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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANE

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Magic, 262:physical plane. Add to the two above, physical plane purity as to food and manner of life, and inMagic, 266:experience, to center his forces on the mental plane and from there accomplish his purpose inMagic, 266:of the thinker being focused on the mental plane, the progress of his manifested thought will beMagic, 266:appearance and potent action on the physical plane. [267] This thought must be borne in mind if theMagic, 268:the creator of these thought-forms to the mental plane. This is of so potent a nature that theMagic, 268:direction of the thought-form from the mental plane and the confining of the attention to thatMagic, 268:the orthodox methods of work and in physical plane activities. They wear themselves out byMagic, 268:as the directing agents. Learn to work on the plane of mind. Build there your form, rememberingMagic, 274:brings about the desired results on the physical plane there comes too a similar reaction; theMagic, 276:constitute the brain forces. On the physical plane are a large band of aspirants, probationaryMagic, 278:dealing with the raw material on the physical plane, and let him study the pattern and the blueMagic, 279:The secret of all success on the physical plane lies in right understanding of law and of order.Magic, 280:build organized forms and groups on the physical plane and to hold them coherently together. ThisMagic, 283:upon each other. This is, on the outer plane, the esoteric basis for all group relation, and it isMagic, 283:cell forces operating entirely on the physical plane which produce a peculiar type of physicalMagic, 284:heart. In the heart is the center of physical plane existence. The cerebro-spinal system works inMagic, 292:body. The human family as a whole. The astral plane in the large sense. The "heart of the Sun."Magic, 292:race to which a man belongs. The mental plane as a whole. The Universal Mind. Personality Energy.Magic, 295:of the interplay between it and the physical plane life experience, and thus the great wheel ofMagic, 297:that right and wrong activity on the physical plane is due simply to a right or wrong direction ofMagic, 298:the fear of the great illusion of the astral plane, of the phantasmagoria of life itself, and alsoMagic, 299:move and have our being as He, on His Own cosmic plane, seeks liberation and faces His Own peculiarMagic, 301:twenty-four hours (talking in terms of physical plane time) instead of for his usual few hours ofMagic, 301:will go and the intercourse between the astral plane and the physical plane will be so firmlyMagic, 301:between the astral plane and the physical plane will be so firmly established and so scientificallyMagic, 304:vibrations of evil and misery on the astral plane - evil long past and gone; it is possible forMagic, 308:are due to delusion, to the glamor of the astral plane, which distorts, reverses and deceives.Magic, 308:in which the "light deceptive" of the astral plane uncovers to him false sources of amusement, orMagic, 320:soul and know him as he is. Only upon the plane of soul can this be done. Elsewhere the blendingMagic, 324:Such attention to affairs on the physical plane is not necessarily loss of time, for it may be asMagic, 324:expression and consciousness on each and every plane is the objective, remembering that each planeMagic, 324:plane is the objective, remembering that each plane with its varying states of consciousness isMagic, 349:you who bear the burden and heat of physical plane existence know. We know your physicalMagic, 350:foul cesspools of the lower levels of the mental plane infect all, and lucky is he who escapes. WeMagic, 353:now that They are moving closer to the physical plane. More souls are conscious of Them than whenMagic, 357:cultivate. This works in the realm of physical plane happenings and of sensory experience. ThroughMagic, 361:use so inadequate an expression) on to the third plane, as the astral lines of force lead back toMagic, 361:of force lead back to the second or monadic plane, though as far as man's consciousness isMagic, 361:only lead back to the buddhic or intuitional plane. It is interesting to note that just as theMagic, 361:Manasaputra, the great Son of Mind on the mental plane. Hence it is the mind principle in humanityMagic, 362:Logos has His life. From the cosmic astral plane comes the impulse which produces form existenceMagic, 362:is the result of desire. From the cosmic mental plane comes the will-to-be in time and space, whichMagic, 362:gives him the "freedom" of the cosmic physical plane. The right use of astral energy gives himMagic, 365:to [365] ponder upon the cosmic astral plane, for instance, when even the plane of the ego (theMagic, 365:cosmic astral plane, for instance, when even the plane of the ego (the fifth subplane of the cosmicMagic, 365:ego (the fifth subplane of the cosmic physical plane, counting from above downwards) is as yetMagic, 367:but which constitute those from which the mental plane itself draws sustenance. Then, having sensedMagic, 367:lies the opportunity to bring down to the mental plane as much of the plan as you possibly can.Magic, 367:through to the concrete levels of the mental plane. Then it becomes a concrete thought, somethingMagic, 368:and work it into existence on the physical plane. Remember this, that the materialization of anyMagic, 368:of any aspect of the vision on the physical plane is never the work of one man. Only when it hasMagic, 368:they set up with their thought sweeps the mental plane matter into activity; thinkers seize hold ofMagic, 372:also lies in other directions: Being of physical plane matter, literally, etheric consciousness isMagic, 373:this time the seventh subplane of the physical plane. Being in the fourth [374] round also, when aMagic, 374:lowest of the ethers, is to be the next physical plane of consciousness. Etheric matter is even nowMagic, 374:accomplished. The fourth mental subplane is the plane of devachan. Magic, 376:for the aspirant or probationer is the astral plane, so the battle ground for the disciple is theMagic, 376:the battle ground for the disciple is the mental plane. There is his kurukshetra. The aspirant hasMagic, 378:million years ago) to have on the dense physical plane an organization and a headquarters for theMagic, 379:functioned even more consciously on the astral plane than on the physical, and it was part of theMagic, 379:make him fully self-conscious on the physical plane. Their objective was to bring about aMagic, 383:and energies from the intuitional or buddhic plane begin to make their impact upon the form nature,Magic, 383:the initiate can function at will on the plane of the intuition, and the mind is steadily relegatedMagic, 384:are mental distinctions. All souls on the mental plane take the forms of the solar Angels, of theMagic, 385:energies of the mental world. Work on the mental plane produces realization of duality. TheMagic, 389:These control the exoteric processes of physical plane existence. It must not be forgotten,Magic, 389:the control of the Lord Agni, Lord of the mental plane, and, in this mental age, we have theMagic, 389:Under the Law of Correspondences the mental plane has an analogy in the third subplane of theMagic, 389:an analogy in the third subplane of the physical plane, the plane into which science is nowMagic, 389:in the third subplane of the physical plane, the plane into which science is now entering. MindMagic, 389:civilization. Agni rules on the mental plane, and has domination likewise on the third subplane ofMagic, 390:He [390] is the Lord of the fifth or mental plane, counting from above downwards, if one mustMagic, 390:All humanity is striving towards the fourth plane of union between the three higher and the threeMagic, 390:three lower, but, at this present moment, the plane of mind or of fire is the most important. WeMagic, 390:only the fires of the earth and rules the mental plane but he is definitely associated with [391]Magic, 391:will begin to pass from the fifth to the fourth plane. The Lord of Fire will achieve his peculiarMagic, 398:knowers and group workers which is the physical plane reflection of the planetary Hierarchy. Magic, 398:of the aspirants at that time. A physical plane replica (as far as such a replica was thenMagic, 399:of adepts has become possible. On the physical plane, without any exoteric organization,Magic, 403:trend, and this is (for the workers on the inner plane) a most encouraging sign, but love ofMagic, 405:have its consciousness elevated to the mental plane; it must be expanded so that it included notMagic, 412:the means whereby man can live upon the physical plane. These two groups necessarily, and in spiteMagic, 413:of the Hierarchy upon the physical plane, or a small working replica of this essentially subjectiveMagic, 416:work on thought levels more than on the physical plane. He is therefore of use to the Hierarchy asMagic, 420:attention is fixed upon the soul, the physical plane life will be rightly handled. It will beMagic, 424:brain? Already men are aware both of physical plane activity and emotional alivenessMagic, 427:they will have no interest in purely physical plane arrangements, nor in laying the emphasis uponMagic, 428:men and bring about separateness on the physical plane, and the laying of a true emphasis upon theMagic, 436:ages must he express himself upon the physical plane. Owing to the precession of the equinoxes, aMagic, 438:This is the problem of the soul on its own plane, - responsiveness to these types of energy, and,Magic, 440:no initiate astrologers working on the physical plane at this time. One hint here I give. The SunMagic, 440:we have: Aries - I come forth, and from the plane of mind I rule. Taurus - I see, and when the eyeMagic, 447:the last of those governing work on the astral plane and the magical task of motivating thoseMagic, 447:on the verge of materializing upon the physical plane. Nothing, it should be noted, can now stopMagic, 447:being, many never produce the desired physical plane effects, and fail in their intended purpose.Magic, 448:being. Lacking the one-pointedness of the mental plane matter as it is influenced by a concentratedMagic, 448:and functioning organisms upon the physical plane. I use the word "organism" deliberately, for itMagic, 449:and so carry it forth on to the physical plane. Utter the phrase which will detach the thought-formMagic, 455:and vital substance, is potent on the physical plane just as long as: It remains consciously in itsMagic, 456:These occult formulas exist on the archetypal plane which (for the aspirant) is the plane of the
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