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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANE

(page 44 of 57)


Patanjali, 99:which he has to balance on the emotional plane. Behind all these is found that balanced state,Patanjali, 100:which is subtle and intangible from the physical plane standpoint, nevertheless (from the standPatanjali, 121:Karma Yoga has a specific relation to physical plane activity, and to the working out intoPatanjali, 123:unfolded and consciously used on the physical plane and in the physical body. Patanjali says thatPatanjali, 127:technically correct when applied to the physical plane, The word "hindrance" is more illuminatingPatanjali, 128:relate to man, the synthesis upon the physical plane, that desire has relation to his astral bodyPatanjali, 132:between [132] avidya on the physical plane as experienced by man in incarnation is to be found onPatanjali, 133:astral body, The mental body. 2. On the physical plane he has his five senses, hearing, touch,Patanjali, 134:brings into the personal self on the physical plane a recognition of the reality and the sense ofPatanjali, 135:cover desire for gross objects on the physical plane as well as attachment to those things,Patanjali, 137:balance the pairs of opposites on any particular plane so that one is no longer held by the formsPatanjali, 137:that one is no longer held by the forms of that plane and withdrawal becomes possible. VeryPatanjali, 138:The will to be or to manifest upon any specific plane or through any specific group of forms is notPatanjali, 138:the ego or higher self is occupied with its own plane, there is no energy outgoing towards thePatanjali, 139:higher self on the abstract levels of the mental plane gains in beauty, size and activity withPatanjali, 140:to overcome them, doing the work from the mental plane. He has to gain control of the apparatus ofPatanjali, 142:to a world of tangible forms, our physical plane activities are governed by the five hindrances.Patanjali, 142:later life. Just as long as man on the physical plane is subject to, or governed by thesePatanjali, 143:and fewer effects to work out on the physical plane, and the chains which link a man to the greatPatanjali, 144:must work out into objectivity on the physical plane. Therefore there is much importance attachedPatanjali, 145:holds true. The roots are found on the mental plane. The flowering forth into objectivity andPatanjali, 145:and fruition is to be seen on the physical plane. Therefore it is necessary for the aspirant to layPatanjali, 147:needs to remember that every form on every plane is thus characterized, and this is true of thePatanjali, 168:three worlds with the spiritual man on its own plane, The union of the spiritual man or divinePatanjali, 175:the response of the physical body to physical plane conditions, but the fears of the mind, basedPatanjali, 176:to the point [176] where he feels that physical plane living, sentiency and mental processes havePatanjali, 179:own in conscious experience upon the physical plane. It should be noted here that the two causes ofPatanjali, 179:are part of the life of the physical plane man, then the spiritual man, the ego or thinker on hisPatanjali, 179:the spiritual man, the ego or thinker on his own plane attends to his part of the liberatingPatanjali, 180:refer to anything accomplished on one or other plane in some one body, but to the simultaneousPatanjali, 182:from the ego or spiritual man on his own plane, [183] can be correctly transmitted to the physicalPatanjali, 183:in the pursuit of yoga or union. The physical plane life, external and internal is attended to; thePatanjali, 185:energy which he expresses through his physical plane activities. He hurts no one, and injuresPatanjali, 185:that which is not the self, which finds physical plane expression in the relation between thePatanjali, 186:tends to link him to a form and to the physical plane is regarded as a form of incontinence. TherePatanjali, 186:as a form of incontinence. There is physical plane incontinence and this should have been leftPatanjali, 186:which is literally theft upon the mental plane. The sin of avarice may lead to any number ofPatanjali, 186:of avarice may lead to any number of physical plane sins and is very powerful. It concerns mentalPatanjali, 190:and thus is related to the desire or astral plane. It deals with the reading of symbols orPatanjali, 190:an idea or thought and this concerns the mental plane. This will be dealt with later in Book III.Patanjali, 190:to form-building, to limitation, to physical plane expression; those tending away from the lowerPatanjali, 192:imagined, as it will manifest in the physical plane life. This will be found to generate energy.Patanjali, 192:change in the activities of the physical plane man. The constant cultivation of this effects anPatanjali, 195:be defined as the demonstration on the physical plane of as much of the divine reality as the stagePatanjali, 198:nature. The power to create upon the physical plane and to perpetuate the race is the highestPatanjali, 200:the yogi becomes a creator on the mental plane through the use of the word and of sounds, and thePatanjali, 201:The reason for and the method of physical plane existence is no longer a problem, and the yogiPatanjali, 205:body is the magnetic vehicle on the physical plane and attracts (according to its own nature andPatanjali, 205:with the two highest subplanes of the physical plane and not with the lower astral as is now thePatanjali, 205:perception of the ideal on the mental plane. Pure desire, freed from love of form on the emotionalPatanjali, 205:from love of form on the emotional or astral plane, Correct use and development of the five [206]Patanjali, 210:senses, through which contact with the physical plane takes place, and in these terms the entirePatanjali, 210:outgoing and ingoing activities of the physical plane man are comprehended. When these have allPatanjali, 211:fiery aspiration, 4. Environment and physical plane contacts spiritual reading, 5. The onePatanjali, 212:that of the spiritual man or soul on its own plane. The stages of this transfer might be stated toPatanjali, 213:and is available for use upon the physical plane. This is the goal of the meditation process, andPatanjali, 215:and ease characterize the man on the physical plane. He is forgetful of the physical vehicle andPatanjali, 216:reach the astral body from the physical plane and from the mental world, and according to thePatanjali, 216:for the right attitude to both. The astral plane is the battleground of the soul, the place ofPatanjali, 217:posture, the same idea lies latent. The physical plane and the mental plane are emphasized and itPatanjali, 217:lies latent. The physical plane and the mental plane are emphasized and it is brought out that whenPatanjali, 217:are adjusted rightly, when poise on the physical plane and one pointedness on the mental plane arePatanjali, 217:physical plane and one pointedness on the mental plane are attained, then the pairs of opposites noPatanjali, 221:do not so immediately concern the dense physical plane or the etheric levels of consciousness. ItPatanjali, 225:any man in esoteric expression on the physical plane is dependent upon the rhythmic or cyclicPatanjali, 225:man in order to function on some higher plane, Or the bringing down into the lower brainPatanjali, 226:this case, the ego or spiritual man on his own plane) and then of complete quiescence or stillness.Patanjali, 227:into full manifestation upon the physical plane and this through the utilization of the lowerPatanjali, 228:demonstrated as literally true upon the physical plane, for through the work of purification andPatanjali, 230:nature is thereby subjugated and the mental plane becomes the field of man's activity. ThisPatanjali, 230:is all that is active on the physical plane. The withdrawal of the consciousness into the region ofPatanjali, 231:body and thus freeing it from the physical plane. A still further withdrawal into the mental bodyPatanjali, 246:to transfer his consciousness from the physical plane into the etheric realm, from thence into thePatanjali, 248:realization travels inward on to the subjective plane and he becomes aware of the nature of thePatanjali, 249:of: His brain consciousness or the physical plane apprehensions as to time and space. His emotionalPatanjali, 249:and the real or spiritual man, awake on his own plane, is able to function with full use of thePatanjali, 251:the three worlds of mind, emotion and physical plane existence. They no longer attract hisPatanjali, 251:a man can use his eyes to see on the physical plane. He can transmit to the brain, via thePatanjali, 251:and of its kingdom to the man on the physical plane. This is perfectly concentrated meditation andPatanjali, 253:the soul pours forth and the man on the physical plane, in his brain consciousness, is therebyPatanjali, 253:develops and functions. On the astral and mental plane a [254] corresponding "eye" develops, andPatanjali, 254:things which only the sons of God on their own plane know. Hence the need for Raja Yoga or thePatanjali, 258:outcome of the awakening of the man on his own plane, and the turning of the eye of the soul, viaPatanjali, 258:mean that the soul is (from the physical plane standpoint) asleep and unable to use its instrument,Patanjali, 258:solar plexus producing awareness of the astral plane. This type of psychism is a reversion to thePatanjali, 259:with the perceiver, with the thinker on his own plane, and because the mind is controlled and thePatanjali, 261:clear, however, that the perceiver on his own plane has always been aware of that which is nowPatanjali, 261:that which is perceived. Man on the physical plane simultaneously also perceives, and truePatanjali, 262:is set up between the soul and the physical plane man. The mind and brain are completely subdued byPatanjali, 263:a Son of God [263] incarnate upon the physical plane, and the ability to draw down, when needed,Patanjali, 274:rapport with all that can be contacted on that plane. If, however, he is a higher psychic he is enPatanjali, 274:divine manifestation, the ego or soul on its own plane, mediating between and linking the monadPatanjali, 274:type of spiritualism. Contact with the astral plane is made through that great center, the solarPatanjali, 276:in their two great divisions on the physical plane and on the astral. [277] It should be borne inPatanjali, 277:record, or the forms taken on the astral plane under the influence of the planetary forces. ThesePatanjali, 280:forms, tangible and objective, on the physical plane. Everything that appears is the result of aPatanjali, 281:can withdraw his consciousness from the physical plane and center it on the mental. At will he canPatanjali, 282:vehicle for the manifestation of soul on this plane of existence; and soul is the vehicle on aPatanjali, 283:or vital forces of the body into the physical plane nerve centers up the spine, Their direction upPatanjali, 284:which is possible when the thinker on his own plane, the mind, and the brain, are all aligned and
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