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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANES

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Astrology, 33:sources. I might here remind you that the seven planes of our solar system are the seven subplanesAstrology, 35:having achieved liberation, is only on the lower planes. [36] Astrology, 37:Lesser Builders, working on the second and third planes of our solar system, have their activitiesAstrology, 40:in mind that in our solar system and our seven planes, we have only the physical body of the Logos,Astrology, 44:are composed of substance of the three lower planes (that which the Logos does not regard as aAstrology, 49:entire raison d'ętre of all that is seen on all planes. Astrology, 54:story of man's development. Upon all the three planes of human unfoldment the reconciliation goesAstrology, 94:Cross. Life in the seven worlds of our seven planes. Fusion of spirit, soul and personality. Astrology, 116:high position and opportunities upon the higher planes of manifestation in order to redeem matterAstrology, 139:The will to be and to know simultaneously on all planes of manifestation. Jupiter - Ray Two - TheAstrology, 140:experience - the physical, astral and mental planes) you have personality demonstration. When theyAstrology, 270:the Lords of the seven rays. Rulers of the seven planes of consciousness and manifestation.Astrology, 294:world of human evolution, the three worlds or planes, through the medium of the three aspects ofAstrology, 320:to the logoic, the monadic and spiritual planes to which the higher initiate has access or whenAstrology, 389:identified with form life upon the outer planes that the impulses and incentives coming to himAstrology, 426:and of the life expression or activity of five planes. In this 7 + 5 is to be found the clue to theAstrology, 468:of consciousness on the outer external planes of expression or with the fusion of soul and form inAstrology, 474:of divine consciousness on each of the seven planes of divine experience and expression. Astrology, 476:a close cyclic interrelation between: The seven planes of divine expression. The seven states ofAstrology, 500:yet unrolled. Difficulties will be found on all planes up until the last initiation but theAstrology, 520:of war necessities - munitions, ships, and planes, etc. - is being profoundly affected as areAstrology, 557:in which the Monad expresses itself upon the six planes of manifestation in "wisdom, strength andAstrology, 563:of light, related to the substance of the seven planes. These are stimulated and enhanced by theAstrology, 592:is the cause of all fruition of all forms on all planes and of divine intention; it is that whichAstrology, 594:Life, being cosmic, emerges from cosmic planes and not systemic. Hence the difficulty inAstrology, 594:of the cosmic physical plane of which our seven planes are the seven subplanes. Until, therefore,Astrology, 595:the cosmic mental plane. From these three cosmic planes (embracing the sacred personality of theAstrology, 600:force which drives forward through all the seven planes of our solar system and which makes theAstrology, 647:35. "The solar system is (from the higher cosmic planes) seen as a vast blue lotus and so on downAtom, 120:are now venturing into what are the subtler planes of matter, and therefore into the realms of theAtom, 127:we shall be able to function consciously on all planes of being. We function consciously now on theAtom, 127:upon the physical, emotional, and mental planes. This is the great achievement [128] which willAtom, 132:to readjust its point of view as to the subtler planes. If there come within the range of vision ofAtom, 137:that continuity of consciousness upon the three planes of being - physical, emotional, and mental -Atom, 138:see as clearly and accurately upon the subtler planes as we do upon the physical. It will involveAutobiography, 40:and subjective events upon the inner spiritual planes and in the world of meaning which were a partAutobiography, 262:nature have been usefully disseminated; the many planes, the creative fires and the differentiationAutobiography, 278:schools of esotericism, with their emphasis upon planes, the material building processes and theBethlehem, 222:of the physical, the emotional, and the mental planes, whereon man habitually lives. The sacrificeDestiny, 42:the solar plexus energies. The etheric-astral planes and the dense physical plane. The intangibleDestiny, 115:their higher correspondences upon the subtler planes are being rapidly unfolded, organized andDiscipleship1, 16:into the future and work together on other planes, thus conserving energy. Can you persist andDiscipleship1, 45:that the work to be done is only upon the inner planes and that he is working solely from mental orDiscipleship1, 47:developing the power to observe upon all three planes in the three worlds simultaneously. I am notDiscipleship1, 56:in living the life of service on all three planes, there is little that can be said or should beDiscipleship1, 58:hitherto carried forward upon the inner planes, and unrealized oft in the waking consciousness ofDiscipleship1, 59:that is known on both the outer and the inner planes. This has not hitherto been the case. It isDiscipleship1, 73:our side and is found, therefore, upon the inner planes. The providing of an adequate instrumentDiscipleship1, 96:disciples in a Master's Ashram upon the inner planes know somewhat the status of theirDiscipleship1, 97:may be doing effective service upon the inner planes and on a large scale and yet there may be noDiscipleship1, 146:that may happen on the physical and emotional planes, and whose mind is a limpid reflector ofDiscipleship1, 160:for much is already accomplished upon the inner planes. The seizure of opportunity, the recognitionDiscipleship1, 164:easily become apparent. The work upon the inner planes is already done and only the awakening ofDiscipleship1, 166:but to a greater organization upon the inner planes and greater intuitive reflection. This group ofDiscipleship1, 177:already a harbor of refuge upon the inner planes. The love of your co-disciples is yours. May IDiscipleship1, 227:key note of your work with yourself on all three planes should be fearlessness, with love coloringDiscipleship1, 247:to be conscious simultaneously on all three planes and to carry on consciously several activities.Discipleship1, 270:task of awakening each of you upon the subtler planes in order to intensify the contribution toDiscipleship1, 277:issues and other values into being. Upon the planes of soul and mind, you still must stand aloneDiscipleship1, 283:will note a life full of experience on all the planes of the personality; you can note too, if youDiscipleship1, 302:rendered progressively on each of the three planes until it emerges into fruitful action on theDiscipleship1, 306:link between yourself and the group on the inner planes of which I am the focal point. This I amDiscipleship1, 306:consciously into this group of mine on the inner planes. Of this group, your co-disciples are aDiscipleship1, 337:You have had a year of development on all planes and your task is now to balance, one against theDiscipleship1, 337:as they become dynamic and constructive on all planes (as they do and must) is to avoid becomingDiscipleship1, 351:bodies correspond sequentially to the three planes in the three worlds of your personalityDiscipleship1, 352:in his own place, knowing that upon the inner planes, the time equation counts not. That the groupDiscipleship1, 355:and a closer interest in the reactions upon the planes of personality expression. This diagnosis ofDiscipleship1, 360:labor; but in the sensitive life of the inner planes, you succumb to it constantly; so great and soDiscipleship1, 365:will of God. That will is mine today upon the planes of earth. It leads to service and my Master'sDiscipleship1, 458:of you are seen and watched and, on the inner planes, you walk together; your outer circumstancesDiscipleship1, 475:as a group - both on the inner and the outer planes. Have this in mind in all you do. I seek thisDiscipleship1, 479:are an integral part of the group upon the inner planes and that remains an esoteric fact. Will youDiscipleship1, 501:influence upon the physical and emotional planes, have released you in some measure from theDiscipleship1, 515:and less focused as a soul on the subtler planes. There has been no marked gain. Such interludesDiscipleship1, 519:will in no way negate your right usefulness on planes other and lower than the spiritual. You areDiscipleship1, 522:Today I would like to tell you that on the inner planes your garden is of service to my group ofDiscipleship1, 522:the possibility of achievement. Upon the inner planes you have achieved; upon the outer plane todayDiscipleship1, 535:and with all who are close to you on the inner planes and send forth the spirit of love and peace.Discipleship1, 550:continuity of consciousness between the various planes. I would commend this thought to your closeDiscipleship1, 553:freedom, remembering that healing can be on all planes. I would ask you to go slowly and do allDiscipleship1, 558:a high, cold, mental altitude, but down on the planes of earth; love them with your heart. LifeDiscipleship1, 570:the need and to serve, not only on the subtler planes and levels of awareness, but on the outerDiscipleship1, 577:efforts, after doing all that can be done on all planes. This constant attention and watchfulDiscipleship1, 649:do your share in bringing this about on all the planes whereon you can consciously function. As youDiscipleship1, 742:center of any Ashram) to distant places, to many planes and into many hearts. This thread enablesDiscipleship1, 758:to the Master's aura not only upon the inner planes of life and in the Ashram proper, [759] butDiscipleship1, 766:the spirally in the microcosmic life and the planes and subplanes of the macrocosm with a possibleDiscipleship2but the group is a living entity on the inner planes of possible great future usefulness. [XII]Discipleship2, 17:for much must and will transpire upon the inner planes in the inner Ashram about which nothing canDiscipleship2, 34:working both on the outer and on the inner planes and in this work, the Master sees no difference,Discipleship2, 134:You, as you seek to meditate, are thinking on planes of mental perception; you are focused there,Discipleship2, 147:The Masters, starting their work on one of the planes of the Spiritual Triad, instead of the mentalDiscipleship2, 163:blending them into one group upon the inner planes (even if this still remains outwardlyDiscipleship2, 185:that the disciple essentially is upon the inner planes has to become objective; thus his spiritualDiscipleship2, 236:effective creatively and on all the three planes in the three worlds when the antahkarana is inDiscipleship2, 249:does (through effects produced) upon the three planes of the three worlds, this bringing aboutDiscipleship2, 263:of sensitive response is the keynote of all the planes throughout the solar system. They are alsoDiscipleship2, 291:of the sight whereby he contacts the seven planes of his manifested universe? What is the organ,Discipleship2, 291:to you if you will bear in mind that our seven planes are only the seven subplanes of the cosmic
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