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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANE

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Healing, 490:upon the more advanced levels of the astral plane) sentient of outgoing love and aspiration; theHealing, 491:animal impulses which, upon the physical plane, are both normal and right, but which now have noHealing, 492:not only through his own desire for physical plane experience, but also under group impulse and inHealing, 493:facilitate this third activity upon the astral plane after death. Healing, 494:recognized on the part of the man on the astral plane. Gradually the lure and glamor (of a low orHealing, 494:life and affairs - as he was on the physical plane, but he is also conscious in the same manner ofHealing, 494:thought currents emanating from the mental plane, but he is also conscious of himself and of hisHealing, 495:governs the experience-process of physical plane living, and they realize then that, prior to theHealing, 495:achieved through life-experience. On the etheric plane arranges the substance of his vital body soHealing, 496:that time is not known apart from physical plane experience, the entire concept of devachanHealing, 497:the reciprocal interplay between the physical plane, which is not a principle, and the principle ofHealing, 498:is slowly controlling the man on the physical plane so that he brings the significance of meaningHealing, 498:inner man begin to demonstrate on the physical plane, through the medium of the physical brain atHealing, 499:by means of certain sounds, emanating from the plane of the spiritual will; these are recognized byHealing, 500:life, prior to another return to the physical plane. The "seeds of death" are inherent in the formHealing, 500:the soul pursues its own interests on its own plane until such time as the evolutionary process hasHealing, 503:great light and a great potency; upon the astral plane, the phenomenon of death has a somewhatHealing, 503:has produced phenomenal changes upon the astral plane and has shattered an immense amount of theHealing, 504:planes of our solar system, the cosmic astral plane and the cosmic mental plane. The death-dealingHealing, 504:the cosmic astral plane and the cosmic mental plane. The death-dealing energy emanates as anHealing, 505:disciple can now create a body for physical plane contact and for service in the three worlds -Healing, 506:perceptive nature of the soul on its own plane. This produces eventually the integration of theHealing, 509:If aspirants would study their physical plane life with care, they would discover that they areHealing, 509:working automatically in response to physical plane conventional ideas of goodwill or of beingHealing, 510:what is the attitude of the soul upon its own plane? A consideration of this involves, first ofHealing, 510:are to be found upon what we call the mental plane: [511] The lower concrete mind, which is theHealing, 511:soul - in its own body and nature and on its own plane - can begin to attend to a higherHealing, 515:is a great initiation for the soul on its own plane. For this reason, the third initiation isHealing, 517:functioning on the levels of the cosmic physical plane - the buddhic, atmic, monadic and logoicHealing, 518:a direct relation between the monad on its own plane and the newly created personality, via theHealing, 533:centralization of a man's life energy. From the plane whereon those energies are focused proceedHealing, 539:energy of the true man, the soul on its own plane. Where there is complete unobstructed inflow fromHealing, 539:Does he seek to get that soul (on its own plane) to affect definitely the man, superintending theHealing, 541:soul (working on the higher levels of the mental plane and through his head center) to stimulateHealing, 548:for the functioning of the body on the outer plane. The healer has always to remember the followingHealing, 548:the soul when in manifestation upon the physical plane. [549] Orthodox medicine has been to dateHealing, 558:centralization of a man's life energy. From the plane whereon those energies are focused proceedHealing, 558:in The Secret Doctrine, H.P.B. states that a plane and a state of consciousness are synonymousHealing, 559:not [559] the level of matter or substance (a plane, as it is called), but the consciousness whichHealing, 559:If the consciousness is focused on the mental plane or upon the astral plane, the life energy willHealing, 559:focused on the mental plane or upon the astral plane, the life energy will not be so stronglyHealing, 559:be retained (to use an inadequate word) upon the plane where the consciousness is predominantlyHealing, 560:are at this time centralized on the astral plane (or in the astral body), a clue to one of theHealing, 560:of the race shifts on to the mental plane - and this is slowly taking place - then the more widelyHealing, 561:centralization of the life force upon the astral plane, for instance, could produce. I shall butHealing, 563:but takes no shape or form on the outer plane of human life. Self-pity, so prevalent a trouble,Healing, 564:centered upon the fourth or buddhic plane, disease will die out and the fourth Creative HierarchyHealing, 566:not this will-to-good work out on the physical plane in what we call goodwill among men? Is it notHealing, 566:that the soul, seeking constantly (on its own plane) to conform to the Plan which implements theHealing, 566:can bring about resistance upon the physical plane so that the turmoil thus engendered in theHealing, 568:man's ideal as he sees it, and upon the physical plane. Friction, therefore, takes place andHealing, 569:a true expression of the soul upon the physical plane will be seen. Healing, 571:all the lower activities upon the physical plane under soul direction. In the perfected man, thereHealing, 579:with the effort to focus himself upon the mental plane, prior to achieving a stabilized contactHealing, 583:is manifested and tangible upon the physical plane as well as on all the planes of divineHealing, 583:this, I include not only the cosmic physical plane (composed of our seven systemic planes) but theHealing, 583:that this rule relates entirely to the physical plane (dense and etheric) and to the effects whichHealing, 584:within a form of any kind - a body, [584] a plane, an organ, a center; the energies are thoseHealing, 584:a greater or more inclusive form, from a subtler plane, thus making contact with a grosserHealing, 589:the seven subplanes of the cosmic physical plane and that, therefore, spirit is matter at itsHealing, 589:a response from the substance of the mental plane which then makes its own contribution. ItsHealing, 589:and the spiritual man upon the mental plane. The correspondence is as follows: The monad - AbstractHealing, 594:- which normally come from the soul on its own plane - and the forces below the diaphragm. This isHealing, 611:speaking, is being developed upon each plane of our seven planes - the seven subplanes of theHealing, 611:- the seven subplanes of the cosmic physical plane. It is the germ or the seed on each subplaneHealing, 613:the vehicle of consciousness upon the physical plane, but the emphasis of attention is the ethericHealing, 615:between Shamballa and Humanity; the etheric plane (and by this I mean the cosmic, planetary andHealing, 616:cosmic energy of love directly to the physical plane of our planet, and also in a peculiar mannerHealing, 620:World, working from His Own level on a cosmic plane and through His divine Personality, SanatHealing, 623:point at the heart of the egoic lotus on its own plane. When death takes place and the life threadHealing, 623:centers are the major agency upon the physical plane through which the soul works, expresses lifeHealing, 623:The man's conduct and behavior upon the physical plane is conditioned, controlled and determined byHealing, 625:is psychological. A man is, upon the physical plane, emotionally and mentally what his glandularHealing, 638:man, he is strongly anchored upon the physical plane; when that is not strongly present or isHealing, 638:form - he has come into being upon the physical plane. This magnetic power is the expression of theHealing, 653:in its representative, the man upon the physical plane. He knows also that success in radiatoryHealing, 661:from life and its consequences upon the physical plane, or as self-imposed. Of this strange workingHealing, 664:of science and the control of the material plane and of the air bear testimony. The factor ofHealing, 665:are composed of substance of the cosmic physical plane. It might also be stated that when theHealing, 665:(the three lower levels of the cosmic physical plane) [666] upon which to work; there will beHealing, 666:fought the Forces of Evil upon the physical plane and routed them. There has been a far greaterHealing, 668:its externalization upon the [668] physical plane. The Hierarchy is at this time exceedinglyHealing, 674:of the Son of Mind, the soul on its own plane. On the higher Way of the Master, it relates to thatHealing, 679:the full consciousness of the cosmic astral plane and of the cosmic mental plane, He can applyHealing, 679:the cosmic astral plane and of the cosmic mental plane, He can apply energies and forces - underHealing, 680:is the material aspect and the soul - on its own plane - is the Son. This injunction, therefore,Healing, 689:it must be borne in mind that the entire mental plane is one of the three planes which constituteHealing, 689:which constitute the cosmic dense physical plane; this is a point oft forgotten by students, whoHealing, 689:the four higher subplanes of the cosmic physical plane; these are the higher correspondence of theHealing, 689:of the four etheric levels of the physical plane in the three worlds - the three dense physical andHealing, 697:and through which the healer - on the physical plane - works. The procedure of the healer willHealing, 704:time has come; the life cycle on the physical plane then ends unless he is a worker in an Ashram, aHealing, 705:and because they are more potent on the physical plane than are the Members of the Great WhiteHealing, 708:twelve within the head and the twelve upon the plane of soul endeavor, cooperate as one and thusHealing, 710:all modern knowledge, developed on the physical plane, through the personalities of men and womenHealing, 711:the needed financial assets on the physical plane. This is caused frequently by a subtle - thoughHealing, 711:fifth ray methods carry through to the physical plane; there they engender conflict and eventuallyHercules, 17:to manifest forth in active work on the physical plane the glory and the power of his innateHercules, 29:the work of the disciple, living on the physical plane and endeavoring to demonstrate on theHercules, 34:sign. All beginnings originate on the mental plane and in the mind of the creator, whether that
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