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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANE

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Fire, 761:of the solar system, and not just our physical plane, the seventh subplane of the cosmic physical.Fire, 761:have seen that on the third level of the mental plane, the egoic lotus is found and the studentFire, 762:flame. These three types of fire on the mental plane - meeting and unified in the egoic body -Fire, 763:order to make certain contacts on the physical plane and to engage in certain work for the race. Fire, 764:worlds, and functions consciously on the buddhic plane. Between these two stages of quiescentFire, 768:appearance on the third subplane of the mental plane begins to be organized, as the result of theFire, 768:the solar Angels are working on Their Own plane and the lower Pitris are also working on theirs;Fire, 769:the self conscious unit appears on the physical plane. If all that H. P. B. has to say anent theFire, 770:of the incarnating jivas on the physical plane will be governed by three things: First of all, onFire, 770:based on the desire of the Ego for physical plane manifestation. As identification of a man withFire, 772:to the sounds or mantrams chanted on the mental plane. This is indicative of the stage ofFire, 781:abstract levels to the permanent atoms. On each plane the work is threefold, and might be tabulatedFire, 782:to the atomic vibration upon the particular plane involved. This concerns the second group ofFire, 782:in the differentiation of the substance of any plane into: Atomic substance. Molecular substance.Fire, 783:separate itself gradually from the aggregate of plane substance, and to assume a nebulous or milkyFire, 784:out in the form-building which proceeds on every plane. This stage marks the coordination of theFire, 784:this, the watery stage, to the place the astral plane holds in the planetary and systemic body, andFire, 785:the astral light in its totality on the astral plane. 5. The Etheric. The stage is not to beFire, 786:progressive stages of form construction on every plane is true of all forms in all systems andFire, 787:two incarnations. This work of passing on to a plane for purposes of incarnation marks a definiteFire, 788:But later - in order to know even on the lowest plane of all - man takes to himself a coat of skin,Fire, 789:no permanent atom to be vitalized. The physical plane is a complete reflection of the mental; theFire, 789:The manifestation of the Ego on the mental plane (or the causal body) is not the result of energyFire, 789:in the three lowest subplanes of the physical plane, and the interaction between the two causes anFire, 790:physical brain of what transpires on the astral plane. In the other case, the causal body also isFire, 791:the first vibration outwards on the mental plane, and the coordination of the dense physical bodyFire, 797:as yet, but a faint realization on the physical plane of [798] certain inner relations, which areFire, 800:He functions as a self-conscious Life on His Own plane, as He works out His Own plans, andFire, 807:is now consciously realized upon the physical plane. The three permanent atoms form a triangle ofFire, 808:Second, the effect of this energy on the mental plane in the development and unfoldment of theFire, 808:As the realization by the man on the physical plane within the physical brain of his divine nature,Fire, 808:activity of the individual Ego on the mental plane in cooperation with its group or groups. In theFire, 808:the self-awakening of the egoic unit on its own plane; in the third case, we have a groupFire, 810:Therefore, unity is only possible upon the plane of mind. This, if true, must lead to the tendencyFire, 810:realization of group affiliations on the mental plane, a conscious recognition of groupFire, 810:of the race consciousness from the physical plane to the mental, and a consequent solving throughFire, 810:about emancipation from the present physical plane disorder. It must lead to the education of theFire, 814:teaching people the fact of the Ego on its own plane, the nature of the lunar bodies, and theFire, 815:body) to the higher levels of the mental plane, and therefore involves a raising or expansion ofFire, 815:brain consciousness, and thus on to the physical plane, the life and power and energy of the innerFire, 816:body, only (owing to its rarity) physical plane man regards it practically as non-substantial. ItFire, 816:produces (upon the third subplane of the mental plane) a ninefold vibration or whorl in the gaseousFire, 816:vibration or whorl in the gaseous matter of the plane - for this is the cosmic gaseous subplane -Fire, 821:flows that threefold energy which, on the mental plane, finds its medium of expression inFire, 822:triad: Petal 1 - Knowledge on the physical plane. Colors: Orange, green and violet. Petal 2 - LoveFire, 822:green and violet. Petal 2 - Love on the physical plane. Colors: Orange, rose and blue. Petal 3 -Fire, 822:and blue. Petal 3 - Sacrifice on the physical plane. Colors: Orange, yellow and indigo. These threeFire, 822:to sacrifice through knowledge on the mental plane, and thus intelligently to dominate the entireFire, 824:The will to sacrifice through love on the mental plane, and thus to serve. Colors: Yellow and theFire, 825:this was the cyclic reflection (on the lowest plane) of the refusal of the Monads to incarnate atFire, 834:of the Logos which animates every atom on every plane of the system. If this is meditated upon, andFire, 834:to express emotion and mind on the physical plane (through His physical body, a solar system) theyFire, 840:the work of forming the egoic lotus on its own plane; this is as the result of the work of theFire, 840:as follows: On the third subplane of the mental plane: Bud egos. Our planetary scheme, being at theFire, 841:are so called as they represent on the physical plane the fully active intelligent unity, the manFire, 841:the act of physical creation on the physical plane, and their function is largely to provideFire, 841:for though they demonstrate on the physical plane in the act of physical creation, yet they areFire, 843:from the act of creation on the systemic mental plane to the work of progressive evolution. ThisFire, 843:of differentiation alone are concerned; on the plane of the unmanifest or of the subjective, onlyFire, 846:entity of the lower life of the physical plane of the solar system is neither a full exponent ofFire, 848:by the "coming-in" of Egos on the mental plane which are not "bud" Egos, but are possibly veryFire, 848:statements are made relating to the mental plane, and which will serve as indications as to theFire, 848:of these problems may be sought. The mental plane is, as H. P. B. has pointed out, the vastest ofFire, 848:with which we are concerned. It is the key plane of the solar system. It is the pivotal plane uponFire, 848:key plane of the solar system. It is the pivotal plane upon which the great Wheel turns. It is theFire, 848:chamber of the Three Divinities." On this plane, the three Persons of the logoic Trinity meet inFire, 848:another duality functions, but only on this plane do the Three make an at-one-ment. [849] All theFire, 849:schemes are expressing Themselves upon this plane. There are certain schemes in the system whichFire, 849:which find their lowest manifestation on this plane, and have no physical body such as the Earth,Fire, 849:systemic mental matter, and therefore on that plane communication between all these EntitiesFire, 849:Matter of the abstract levels of the mental plane enters into the composition of the vehicles forFire, 849:have achieved the consciousness of the mental plane (causal consciousness) and know the varyingFire, 850:or on the three higher subplanes of the mental plane, there exists a channel of communication,Fire, 851:other and with Their cohorts: First, the second plane, where They communicate by means of aFire, 851:to man at present. Second, the mental plane, where They communicate with all lesser lives by meansFire, 852:of the conservation of force holds good on any plane. This whole question of the transference ofFire, 852:another, or from chain to chain, on the mental plane is one of very real intricacy, and cannot beFire, 853:make his appearance subsequently in physical plane incarnation. This is touched upon in the SecretFire, 853:whorls in the ether or substance of the mental plane, then the true significance may be more easilyFire, 854:to be found on the causal levels of the mental plane, so as to give students some idea of theFire, 854:that on the third subplane of the mental plane there is no individual separation such as we findFire, 855:we come to the second subplane of the mental plane (the plane whereon the egoic bodies of advancedFire, 855:to the second subplane of the mental plane (the plane whereon the egoic bodies of advancedFire, 857:stimulator of animal activity, and of physical plane development. Its effect is primarily upon theFire, 860:petals each in the etheric lotuses on the mental plane is of great importance. Fire, 860:The fact that the energy starts from the fifth plane, the mental, where man is concerned, The factFire, 861:The etheric centers of man are not on the same plane as the etheric centers of a planetary Logos.Fire, 861:of a planetary Logos. His centers are on the plane of the fourth cosmic ether, the systemic buddhicFire, 861:of the fourth cosmic ether, the systemic buddhic plane, and it is only when man has taken the finalFire, 861:into that of the planetary center on its own plane. The etheric centers of the planetary Logos areFire, 862:set up through countless ages on the physical plane, which is latent in substance itself, and isFire, 863:of radioactivity in his own life on the physical plane. His life must begin to radiate, and to haveFire, 864:consciousness of the brain from the astral plane begins to undergo a lengthy process ofFire, 868:- Hall of Ignorance - infant humanity - Physical plane. 2nd Hall - Hall of Learning - average man -Fire, 868:Hall - Hall of Learning - average man - Astral plane. 3rd Hall - Hall of Wisdom - spiritual man -Fire, 868:Hall - Hall of Wisdom - spiritual man - Mental plane. The longest time is spent in the Hall ofFire, 870:takes place which is a reflection (on a lower plane) of the great manasic initiations. The energyFire, 871:energy or that which is hidden in physical plane matter. In the Hall of Learning the discipleFire, 873:to control the electrical forces of the physical plane, and Theirs the right to direct the threeFire, 874:true of all the Existences manifesting on any plane, systemic and cosmic. Certain [875] factors
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