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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANE

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Meditation, 100:the Lord Agni, and the high devas of the mental plane working with the Ruler of that plane, andMeditation, 100:the mental plane working with the Ruler of that plane, and with the Raja-Lord of the second plane.Meditation, 100:that plane, and with the Raja-Lord of the second plane. Macrocosmic evolution proceeds in likeMeditation, 101:If pondered on, it carries the student to a high plane and stimulates vibration. "The secret of theMeditation, 102:behind him when death severed him from physical plane existence. The task ahead of everybody is toMeditation, 103:likewise en rapport with the fire of the mental plane. When meditation is forced, or is pursued tooMeditation, 103:knowing what is occurring on the physical plane; but on the inner planes he knows and has butMeditation, 103:to bring the knowledge through to the physical plane consciousness. Let us take up for a moment theMeditation, 106:attention of the creative impulse to the mental plane. In so doing, if successful, he will turn theMeditation, 107:his group affiliations, whether on the physical plane and so exoteric, or on the subtle planes andMeditation, 108:So it is with the Microcosm. The Ego on his own plane and on a tiny scale, repeats the action ofMeditation, 109:practically the knowledge learnt on the physical plane is his great need. Yet, even though hisMeditation, 111:via the atomic subplane, from the emotional plane to the intuitional, to the practical exclusion ofMeditation, 113:make those thoughts [113] facts on the physical plane. He uses his head more than his heart center,Meditation, 115:and his close associates on the physical plane are his objectives in service, and if in theMeditation, 116:us briefly enumerate them: 1. On the physical plane: The following groups will be found: His familyMeditation, 117:condition of the masses. Thus on the physical plane you have three groups to which a man belongs.Meditation, 118:group to which he belongs. 2. On the emotional plane: Here be belongs to several groups such as:Meditation, 118:belongs to several groups such as: His emotional plane family group, which is more thoroughly hisMeditation, 118:into which he happens to be born on the physical plane. You will see this demonstrated many timesMeditation, 118:many times in life when members of an emotional plane family contact each other on the physicalMeditation, 118:plane family contact each other on the physical plane. Instant recognition ensues. The class withinMeditation, 119:against this is dangerous. 3. On the mental plane: The groups to be found there may be enumeratedMeditation, 119:danger, for the vibrations set up on the mental plane and the forces engendered there are so muchMeditation, 122:period of the world's history the emotional plane is so densely populated and the response of theMeditation, 124:entry of an extraneous entity from the emotional plane. The door of entrance which is formed byMeditation, 124:can be effected from without. This is a physical plane cause, and is the result of theMeditation, 124:is the result of the maladjustment of physical plane matter. It is the result of karma, and isMeditation, 127:the first type of cases, those due to physical plane weakness, the stress of the cure will be laidMeditation, 128:work will have to be done mostly from the mental plane by those who can function there freely andMeditation, 129:they hear and see on the astral or the mental plane. They see devas at a meeting in which ritualMeditation, 134:we find it necessary to teach you, the physical plane workers, how to shield and guard yourselvesMeditation, 135:the Brotherhood of Light. On the physical plane and on the emotional plane, the dark brother hasMeditation, 135:On the physical plane and on the emotional plane, the dark brother has more power than the BrotherMeditation, 135:work sometimes the elementals of the earth plane, the gnomes and the elemental essence as found inMeditation, 136:planes. Not so is it on the mental, which is the plane on which the Brothers of the Light work.Meditation, 138:the body positive; keep busy on the emotional plane and achieve the inner calm. Do naught toMeditation, 142:but his place in the human Hierarchy on its own plane. He knows himself in fact as a part of one ofMeditation, 143:waking consciousness. The Ego on its own plane may be well aware of the unity of its consciousnessMeditation, 143:one with himself, but until the man (in physical plane consciousness) has raised himself to thatMeditation, 143:consciousness) has raised himself to that same plane and is likewise aware of his groupMeditation, 143:conception which results eventually in physical plane manifestation. It means making your highestMeditation, 150:mind altogether, and aspires to leap from the plane of the emotions to that of the intuition. HeMeditation, 153:the building of the form. Matter of the mental plane will be more apparent and - through certainMeditation, 153:be added to the whole - matter of the emotional plane will be of secondary importance. The colorsMeditation, 156:certain rhythmic currents set up on the mental plane and driving from thence to the lower ethers.Meditation, 156:of proportion is wisely adjusted, the emotional plane should be for him a battle ground, and not aMeditation, 159:or through causes set up on the emotional plane and reacting on the etheric. b. Forms for healingMeditation, 160:will be paid to the cause of the trouble, to the plane on which it originates, and to the effectsMeditation, 160:inheritance, or may originate on the emotional plane and work their way back into the mental body.Meditation, 163:effects are far-reaching. As you know, each plane vibration responds to a different key and note,Meditation, 163:the adept enters into the consciousness of that plane and of all contained therein. Mantrams in anyMeditation, 173:fact that they can be contacted on the emotional plane is no guarantee that they are on theMeditation, 175:and all move upward in ordered beauty from plane to plane, from system to system, universe toMeditation, 175:all move upward in ordered beauty from plane to plane, from system to system, universe to universe.Meditation, 179:of a subplane, or the mighty Deva Lord of a plane. They are known to very few and are only used byMeditation, 180:that call the Lord of a Ray, the Deva of a Plane or the Lord of a Solar System Himself. TheMeditation, 182:with the law, but to wield that law for physical plane schemes which originated in their desires.Meditation, 183:wherever encountered. The fire of the mental plane. [184] The fire elementals who, in theirMeditation, 185:The correspondence to the fire of the mental plane is easily demonstrable. For the work of theMeditation, 186:Mantrams that work on the matter of the mental plane, on one or other of its two main divisions, -Meditation, 187:they work on the causal vehicle on the mental plane, and they set up a vibration in the Triad andMeditation, 188:the air above the earth. The devas of the mental plane, who are essentially the devas of fire. WithMeditation, 188:all the other elementals, and are found on every plane from the highest to the lowest. TheMeditation, 190:brought down and demonstrated on the physical plane in practical experience, can the student be inMeditation, 192:they set in motion happenings on the physical plane that have their origination in the darkMeditation, 194:centers will be definitely felt on one or other plane in the three worlds. Let [195] me illustrate,Meditation, 196:of the forces of nature so that physical plane occurrences may be brought about. The initiating ofMeditation, 198:that vehicle. This results on the physical [198] plane in a most undesirable stimulation of the sexMeditation, 198:geometrical figures formed in the matter of the plane higher than the physical (which are theMeditation, 198:deva or otherwise, from any particular plane. For those who can clairvoyantly view the scene, theMeditation, 199:now has its focal point primarily on the mental plane and somewhat on the emotional. When theMeditation, 199:will be able to directly contact the physical plane, and so act with great force upon theMeditation, 202:of what will some day be facts in physical plane demonstration. The thought conveys much matter forMeditation, 206:the occultist which color is applicable to which plane, and which color therefore is the basic hueMeditation, 206:which color therefore is the basic hue for that plane, he has grasped the fundamental secret ofMeditation, 207:mind are at times spoken of in terms of the plane and not in terms of the ray involved.Meditation, 208:love system, so will it be found upon the mental plane. More may not be said, but food for thoughtMeditation, 209:given. Colors as manifested on the physical plane show at their crudest and harshest. Even the mostMeditation, 209:and harsh compared to those on the emotional plane, and as the finer matter of the other planes isMeditation, 209:the dark places of the earth, on the emotional plane, and on the lower level of the mental plane.Meditation, 209:plane, and on the lower level of the mental plane. They are negations. Their tone is lower than theMeditation, 210:all. This orange emanates from the fifth plane, underlies the fifth principle, and is the effectMeditation, 211:five lower planes till they contact the earth plane and are absorbed into dense matter. Not so isMeditation, 213:finds its great expression on the second monadic plane, and its major manifestation in the monadsMeditation, 215:in the [215] life of the spirit. When the fourth plane of harmony or of buddhi is achieved, then isMeditation, 215:(the love and wisdom aspect) dominates when the plane of harmony is reached. It leads then to theMeditation, 215:harmony is reached. It leads then to the third plane of atma whereon the green of activityMeditation, 215:upon the standpoint of the interpreter, and the plane whereon his consciousness is working. TheMeditation, 216:color is for our purpose the color of the mental plane, the color that marks burning; it is theMeditation, 216:remember that this fifth ray (just as the fifth plane and the fifth principle) is closely allied toMeditation, 220:the Harmony Ray, as it does between the monadic plane and the buddhic. The Power Ray and that ofMeditation, 220:or Science, just as it does between the third plane of atma and the fifth plane of mind. Green andMeditation, 220:between the third plane of atma and the fifth plane of mind. Green and orange were allied in theMeditation, 221:all that has to do with form. On the first plane, life in its purest, highest, undifferentiatedMeditation, 221:synthetic aspect; on the seventh, plane, form in its densest, grossest, most differentiated aspect;Meditation, 223:and the expressing of them on the physical plane lies that development of the mental body thatMeditation, 223:and in the transference of desire from that plane to the buddhic comes the ability to reflect trulyMeditation, 227:to that termed red or rose on the lower plane. The red, the green and the indigo of these highMeditation, 227:the process of this connection eventuates on the plane of mind which links the higher and the
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