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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANES

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Fire, 576:and human. In this second system, on the five planes of human evolution, we have the five vehiclesFire, 576:the five higher subplanes, of their respective planes, is to be found, for the two lowest subplanesFire, 578:channel between the second subplane on all planes, enabling the Monads of love to link up withFire, 579:unlovable. They have to build in on all the six planes the love aspect, which is not prominent inFire, 581:but its effect can be seen on all the five planes as well. It is the law that destroys the finalFire, 584:the mystic contacts the buddhic and even higher planes. The lines of least resistance in the threeFire, 587:aspect wields a control on the fourth and sixth planes, and dominates the Laws of Cohesion andFire, 587:between the abstract Rays and the laws of the planes where they specially control. The third RayFire, 587:and of Death, on the third and seventh planes. Therefore, it will be apparent to the carefulFire, 587:of the wisdom that: The Power-Aspect - Ray 1, Planes 1 and 5, and the Laws of Fixation andFire, 587:one interlocking whole. The Love Aspect - Ray 2, Planes 2, 4, 6, and the Laws of Cohesion, MagneticFire, 587:form another unit. The Activity Aspect - Ray 3, Planes 3 and 7, and the Laws of Disintegration,Fire, 587:first Ray only to have control, as yet, on two planes, for the Power Aspect waits for anotherFire, 588:Ray for our system, [588] controls on three planes; it has the preponderance, for paramountly weFire, 588:is past, its synthetic Ray, controls on two planes, and on one that is little understood, for, justFire, 588:their control exists in degrees on all the planes, but they have their particular emphasis in theFire, 589:influence from them descend into our system of planes... They represent in due order what areFire, 589:of life or force is projected into the planes below. The first of these in order is the straightFire, 589:is allied to the laws of the third and seventh planes, Disintegration and Death, for all periods ofFire, 594:law of the system in demonstration on all the planes. Love was the impelling motive forFire, 596:energized from the cosmic mental and astral planes, and built into form through the power ofFire, 598:There is constant rotation in the Rays and planes, in their relative importance from the standpointFire, 599:the Manu, and the Mahachohan. The three major planes demonstrate easily their unique position - onFire, 600:the four subsidiary. 7 Chains - Major 1-4-7 7 Planes - Major 2-5-7 7 Manvantaras - Major 3-4-7 7Fire, 604:by a dense material sheath (for the three lower planes are but the dense body of the Logos) do weFire, 607:Fires. The Akasha. The Physical Sun. The seven Planes. [608] Each of these three aspects of the OneFire, 615:three main groups of building devas on the three planes in the three worlds which most intimatelyFire, 616:Logos, formed of the matter of the four higher planes of the system. From this point of view theFire, 616:affects the negative substance of the four lower planes and brings about likewise: The formation ofFire, 618:the substance of the mental, astral and physical planes (the gaseous, liquid and dense bodies whichFire, 620:or will, through that form. In the three planes of man's endeavor we have reflected the threeFire, 621:substance. As we consider the devas of the seven planes of the solar system, and especially as weFire, 621:hence man is limited, as he works on these planes, to those devas who are primarily regarded (fromFire, 622:forces, originating on the six other cosmic planes. Of these forces everything is unknown andFire, 622:as they may be felt as emanating from the cosmic planes. The cosmic mental plane. This manifestsFire, 624:the lower three, impregnating these lower three planes (a reflection in substance, or in the BrahmaFire, 626:is that in connection with these three lower planes and their many groups of devas it must beFire, 626:be found in the great devas of the highest three planes. Divine 1st Cosmic ether Primordial FireFire, 627:the plane of life-force, and one of the planes of generation. Here man will for the first timeFire, 627:and Fire Elementals c. The Devas and the Planes Preliminary Remarks. We have considered in broadFire, 629:are the seven Raja-Lords or Devas of the seven planes; they are the seven Fires, or those sevenFire, 631:the higher Fires (the Lords of the four higher planes) I do not seek to deal, for it only profitsFire, 636:subplanes. They are the substance of those planes, the transmitters of prana, through which pranaFire, 641:lower nature, and as the force from the higher planes can more easily impose itself on the lower,Fire, 643:are the basis of motion or of activity on all planes, which activity is produced by the interplayFire, 644:of [644] certain groups of devas on all the planes. These three groups on the physical plane findFire, 645:predicated of their correspondences on all the planes. This we can leave to the student to work outFire, 647:species or reproduction on some or other of the planes. Fire, 649:His physical body - our lower three systemic planes - and the four petals of that particular centerFire, 650:be borne in on our comprehension. On all the planes these three groups will be found, and all areFire, 653:- S. D., I, 174. Every atom has seven planes of being. - S. D., I, 205. Read S. D., I, 201. EveryFire, 653:Group A. Agnichaitans We have seen that on all planes the groups of devas can be divided into threeFire, 656:and the seven atomic subplanes of all the planes form a unity, and are essentially the cosmicFire, 656:plan. The devas of the atomic levels of all the planes in our scheme work in close affiliation:Fire, 657:of life force through the atomic matter of our planes, circulating in deva substance. This willFire, 659:will be noted by the careful student that these planes might be looked at in connection with theFire, 660:as we find on the mental or on the physical planes. On both those planes, we have a division intoFire, 660:mental or on the physical planes. On both those planes, we have a division into two: the mentalFire, 661:His brothers of [661] the mental and physical planes. He comes into manifestation in connectionFire, 662:forgotten that the matter aspect is found on all planes; also that forms are ever to be found,Fire, 663:other, and must not be consciously one. In the planes of the Triad they are known as a unity,Fire, 665:point in connection with the devas of the lower planes (those with whom man is peculiarlyFire, 665:by medium of the fifth, yet merge upon the planes of yoga. When the fiery essences permeate all,Fire, 665:be found in the three worlds. Beyond those three planes we have the three aspects of [666] theFire, 666:Men, covering the evolutions of the four higher planes, or the etheric levels. Of these we can knowFire, 666:transferred gradually on to the cosmic etheric planes. From the standpoint of the human being inFire, 671:fruition of knowledge, and all is known upon the planes of consciousness. When Anu, theFire, 675:groups, the keynotes of those orders and of the planes, and also of the triple nature of substanceFire, 678:in mind by all students when considering the planes, plane substance and energy that they are in aFire, 678:flux and change all the time. The matter of all planes circulates, and cyclically certain portionsFire, 678:more energized than others; the matter of the planes is thus under a threefold influence, or - toFire, 678:of the Sun" and is peculiarly potent. All the planes are subjected to this threefold influence butFire, 678:but in the case of the buddhic and the astral planes, the force of this third stimulation is veryFire, 678:the bridge between the astral and the buddhic planes. They are in no way [679] connected with theFire, 684:worlds, the mental, astral and dense physical planes) has reached [685] a corresponding vibrationFire, 685:a certain point is reached and the lower three planes are vibrating, or energized, then cosmicFire, 687:they will have to wait until the five lower planes of the system have reached a stage of vibratoryFire, 687:in this system waited until the three lower planes became adequate in vibratory response. We areFire, 688:physical body of man is not a principle, so all planes at this time below the fourth cosmic etherFire, 689:S. D., I, 203; II, 108, 122, 279. 25 These three planes are the correspondences to the three lowerFire, 690:body is composed of matter of our three lower planes. As the etheric centers of the Manasaputras onFire, 693:First, it should be remembered that all the planes of our system, viewing them as deva substance,Fire, 695:the planetary Logos. Therefore, the lower three planes are synthesized with the higher four, andFire, 696:may interpret them as having taken place on the planes concerned, for the vividness of the effect,Fire, 699:are the [699] substance and the life of those planes. Another group is connected definitely withFire, 700:center. The central three rounds, as in the planes and principles, are the most important for theFire, 701:energized from the cosmic mental and astral planes, and built into form through the power ofFire, 712:but we have to extend the idea to the subtler planes, and deal with seven types of force or energyFire, 713:for buddhi, passes the voltage from the higher planes through His body, and by means of the RodFire, 715:gather around them on some one or other of the planes in the three worlds. In the fifth root-race,Fire, 721:the phenomenon called "sex activity" on all planes in the system. In the earlier system,Fire, 722:solar avatars are liberated from the two lower planes of the cosmic planes. While the planetary andFire, 722:from the two lower planes of the cosmic planes. While the planetary and the interplanetary avatarsFire, 722:from the cosmic physical plane, our systemic planes, the human avatar has achieved freedom from theFire, 722:human avatar has achieved freedom from the five planes of human endeavor. In a strictly technicalFire, 723:and is only recognized on the highest two planes. Yet, owing to the material nature of our solarFire, 725:of a planetary Logos, and appears on the higher planes (never on the lower) when the heart activityFire, 725:the taking of a physical form, for our higher planes are but matter from Their standpoint. This hasFire, 734:this relation, existence on the objective planes can be brought about. 44 There are fundamentallyFire, 736:the egoic sphere; contact with the three lower planes is still inherently possible by means of the
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