on the physical plane - his goal: His own soul - through directDiscipleship2, 39:not carried through into action upon the outer plane, simply present a way of escape from reality.Discipleship2, 45:disciple and steps out of a life of physical plane concentration, and of identification with theDiscipleship2, 54:which swept the brain (the focus of the physical plane expression) into the right condition;Discipleship2, 58:and a spiritual demonstration upon the physical plane as a result. The above elucidation shouldDiscipleship2, 59:and reliable peace can emerge. On the emotional plane, there is as yet no peace. On the mentalDiscipleship2, 59:plane, there is as yet no peace. On the mental plane, a great and deep seated cleavage is going onDiscipleship2, 64:enlightened souls functioning upon the physical plane and working desperately to aid humanity.Discipleship2, 66:must move. The glamor induced upon the astral plane as the result of three intermingling andDiscipleship2, 66:across the astral realm in reaching the physical plane. The retreating forces of evil which areDiscipleship2, 66:to make a last desperate stand upon the astral plane. Discipleship2, 67:and reactions of the soul (upon its own plane of being) affect profoundly and fundamentally theDiscipleship2, 69:is setting up between himself (upon the physical plane) and his soul; as a result of this, barriersDiscipleship2, 70:or else immediately upon return to physical plane life. This latter is the most probable for thoseDiscipleship2, 77:you will receive from me this life on the outer plane. I would ask you to read with extreme careDiscipleship2, 102:(and believe me, my brother, I forget physical plane ages!) you will all return together toDiscipleship2, 105:also that [105] the Ashrams exist upon the plane of buddhi or of the intuition. The jointDiscipleship2, 126:with you in this incarnation and on the physical plane. You have put your hand to the plow andDiscipleship2, 135:triplicity of The Ashram, The soul on its own plane, The disciple upon the physical plane, whilstDiscipleship2, 135:on its own plane, The disciple upon the physical plane, whilst the square represents humanity; thatDiscipleship2, 144:Polarize yourself consciously upon the mental plane, tuning out all lower vibrations and reactions.Discipleship2, 144:thus lifting it and your thought to as high a plane as possible. Then sound the 0M, and waitDiscipleship2, 145:intent of refocusing yourself upon the mental plane. If your work has been successful, yourDiscipleship2, 147:of the Spiritual Triad, instead of the mental plane as do their disciples, concentrate on theDiscipleship2, 148:thought then received. OM. Refocus on mental plane. IV. The Analyzer of Ideas: Period of analyticDiscipleship2, 162:create the form of that ideal upon the physical plane. By the steady progress of humanity, enDiscipleship2, 162:the New Group of World Servers upon the physical plane. [163] The second indication produced aDiscipleship2, 170:network of light and goodwill, focused on the plane of mind, is the utilization of this knowledgeDiscipleship2, Here t:it can now be used by them upon the outer plane and incorporated daily in their meditation. DuringDiscipleship2, 181:you only the preliminary idea, for all physical plane demonstrations are founded on an ideal. DoDiscipleship2, 183:find expression as a Master upon the physical plane. It must inevitably produce the initiate. ItDiscipleship2, 189:the Hierarchy, who work from the cosmic astral plane but - through the use of the planetaryDiscipleship2, 190:- produces a normal expression upon the physical plane. You have, consequently, the crosses (+ X)Discipleship2, 192:that an Ashram in the Hierarchy is on a higher plane than that of the soul. He is therefore aliveDiscipleship2, 193:of the spiritual entity (the Monad on its own plane), so the antahkarana is not a series of energyDiscipleship2, 194:true existence [194] is the Monad on its own plane, active, expressive Will in emergence, and inDiscipleship2, 194:originating sources and that across the mental plane (with its three aspects of mind) the lifeDiscipleship2, 194:of the spiritual man from the lower mental plane into areas of awareness which have been sensed butDiscipleship2, 195:it will serve also to focus you upon the mental plane, thus withdrawing your attention from theDiscipleship2, 202:they are formulated by him on the cosmic mental plane. The point which I seek to emphasize, andDiscipleship2, 206:the ear of the One who dwells in the highest plane." They then transfer the focused receivedDiscipleship2, 212:the intelligent men and women upon the mental plane, those who, added to the intelligence, possessDiscipleship2, 219:meditation) and to the needed physical plane activity. This will take place, esoterically speaking,Discipleship2, 220:meditative focus is the intuitional or buddhic plane - the plane upon which all hierarchicalDiscipleship2, 220:focus is the intuitional or buddhic plane - the plane upon which all hierarchical activity is todayDiscipleship2, 221:The organizing, defining power of the mental plane is being brought to bear upon all phases ofDiscipleship2, 221:are necessarily polarized upon the astral plane but are not yet capable of the clear mentalDiscipleship2, 221:their effects upon the objective, tangible plane of divine manifestation. Money is not yet usedDiscipleship2, 226:and aligns your personality upon the mental plane. Stage II. Having answered these three questionsDiscipleship2, 233:from the angle of common sense and physical plane helpfulness. Have this ever in mind. I have beenDiscipleship2, 234:understanding include every aspect of physical plane expression and not simply the religious or theDiscipleship2, 250:cannot show you these formulas upon the physical plane, the best that I can do is to describe themDiscipleship2, 253:and brain and consequently upon the physical plane. [254] Initiation is, as far as you are atDiscipleship2, 254:as he is between the pairs of opposites upon the plane of desire, but to the soul standing at theDiscipleship2, 260:dissipated and thus a clarifying of the astral plane takes place and humanity is consequentlyDiscipleship2, 263:some state of group sensitivity, on some one plane, for consciousness of sensitive response is theDiscipleship2, 264:outward at the personality upon the physical plane and inward at the soul. Ponder on this. TheDiscipleship2, 266:Vehicle for the manifestation of Soul on this plane of existence, and Soul is the Vehicle on aDiscipleship2, 266:existence, and Soul is the Vehicle on a higher plane for the manifestation of Spirit and theseDiscipleship2, 279:ascertained and the effectual on the physical plane and in the three worlds; wisdom deals withDiscipleship2, 289:and the influence of the man upon the physical plane. As a result of focused thinking "in theDiscipleship2, 289:develops and the power to focus upon the mental plane grows, the fact of the soul's existenceDiscipleship2, 290:to express itself as the soul upon the physical plane, and will, purpose and love begin to control.Discipleship2, 291:only the seven subplanes of the cosmic physical plane. The monadic world - so-called - is his organDiscipleship2, 291:This Way leads a man off the cosmic physical plane on to the cosmic [292] astral plane, andDiscipleship2, 292:physical plane on to the cosmic [292] astral plane, and therefore into the world of divineDiscipleship2, 307:- are the subplanes of the cosmic physical plane. The meaning which the facts and the format veilDiscipleship2, 322:and the outer man, the disciple on his own plane; you have an evocative activity of so potent aDiscipleship2, 322:makes its presence felt upon the outer physical plane, you have the evidence before your eyes ofDiscipleship2, 322:(so-called) "critical" disaster in his physical plane life. A study of the three revelationsDiscipleship2, 334:process, from the standpoint of the physical plane, but upon the inner planes - where the timeDiscipleship2, 336:It is obvious that if initiation is a physical plane affair, requiring recognition in the brainDiscipleship2, 336:the dense physical planes of the cosmic physical plane) for a sufficiently long period of time toDiscipleship2, 336:part of this time there must also be a physical plane life, shared by all in the group; this needDiscipleship2, 336:of world affairs and civilization. This physical plane necessity is - as you will perceive - a testDiscipleship2, 336:the related state persists also on the inner plane after death, and in the consciousness of thoseDiscipleship2, 341:the initiate, not only from the cosmic physical plane but from the cosmic astral plane also. It isDiscipleship2, 341:cosmic physical plane but from the cosmic astral plane also. It is with these thoughts that I mustDiscipleship2, 350:becomes a factual expression upon the physical plane and a part of the recognized consciousness ofDiscipleship2, 352:relationship which is today finding physical plane expression in the worldwide effort to establishDiscipleship2, 352:Plan and their Precipitation upon the physical plane will be facilitated. A far more powerfulDiscipleship2, 353:everything else that happens upon the subjective plane of human living, a major distortion of theDiscipleship2, 358:As they work for the Plan on the physical plane, they carry with them to the Ashram the registeredDiscipleship2, 359:planning fixes his attention upon the physical plane; he then begins to see what are termedDiscipleship2, 367:and that which it reveals. Light on the physical plane produces the organ of vision, the eyeDiscipleship2, 369:eye directs the energy. Involves the physical plane. Relates to the first initiation. Concerns theDiscipleship2, 369:of the Law of Sacrifice. Involves the astral plane. Relates to the second initiation. Concerns theDiscipleship2, 370:third eye is to man. [370] Involves the mental plane. Relates to the third initiation. Concerns theDiscipleship2, 370:take shape. Involves the buddhic or intuitional plane. Relates to the fourth initiation. ConcernsDiscipleship2, 370:light supernal can be known. Involves the atmic plane. Relates to the fifth and sixth initiations.
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