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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANE

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Psychology2, 571:inspiring expression of the phenomena of that plane, released to his inner sight and hearingPsychology2, 571:upon the higher levels of the astral plane. They have there seen the thought forms which humanityPsychology2, 571:divinely created. Forget not, that the astral plane is that whereon man has [572] to learn toPsychology2, 572:learning a needed lesson. The fact of the astral plane is being steadily recognized and that isPsychology2, 574:because the sacral center motivates the physical plane life and the solar plexus center governs thePsychology2, 577:margin. The battle was fought out on the astral plane, though it had its correspondence upon thePsychology2, 577:it had its correspondence upon the physical plane, in a great world conflict of which the ancientPsychology2, 577:The dark forces are ruled on the physical plane by a group of six oriental leaders and sixPsychology2, 578:in Atlantean days and led to the entire astral plane standing revealed, but not understood. ItsPsychology2, 578:potencies were then let loose upon the physical plane and this led to the war between the two greatPsychology2, 578:and dark, are again struggling for physical plane expression and supremacy but this time [579] thePsychology2, 579:so that the entire lower levels of the astral plane stand revealed, though the possessor of thesePsychology2, 580:and considered expression upon the physical plane. This relegation of the psychic powers to aPsychology2, 583:a shift of the life-emphasis on to the astral plane and away from the physical plane where it isPsychology2, 583:to the astral plane and away from the physical plane where it is intended that men should expressPsychology2, 586:the open door to the lower levels of the astral plane) and the atrophying of that part of the innerPsychology2, 586:away from the lower levels of the astral plane to the higher levels. This also presupposes aPsychology2, 587:the lower way and seek the upper reaches of the plane of glamor. Ascend. Choose for your goodPsychology2, 588:center is over-active and the door to the astral plane stands wide open? He seeks to shut it and toPsychology2, 588:and Mystics 1. If the door to the astral plane has been opened by following certain breathingPsychology2, 588:business or social obligations, by physical plane interests and his due responsibilities with everyPsychology2, 589:This is of moment. 2. If the door to the astral plane is open because of natural birthright, thePsychology2, 590:aids in freeing of the psychic from the astral plane. I would point out here that the psychic withPsychology2, 595:sex life, and also the opening up of the astral plane and hence much physical difficulty andPsychology2, 599:and thus neglects life on the physical plane, becoming not only impractical but negative to thePsychology2, 599:only impractical but negative to the physical plane. He draws all his life forces upward so thatPsychology2, 599:that the physical body and life on the physical plane suffers. Technically, the forces of the solarPsychology2, 601:exist as powerful thought forms on the astral plane and they [602] attract - like magnets - thePsychology2, 603:the interlude of the life beyond the physical plane must do their beneficent work before the manPsychology2, 604:and the True into working expression upon the plane of daily living; he will then bring his mind toPsychology2, 606:no relation at all to emotion or to the astral plane but constitute the specific difficulty of thePsychology2, 612:all the activities of the man upon the physical plane. Today, he is largely directed by his animalPsychology2, 612:will be able to "pierce the glamor of the astral plane" and proceed to function without error andPsychology2, 614:the average man who is preoccupied with physical plane life and emotional reactions. He is notPsychology2, 630:the instrument, at this time, upon the physical plane, with which the Hierarchy has to work. TheyPsychology2, 647:materialize the kingdom of God on the physical plane. To this future day of appeal or world prayerPsychology2, 654:that subjective group, working on the physical plane, which we call the New Group of World Servers.Psychology2, 656:are bettered, is the emergence into physical plane activity of that group of souls of Whom the NewPsychology2, 697:the Law of Attraction, working on the physical plane, brought them together as men and women intoPsychology2, 699:in consciousness, with the subsequent physical plane happenings, dependent upon the consciousPsychology2, 700:It is wise always to remember that on the plane of soul existence there is no separation, no "myPsychology2, 703:in the three worlds, as well as on its own high plane. This is a point seldom if ever emphasized.Psychology2, 706:produce definite habit changes in the physical plane life of the aspirant. It will lead to thePsychology2, 710:who is only the mystic functioning on a higher plane - that of the mind. These are the brilliantPsychology2, 712:the immediate future, with its definite physical plane adjustments and its tentative suggestion forPsychology2, 713:to the many thought forms found upon the astral plane; these include among their number manyPsychology2, 719:mechanism of human expression on the physical plane that the lessons cannot be adequately learnedPsychology2, 721:one of its "Great Approaches" to the physical plane. This necessarily entails a more potent andPsychology2, 723:physical incarnation. They work from the astral plane and primarily through the agency of groups.Psychology2, 724:constructive and living form upon the physical plane? Can the inner integration of the New Group ofPsychology2, 726:is the working out upon the physical plane of some of the achievements of the Hierarchy upon thePsychology2, 726:must be duplicated, if possible, on the outer plane of physical life also. Complete unanimityRayshimself on the abstract levels of the mental plane. This involves necessarily certain developmentsRays, 5:should be traced between The Astral Sheath - 6th Plane The Buddhic Sheath - 4th Plane The MonadicRays, 5:Sheath - 6th Plane The Buddhic Sheath - 4th Plane The Monadic Sheath - 2nd Plane and the place theRays, 5:Sheath - 4th Plane The Monadic Sheath - 2nd Plane and the place the love petals in the egoic lotusRays, 7:Solar Angel, on the higher levels of the mental plane may become complete and continuous. This onlyRays, 7:bring into the lower personality on the physical plane that spiritual illumination and that divineRays, 12:changes taking place upon the physical plane are necessarily the result of inner subjective causes,Rays, 12:divine consciousness, and therefore from some plane other than the physical. The fact thatRays, 13:consequences, as they work out upon the physical plane, has produced and is producing all theRays, 15:- are the subplanes of the cosmic physical plane. When this fact is somewhat grasped there comes aRays, 15:and intensifying the upheaval upon the physical plane - can be traced the process of preparationRays, 17:"living" signifies appearance upon the physical plane. Upon that outer plane the basic synthesis ofRays, 17:upon the physical plane. Upon that outer plane the basic synthesis of incarnated life is to beRays, 28:and its tangible expression upon the physical plane. The head center and the center at the base ofRays, 31:antahkarana, direct to the man upon the physical plane. This produces the higher correspondence ofRays, 34:of true spiritual activity upon the physical plane, motivated from the high source of the Monad,Rays, 43:This time the door must be found upon the mental plane, and not as earlier upon the etheric level;Rays, 52:the soul-spirit aspect down on to the physical plane and anchors it there by the force of itsRays, 55:great Sounds which make one Sound on His Own plane of expression, thus creating the manifestedRays, 56:its sounding forth vocally upon the physical plane means little. The important factors are to soundRays, 64:comes when the initiate knows that the astral plane no longer exists. For ever it has vanished andRays, 64:"clear cold light" of the buddhic or intuitional plane (the second or middle aspect of theRays, 65:there is little that I may say. From the highest plane of the spiritual will, what is, technicallyRays, 65:will, what is, technically called "the atmic: plane," the demand goes forth and the result of thatRays, 65:here that even though there is no astral plane, from the standpoint of the Master, yet thousands ofRays, 67:much. First, he finds a group upon the physical plane whose ideals and plans for service conform toRays, 74:lights, all of them focused upon the mental plane, for beyond that plane the symbolism of light isRays, 74:focused upon the mental plane, for beyond that plane the symbolism of light is not used; divinityRays, 74:the lights are finally focused upon the mental plane: The blended light of soul and personality.Rays, 74:the Spiritual Triad reflects upon the mental plane. The focused light which is produced by theRays, 74:of the soul make contact. Beyond the mental plane, the initiatory impulse or emphasis is upon theRays, 82:incarnation, the emotional life of the astral plane, seething and unstable as the sea, andRays, 82:and unstable as the sea, and functions on the plane of mind, of which the symbol is fire. That isRays, 84:stage, cycle after cycle, life after life, and plane after plane, of every tendency in the formRays, 84:after cycle, life after life, and plane after plane, of every tendency in the form nature whichRays, 84:mainly to physical phenomena and physical plane life and to a selfish idealism which is largelyRays, 96:this rule reveals the nature of the fourth plane or fourth state of consciousness, that of buddhiRays, 96:state of consciousness, that of buddhi or the plane of pure reason, the intuition. From the angleRays, 100:to function on the seven subplanes of the astral plane, and four states of matter for each of theRays, 101:and which it can focus at will upon the physical plane, where it can create a body of pureRays, 111:disciples in their group life upon the physical plane. Hence the new experiment being undertaken byRays, 119:were on the higher levels of the mental plane. Today, that is not so. They are on the plane ofRays, 119:plane. Today, that is not so. They are on the plane of spiritual love, of the intuition and ofRays, 139:increasingly subconscious, just as the physical plane life of the normal, healthy human being isRays, 139:The manifestation of divinity on the physical plane. The doctrine of Avatars. This religiousRays, 146:more powerful temporarily upon the physical plane; the good is more diffused and not so pure in itsRays, 151:or ruled by its prototype, the soul on its own plane. These major types or races of men have manyRays, 157:unimportant and unnoticed by the soul on its own plane - but with the growing recognition of right
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