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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANE

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Externalisation, 309:effort on fighting evil upon the physical plane, as well as on other levels, with every possibleExternalisation, 309:a disciple and effective service on the physical plane. It is old habits of [310] thought and theExternalisation, 311:to bring the war to an end. Every physical plane method must be used to drive the forces of evilExternalisation, 311:of cruelty back to their dark place. Physical plane methods, when motivated by unchanging love ofExternalisation, 312:lesser Avatar has come forth upon the physical plane. This involves individual activity, theExternalisation, 314:the love of the soul through on to the physical plane and into all your human relations. Secondly,Externalisation, 317:we choose to carry on our work upon the outer plane. This letter deals with the forming of theExternalisation, 321:of Light have won the victory upon the physical plane. Provide the subjective synthesis or networkExternalisation, 326:and the storm broke upon the physical plane. The next twelve months will be decisive in humanExternalisation, 328:I call you; to renewed activity upon the outer plane of life I call you, and again I outline to youExternalisation, 333:effort to use skill in action and due physical plane executive ability. The new group of worldExternalisation, 333:how shall that find its way onto the physical plane save through a group whose ears are attuned toExternalisation, 336:attention in the past to aspects of physical plane effort, and to techniques of working? Has thereExternalisation, 336:the line of least resistance upon the physical plane. But the work is one work, and the workersExternalisation, 339:become inclusive and now concerns the physical plane as well as the metaphysical. It is not perhapsExternalisation, 340:values, it is obvious that on the material plane the line of least resistance is to be found forExternalisation, 340:every land can bring to bear upon the physical plane the same unified determination and the sameExternalisation, 349:and - in full practice upon the physical plane - demonstrate its truth. I said "to make possible,"Externalisation, 352:by the Hierarchy involves not only the physical plane but also the inner planes of causes andExternalisation, 352:to forget. The critical situation upon the outer plane is only a reflection of still more criticalExternalisation, 359:the world of glamor - the world of the astral plane and of emotions - appeared a point of light.Externalisation, 359:the world of illusion - the world of the mental plane - appeared the Christ, the Lord of LoveExternalisation, 361:This process was initiated upon the astral plane by the Buddha, and on the mental plane when ChristExternalisation, 361:astral plane by the Buddha, and on the mental plane when Christ manifested on Earth. It indicatedExternalisation, 362:result will be the illumination of the astral plane and the beginning of the process which willExternalisation, 362:result will be the irradiation of the mental plane and the dispelling of all past illusions and theExternalisation, 391:where this is a group activity upon the physical plane there is - under the Law of Balance and ofExternalisation, 399:and to love your fellowmen; and - upon the plane of practical affairs and living - to do twoExternalisation, 399:Carry forward your due share in this physical plane war, aiding the armed forces of the UnitedExternalisation, 401:between groups of workers on the physical plane and in the three worlds of human evolution andExternalisation, 424:of God to the earth, or rather to the physical plane. In that kingdom men of all races willExternalisation, 430:but is still vastly strong - upon the physical plane. Their main hold is upon the minds of men andExternalisation, 434:and right choice, so that - without physical plane warfare - they would bring about the neededExternalisation, 434:But the conflict descended on to the physical plane and the sword of material war (symbolicallyExternalisation, 450:are still powerful, particularly on the physical plane, and that there are many channels throughExternalisation, 451:and - beaten as they now are on the physical plane - they will give more violent battle to worldExternalisation, 451:of benefit to the whole of humanity. Physical plane methods having resulted only in the completeExternalisation, 452:aggression and barbarity upon the physical plane (and it is won), humanity has now earned the rightExternalisation, 464:The Forces of Light, upon the physical plane, have driven the forces of evil and of darknessExternalisation, 465:will, working as enlightenment upon the mental plane and demonstrating as wisdom, and as skill inExternalisation, 483:[483] work will definitely be upon the physical plane. Their task is to precipitate and bring intoExternalisation, 492:in motion by these Lives, working on Their high plane, and it gradually causes a reaction in theExternalisation, 502:of the New Age already exist on the mental plane and are in process of precipitation upon theExternalisation, 502:in process of precipitation upon the physical plane. Their lineaments can already be discerned. TheExternalisation, 503:are approaching nearer to the physical plane. The work of mental preparation for that event, andExternalisation, 504:levels and its materialization on the physical plane. I would ask all of you who read these wordsExternalisation, 504:and are intensifying Their work on the astral plane. To this fact can be traced the interest peopleExternalisation, 505:works the great Angel or Deva of the spiritual plane, referred to in the Treatise on Cosmic Fire asExternalisation, 505:wise help of the great guardian Angel of that plane, called (in Hindu terminology) the Lord Varuna.Externalisation, 505:the Lord Varuna. The activity of the astral plane is being much intensified and the angels ofExternalisation, 507:ray is that of synthesizing, on the physical plane, all parts of the plan. The Master Rakoczi takesExternalisation, 508:human ills and in curing those physical plane sicknesses which originate in the etheric body. [509]Externalisation, 509:veil of the temple) which divides the physical plane from the unseen world will be recognized as aExternalisation, 512:have a real esoteric group on the physical plane and the outer organizations receive the neededExternalisation, 514:the seven Heavenly Men on the second or monadic plane - is completed in full expression, for eachExternalisation, 514:a period of intensive work on the physical plane beginning around the year 1940) the restoration ofExternalisation, 518:the working and living organism on the physical plane. [519] Externalisation, 519:expression and activity upon the physical plane for the first time since it withdrew into theExternalisation, 519:side of life and focused itself on the mental plane (instead of the physical) during the days ofExternalisation, 521:externalization of their ashrams on the outer plane. This is preparatory to later envisionedExternalisation, 524:a silence on the higher levels of the mental plane and on the buddhic levels where contact has hadExternalisation, 524:This reorientation and emergence into physical plane publicity is going to demand much from theExternalisation, 531:in any way lessened. Although for Them no astral plane exists and glamor is entirely non-existent,Externalisation, 531:do a most peculiar thing: to work on the astral plane (because it exists for humanity and for theExternalisation, 531:as disciples demonstrate upon the outer physical plane and in the three worlds their affiliationExternalisation, 536:and registered obstruction on the physical plane. It found its course impeded and discovered it wasExternalisation, 558:reappearance of the Hierarchy on the physical plane) is the factor of the developments and theExternalisation, 559:be retained within the Hierarchy upon Its own plane. The first step is the appearance of certainExternalisation, 559:controlled by certain Masters, upon the physical plane, evoking general recognition andExternalisation, 561:eventually make an appearance upon the physical plane is due, not only to hierarchical intent, butExternalisation, 569:in the case of Masters working on the physical plane and in a physical body, the outer physicalExternalisation, 572:will take over the control upon the physical plane - subjectively as well as objectively - of theExternalisation, 575:of the entire Hierarchy onto the physical plane. Such is not the case. The whole effort is as yetExternalisation, 575:to mean that at the right time He will come by plane from the place on earth where He has been forExternalisation, 576:of divinity, but why use such a means when a plane will equally well fulfil the purpose and carryExternalisation, 581:as an energy from the fourth or buddhic plane, has been evoked by the human soul and is aExternalisation, 586:affiliated functioning physically on the outer plane. He may be totally unaware of thisExternalisation, 599:so-called departure. To prove (on the physical plane) the factual solidarity of the Eastern andExternalisation, 612:recognitions which are essentially physical plane responses to the new expansions of consciousness.Externalisation, 622:- entering into outer activity upon the physical plane. They are not recognized for what They are,Externalisation, 629:apparently grasped the fact that the physical plane, when motivated from the spiritual levels, isExternalisation, 647:Christ) to the working disciples on the physical plane and to the myriad aspirants in training forExternalisation, 650:It involves hard business sense on the physical plane, a practical common sense, a cessation of theExternalisation, 652:and recognized organization upon the physical plane. What will happen in the world if and when theExternalisation, 653:of the Ashrams and their physical plane organization. How, where, when and in what manner theExternalisation, 655:The energy of the emotions or that of the astral plane. This energy is today in a condition ofExternalisation, 655:and the bad sense. 3. The energy of the mental plane. This is rapidly coming into an unique potencyExternalisation, 656:will work in preparation for its physical plane manifestation and for the reappearance of theExternalisation, 659:substance and the levels of the higher mental plane can now, for the first time, be successfullyExternalisation, 660:effects will take place on earth, with physical plane effects, because the old occult truism "asExternalisation, 660:the last to manifest objectively on the physical plane. The mission of that Ashram is to produceExternalisation, 661:to withstand the violent impacts of physical plane living. The mental and spiritual registration ofExternalisation, 663:in which He can move outward on the physical plane among men. The Christian Church has laid so muchExternalisation, 663:under Their combined efforts. On the physical plane, the initiates and the disciples working in theExternalisation, 667:the appearance of the Masters upon the physical plane, and then, somewhat later, the reappearanceExternalisation, 674:energies have been directed from the buddhic plane which is the lowest of the cosmic ethericExternalisation, 674:direction will still be from the buddhic plane, but the detailed and focused direction will beExternalisation, 674:within the three worlds and upon the physical plane; this will be the task of the externalizedExternalisation, 674:or lowest of the cosmic etheric planes, the plane which we call the buddhic and regard as the firstExternalisation, 674:and regard as the first definitely spiritual plane, in our usually erroneous thought; this
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