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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANES

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Discipleship2, 307:Every revelation has its own format, for all our planes - so steadily being revealed - are theDiscipleship2, 322:Precipitation. At the same time, on the inner planes, and because of the existence of the innerDiscipleship2, 334:of the physical plane, but upon the inner planes - where the time factor does not rule - this doesDiscipleship2, 336:of the three worlds which are the dense physical planes of the cosmic physical plane) for aDiscipleship2, 351:being taken at this time upon inner and subtle planes to bring about certain great "Crises ofDiscipleship2, 367:or - to word it otherwise - within the various planes of consciousness, and particularly that inDiscipleship2, 367:by means of synchronizing instruments upon all planes; nevertheless the physical concept ofDiscipleship2, 372:Plan, as it can be seen working out on various planes of our planetary existence. There are threeDiscipleship2, 377:the separation of the astral plane from the six planes of divine creation. I would ask you toDiscipleship2, 380:plane, into "enlightened" service upon other planes, is neither comprehended nor in any wayDiscipleship2, 380:of "lightened" substance with that of other planes, the use of the substance of light as a mediumDiscipleship2, 396:teaching anent planetary centers and the planes as states of consciousness. The disciple thenDiscipleship2, 397:these are taken upon the physical and the astral planes respectively. At the second initiation, theDiscipleship2, 401:subjected upon some one or other of the subtler planes, the knowledge of which must gradually seepDiscipleship2, 403:the cosmic etheric body (the four higher planes of our cosmic physical plane) under a law which isDiscipleship2, 406:covers the synthesis of the energies of the five planes of human and superhuman evolution. ThisDiscipleship2, 406:precedes the work done on the two highest planes of divine unfoldment, and comes to its focus andDiscipleship2, 421:aspects - are substantial, because our seven planes (if I may reiterate this basic fact) are theDiscipleship2, 427:In this particular revelation, all the planes (of the cosmic physical plane) are involved; this, inDiscipleship2, 427:as indicated by the seven substantial planes. This must be remembered, because the concept ofDiscipleship2, 427:This must be remembered, because the concept of "planes" is almost irretrievably (and I use thisDiscipleship2, 455:need is for you to work with him on the inner planes, giving him what support you can, andDiscipleship2, 486:you before, you are well developed on the inner planes, but your esoteric expression of this innerDiscipleship2, 489:plane and your positive attitude to the inner planes will bring a moment of release, perhaps aDiscipleship2, 490:plane, and the kingdom of the soul. Study these planes of possible and unavoidable contact (for theDiscipleship2, 506:of them out in relation to each of the three planes in the three worlds, and to each other; carryDiscipleship2, 559:you can be a potent focal point upon the inner planes of such a meditation process, if you soDiscipleship2, 570:complete identification of yourself on mental planes with your spiritual objective - anDiscipleship2, 637:consciousness on the emotional or the mental planes, and they then present opportunity for action,Discipleship2, 643:they meet the prevalent conditions on all three planes simultaneously and are at the same timeDiscipleship2, 644:pointed out above, they have to be met on all planes at once. Soul energy is ever involved therebyDiscipleship2, 645:upon specific achievement upon the inner planes and upon wresting the true values out of anyDiscipleship2, 693:policies which will function on the different planes of consciousness, such as: 1. Death or theDiscipleship2, 735:"harmonizing" strain and stress on any of the planes (using these words technically) and for theDiscipleship2, 752:or astral body well under control. On the inner planes of the personality, your life demonstrationDiscipleship2, 752:of your spiritual life upon the inner planes only to see it arrested on the eve of expression uponEducation, 63:of energies and forces, generated on the inner planes where the esotericist ought to be workingEducation, 93:the different aspects of his life and on various planes, will be developed. Externalisation, 4:temple") which separates the physical and astral planes was rent or torn asunder, and the amazingExternalisation, 29:consciousness - the mental or the emotional planes - which are aspects of the consciousness of theExternalisation, 31:Introductory Remarks The founding upon the inner planes of a school of telepathy to which humanityExternalisation, 100:the kingdom of God as it exists on the subtler planes, in the effort to exteriorize it and make theExternalisation, 102:one, the power of the groups upon the subtler planes of thought and desire, and finally upon egoicExternalisation, 103:three worlds and not to the astral and mental planes per se, or specifically to egoic levels. IfExternalisation, 163:- Light. Understanding. The illumined mind Planes of emphasis - The second or monadic plane. TheExternalisation, 163:of God as love and peace. Sentient response. Planes of emphasis - The logoic or first plane. TheExternalisation, 164:to the Plan. Creativity. The will-to-good Planes of emphasis - The atmic or plane of spiritualExternalisation, 164:all the great centers are linked and all the planes are interrelated; the past has contributed itsExternalisation, 189:These boys who roll their tanks and fly their planes over the countries of Europe and who wage warExternalisation, 238:Germans to take cover when they hear the British planes over Germany. I would call your attentionExternalisation, 282:of Light - with those on the outer and inner planes who are seeking to drive aggression back to theExternalisation, 326:and the problem worked out upon the inner planes of thought and desire, and could there have beenExternalisation, 347:energy are interchangeable terms upon the inner planes. Time is an event, and an event is a focusedExternalisation, 352:not only the physical plane but also the inner planes of causes and impulses, of thought andExternalisation, 401:evolution and spiritual groups upon the inner planes, such as the Ashrams of the Masters and theExternalisation, 451:more violent battle to world goodwill on the planes of emotional decision, and on mental levels toExternalisation, 512:them therefore the laws that function on the planes whereon those bodies [513] express themselves,Externalisation, 513:coming world religion. It exists on the inner planes for the purpose of gathering out of all theExternalisation, 536:of destruction, all such hindrances upon the planes in the three worlds. This was the deeplyExternalisation, 563:etheric levels to the cosmic dense physical planes. [564] To unfold - within the periphery of theExternalisation, 657:and its area of influence is on the three lower planes of human existence. This at firstExternalisation, 674:organized form upon the highest of the seven planes, or upon the first cosmic etheric level. TheseExternalisation, 674:from the fourth or lowest of the cosmic etheric planes, the plane which we call the buddhic andFire, xviii:Division E. Motion on the physical and astral planes 1. In the Sheaths 2. In the Centers DivisionFire, 6:manifests primarily on one or other of the seven planes of the solar system. Each law sweepsFire, 42/43:or divine Energy, and Fohat on the different planes is known as aether, air, fire, water,Fire, 52:of existence as understood on the lower planes. In terms of Buddhistic theology it producesFire, 54:felt paramountly on the fourth and sixth planes, or through the buddhic and astral vehicles. TheseFire, 55:take up the subject of the sheaths on the higher planes, but simply deal with the fires thatFire, 64:will or power, and animating the Thinker on all planes. The object of Their cooperation is theFire, 65:all the fire elementals and devas on the three planes of human evolution, the physical, the astral,Fire, 65:this planet, called the Earth, but on the three planes in all parts of the system. He is one of theFire, 65:three) rule on the first, third and the fifth planes, or on the plane of adi, of atma 22 and ofFire, 66:dealing with the fiery essences of the higher planes at this stage in our discussion. We will onlyFire, 81:- are the product of desire originating on the planes of abstract mind, whether cosmic, systemic,Fire, 82:forms a barrier between the physical and astral planes, which can only be transcended whenFire, 82:point he is enabled to include the subtler planes, and to escape beyond the limits of the dividingFire, 83:closely in mind the fact that the seven major planes of our solar system are the seven subplanes ofFire, 83:accurate. PHYSICAL SUBPLANES SOLAR SYSTEM PLANES 1. First ether - Atomic plane Adi (Divine) Sea ofFire, 83:plane) Air. Fourth cosmic ether. DENSE PHYSICAL PLANES OF HUMANITY 5. Gaseous - Subetheric MentalFire, 86:microcosm, for the analogy will persist on all planes during manifestation. When more scientificFire, 97:influence from them descend into our system of planes... They represent in due order what areFire, 97:of life or force is projected into the planes below. The first of these in order is the straightFire, 103:and is in reality (when seen from the higher planes) a step forward and an expansion. A repetitionFire, 113:sons of men. Fifth. The Deva Lords of the four planes of Buddhi, or the plane of spiritualFire, 113:etheric web that has its counterpart on all the planes. When man begins in a small sense toFire, 114:of full consciousness on the three higher planes of spirit before he can escape from the solarFire, 116:body and not with its correspondences on all planes. This is because our system is on the cosmicFire, 116:These seven differentiations are the seven major planes of our solar system. For purposes ofFire, 118:or included, may be plainly seen. [118] THE PLANES Physical Plane Systemic Planes Cosmic Planes 1.Fire, 118:seen. [118] THE PLANES Physical Plane Systemic Planes Cosmic Planes 1. Atomic plane, 1st etherFire, 118:THE PLANES Physical Plane Systemic Planes Cosmic Planes 1. Atomic plane, 1st ether Divine AdiFire, 118:Physical plane Dense physical These major seven planes of our solar system being but the sevenFire, 118:ether is found in some form or other on all the planes, and is but a gradation of cosmic atomicFire, 120:and to escape eventually from the cosmic etheric planes. When these three cosmic ethers areFire, 121:of His tiny reflections on the physical planes; He coordinates His cosmic astral body, and attainsFire, 121:surmounting of the three lowest cosmic physical planes viewed from the matter standpoint and theFire, 122:plane or the fourth cosmic ether. Three other planes are the goal now, - the buddhic, atmic andFire, 122:the buddhic, atmic and monadic, each time three planes and their eventual synthesis. In the futureFire, 122:now) will be the starting point and the three planes to be dominated will be the three lowest
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