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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANE

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Meditation, 233:unit, Those Who gaze upon it from a higher plane are aware of the steady improvement in the colorsMeditation, 242:trouble, the ordinary high class physical plane scientific methods will be applied at first, andMeditation, 242:the subtle bodies are more known, physical plane science will be superseded by the preventiveMeditation, 247:applied to the physical body. On the physical plane the exoteric color will be applied, whilst onMeditation, 250:by the impact of the projectile on the physical plane. These effects are as yet practicallyMeditation, 251:and in exoteric construction on the physical plane, will be based on the laws that govern theMeditation, 254:ideal as embodied in some form on the physical plane. They picture themselves, perhaps, as theMeditation, 258:only the [258] sheaths in which we move upon the plane of being that hide from us our inner God,Meditation, 259:center of consciousness till it now includes the plane of spirit. A Master of the Wisdom is One WhoMeditation, 260:faculty, and can sound the note for each plane and build thereon. This power - first to discoverMeditation, 261:has assumed control and wielded the law upon the plane consistent with the form. He has thenMeditation, 266:On the second subplane of the mental plane you have the groups belonging to the Masters, if so IMeditation, Since:Now (1949) there has been a shift to the Buddhic Plane. (A. A. B.)] just as the Heavenly Men haveMeditation, Since:source and the cause of Their life on the atomic plane of the solar system, that which we call theMeditation, Since:of the solar system, that which we call the plane of adi, or the first plane. These groups areMeditation, Since:which we call the plane of adi, or the first plane. These groups are formed around a Master, areMeditation, 269:equipment in service to the race on the physical plane, thereby demonstrating to the eyes of theMeditation, 283:of the Ego, and the complete mastery of each plane and subplane. It involves the comprehension ofMeditation, 286:understood. He has to learn the secret of that plane, which secret (when known) gives him the keyMeditation, 287:application, has learned the secret of the fifth plane, will he live the life of sanctifiedMeditation, 287:there is direct connection between the fourth plane of harmony, between the emotional body, or theMeditation, 295:and watched over by a Master in physical plane consciousness, records will be kept of the times andMeditation, 311:seeks to do through each expression on the lower plane goes forward as desired, and that successMeditation, 315:be consciously able to function on the astral plane at night and to bring the knowledge through toMeditation, 315:of his work will be with students on the astral plane, guiding them to the Master's ashram atMeditation, 315:a miniature hierarchy, showing on the physical plane a tiny replica of the occult prototype. AsMeditation, 324:bodies and function elsewhere on the physical plane. This is all I can give as yet. Record, watchMeditation, 329:psychometric. The Mind The study of the mental plane. The study of the laws of fire. The study ofMeditation, 332:it into the great city of the personal physical plane life. Then, as progress is made, the sceneMeditation, 339:These are the initiations on the emotional plane, called respectively the initiations of earth,Meditation, 339:the same point of attainment on the physical plane. Each initiation marks the attainment of aMeditation, 340:It necessitates three things before the plane of the mental unit is achieved, and before the causalMeditation, 344:desire to serve the Great Ones, in physical plane activities will come the working out. AMeditation, 349:to take. Adi The First; the primeval; the atomic plane of the solar system; the highest of theMeditation, 349:fire." It is also the symbol of the mental plane of which Agni is paramountly lord. Agnichaitans AMeditation, 351:or states, the highest of which is the atomic plane. Similarly, each of the seven planes is dividedMeditation, 352:body is, from the standpoint of the physical plane, no body, either subjective or objective. It is,Meditation, 352:Egoic Groups On the third subplane of the fifth plane, the mental, are found the causal bodies ofMeditation, 353:of the lowest three subplanes of the physical plane. The etheric body is formed of the four highestMeditation, 353:highest or etheric subplanes of the physical plane. Fifth Principle The principle of mind; thatMeditation, 356:Monad The One. The threefold spirit on its own plane. In occultism it often means the unified triadMeditation, 357:(the mental unit being also on the mental plane) which the monad appropriates for purposes ofMeditation, 357:vehicle for the manifestation of Soul on this plane of existence; soul is the vehicle for theMeditation, 358:sum total and the controlling intelligence of a plane. Raja Yoga The true system of developingPatanjaliWord made flesh and the manifestation upon the plane of matter of the second aspect of divinity.Patanjali, 9:forth in a dark place;" i. e., on the physical plane. It should be borne in mind that, occultlyPatanjali, 11:and experienced in the physical body upon the plane of densest manifestation through the consciousPatanjali, 14:becomes a triple modification upon the mental plane, and in these three we have in miniature aPatanjali, 15:fifth principle, as it manifests upon the fifth plane, the mental. The modifications are the lowerPatanjali, 16:consciousness of the self, the ego on its own plane. This is achieved through the right use of thePatanjali, 17:is studied and followed, the man on the physical plane becomes increasingly aware of the things ofPatanjali, 23:to all states save that of the third, or atmic plane. Patanjali, 24:has been known by the thinker upon the physical plane. Kama-manasic (or desire-lower mind) imagesPatanjali, 25:of the human mechanism found upon the mental plane. This latter sentence should be emphasized; [26]Patanjali, 27:the life of the soul each day upon the physical plane. Charles Johnston in his translation seeks toPatanjali, 28:existence, and desire, the quality of the astral plane, whose symbol is also water. The idea of manPatanjali, 30:that state of consciousness upon the astral plane which is the concretion of the longing and desirePatanjali, 30:passing out of the astral body on to the mental plane. Devachan, that state of consciousness uponPatanjali, 30:that state of consciousness upon the mental plane into which the soul passes when deprived of itsPatanjali, 32:are the seven subplanes of the lowest cosmic plane, the physical. Consequently only "the time ofPatanjali, 38:that for the first time the man (on the physical plane and in his physical brain) becomes cognizantPatanjali, 38:to fall from heavenly heights onto the physical plane or for the "knowable things" to become knownPatanjali, 39:thought as it produces effects on the physical plane are contacted and known. Here however thePatanjali, 40:man and the physical brain. Belief. On his own plane the soul rehearses a condition analogous toPatanjali, 41:become real to the man upon the physical plane. This meditation therefore is of a very high orderPatanjali, 41:of illuminating the vehicle upon the physical plane. Right perception. The experience of the soul,Patanjali, 49:longing for experience, the craving for physical plane existence, and the desire for the formPatanjali, 53:soul, the inner ruler, the thinker on his own plane. This one Master is a corporate part of thePatanjali, 54:or the sound of all forms existing in physical plane substance, and as is usually known, it isPatanjali, 57:vehicle for the manifestation of Soul on this plane of existence, and Soul is the vehicle on aPatanjali, 57:existence, and Soul is the vehicle on a higher plane for the [58] manifestation of Spirit, andPatanjali, 58:to be sounded by the soul or the ego on its own plane, and the vibration will subsequently affectPatanjali, 59:own place, on the abstract levels of the mental plane. He directs that sound, via the sutratma andPatanjali, 60:the man learns to sound the Word on the physical plane with the object of awakening the forcesPatanjali, 61:fleeting vision a permanent reality in the lower plane experience, The battle of Kurukshetra, withPatanjali, 67:again and again into the condition of physical plane existence. The disciple has to cultivatePatanjali, 67:vision reveals the nature of the physical plane, and is achieved through the medium of the eyes,Patanjali, 68:This is the faculty of sight upon the astral plane and is one of the lower "siddhis" or psychicPatanjali, 69:opens up the world of the intuitional or buddhic plane, and takes its possessor beyond the abstractPatanjali, 69:beyond the abstract levels of the mental plane. The things of pure spirit, and the basic purposesPatanjali, 71:The inner condition works out on the physical plane as an intense activity, a violent seeking forPatanjali, 74:is the characteristic or quality underlying each plane. For instance, the seven principles withPatanjali, 74:are: 1. Prana vital energy etheric body physical plane. 2. Kama desire astral body astral plane. 3.Patanjali, 74:plane. 2. Kama desire astral body astral plane. 3. Lower Manas concrete mind mental body mentalPatanjali, 74:3. Lower Manas concrete mind mental body mental plane. 4. Higher Manas abstract mind egoic bodyPatanjali, 74:4. Higher Manas abstract mind egoic body mental plane 5. Buddhi intuition buddhic body buddhicPatanjali, 74:plane 5. Buddhi intuition buddhic body buddhic plane. 6. Atma spiritual will atmic body atmicPatanjali, 74:plane. 6. Atma spiritual will atmic body atmic plane. And that which corresponds to the "boundlessPatanjali, 74:in the macrocosm, the Monad (on its own plane) constitutes the seventh principle. There are otherPatanjali, 74:the conscious utilization of the will on each plane, the vehicle is directed constantly into anPatanjali, 75:which undergoes experiences on the physical plane and which utilizes the brain consciousness. ThePatanjali, 76:of the animal kingdom, Service on the physical plane in cooperation with the Hierarchy, DisciplinePatanjali, 77:the man becomes adept, a creator on the physical plane and a cooperator in the plans of thePatanjali, 85:nature (as it expresses itself on the physical plane) is symbolic of any attachment between thePatanjali, 85:when awake. This condition is physical plane dreaming. [86] Then there is the dream condition inPatanjali, 86:body. The knowledge given by the physical plane condition is largely instinctual; that achievedPatanjali, 87:that, to the occultist, life on the physical plane is but a dream condition. Patanjali, 93:It aids also to remember: That on the physical plane the perceiver uses the five senses in order toPatanjali, 93:have our being." That on the astral or emotional plane, the lower powers of clairvoyance andPatanjali, 93:the serpent in the garden. That on the mental plane psychometry and symbology (including numerology
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