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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANES

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Fire, 739:purpose of the Lord of His Ray. On the higher planes of the system, this stage persists for theFire, 741:absorbed the life essence of the fully evolved planes, and of the planetary schemes thereon. TheFire, 745:physical plane of the cosmos, our solar systemic planes, or the reincarnating jivas who are drivenFire, 746:functioning freely and consciously beyond the planes of sense; he enters into the plans of theFire, 747:transpire, but these concern Them on the cosmic planes, and only the effects are felt on this. TheyFire, 750:and Fire Elementals What occurs on lower planes is but a reflection of higher processes, and inFire, 751:of an adept in order to contact the physical planes. This method whereby cosmic Existences makeFire, 751:power felt can be seen working out on all the planes of the cosmic physical plane. A strikingFire, 761:body" must be extended to include all the planes of the solar system, and not just our physicalFire, 762:bodies, acquire knowledge on the lower three planes, and thus buy his experience, and becomesFire, 766:its presence felt in the substance of the lower planes; the student should interpret the aboveFire, 772:resolved into mantrams on the cosmic etheric planes, for He is in a position to create consciouslyFire, 772:through formulas on the dense physical planes of His scheme, our three worlds of endeavor. ToFire, 780:builds and forms the body of man on the three planes. The lowest group are the negative aspect ofFire, 784:Logos; they energize the substance of the three planes in the three worlds, the mental, the astralFire, 784:the mental, the astral and the dense physical planes of the system. This needs much pondering upon.Fire, 785:for its counterpart is found on all the planes with which man is concerned in the three worlds. TheFire, 785:is to be seen on the astral and the mental planes. "The Pitris of the Triple Heat" are now workingFire, 789:subplanes reflect the four mental concrete planes. The manifestation of the Ego on the mental planeFire, 790:(between the astral and the physical planes) is reached. In the one case, through right directionFire, 792:of the rhythm is felt entirely on the higher planes, and leaves the lower. The word "moment" isFire, 797:and many other terms will be shifted to higher planes, and will be recognized and used inFire, 810:only as a means of contact with the three lower planes, we will have government, politics,Fire, 819:in turn is to acquire experience on the lower planes. Yet these three are one in manifestationFire, 820:themselves to the lunar Lords of all the lower planes. They die, but resurrect. They pass without,Fire, 822:applied through love on the physical and astral planes. Colors: Rose, and the original three. PetalFire, 822:intelligent love on the physical and astral planes. Colors: Rose and the corresponding three. PetalFire, 822:intelligent sacrifice on the physical and astral planes. Colors: Rose and the same three. TheseFire, 828:function as unities on their respective physical planes. The Voice of the Word, the Numbers, for HeFire, 831:prison and functioning as a center of energy on planes of cosmic etheric energy. We have endeavoredFire, 834:this is meditated upon, and the fact of all our planes being the etheric and dense manifestation ofFire, 843:remembering that in this tabulation, the planes of differentiation alone are concerned; on theFire, 843:of all that is. To the solar Logos the planes of the unmanifest are objective. Man has not as yetFire, 845:The four higher grades of lesser Builders on all planes. They will form the manifested double orFire, 845:in three things: First, the fact that our three planes, physical, astral, and mental, form theFire, 848:H. P. B. has pointed out, the vastest of all the planes with which we are concerned. It is the keyFire, 851:out the will of the solar Logos, mainly use two planes for communication with each other and withFire, 860:is for man a fivefold one, covering the five planes of human unfoldment; and is divided into fiveFire, 862:the effects of liberated force upon the higher planes is the secret of occult knowledge. Force orFire, 862:centers and produces results on the three planes, varying according to the age of the soul. As yet,Fire, 864:that the student becomes aware of the inner planes, becomes conscious in the physical brain of theFire, 864:flashes of illumination from the higher planes. This happens only occasionally at first but withFire, 866:force which flows through him from the higher planes, and from his own inner God, produces at timesFire, 867:stages have to work out on all the three lower planes and in the three bodies; this they doFire, 874:of sex, or of "magnetic approach" on all the planes. The Buddha of Whom we speak and Who contactsFire, 882:and plans of the Silent Watchers over the three planes - the five, and the seven; it deals with theFire, 882:force of the great Destroying Angels on all the planes, who will eventually - through theFire, 885:a direct transmission of force from the higher planes to the lower in the following order: From theFire, 889:upon other human beings functioning on the three planes of human evolution and upon the entireFire, 894:to open, and the beauties of the higher, subtler planes to stand revealed. All thisFire, 894:be noted here that this evolution on the etheric planes has a closer effect upon man than on theFire, 901:plane, or astral energy. The devas on both these planes belong essentially to groups over whichFire, 906:lies in the recognition of the three higher planes, the three lower planes, the fourth plane ofFire, 906:of the three higher planes, the three lower planes, the fourth plane of meeting between them. ThisFire, 908:themselves to creation upon the mental or astral planes. This is due to the present inclination ofFire, 912:human beings will meet as friends. As the two planes, astral and physical, merge and blend, andFire, 916:of the physical plane we are dealing with those planes upon which the true form is to be found, andFire, 916:of the connection between the four higher planes of the system and the three worlds of humanFire, 916:endeavor. We have, in the macrocosm, the four planes of superconscious life, or those four centralFire, 916:Logos and of a solar Logos, and the three planes of conscious and of self-conscious life which formFire, 917:The negative receptive energy of the three planes [918] of the dense physical, the gaseous, theFire, 918:spent much time investigating the lower three planes. It has dealt principally with the Mother,Fire, 919:of spiritual life. The energy of the higher planes is only revealing itself as men begin to treadFire, 920:who transmit the Word on the three next systemic planes, the monadic, the atmic and the buddhic.Fire, 922:will act as the head center to the succeeding planes, and this apprehension, rightly grasped, willFire, 922:the fundamentally physical nature of the seven planes of the solar system is also hereFire, 923:to remember in studying the solar system, the planes, the schemes, man and the atom, that theFire, 923:of the solar system, the three cosmic etheric planes, and the three planes of human endeavor areFire, 923:the three cosmic etheric planes, and the three planes of human endeavor are investigated inFire, 923:close relation between the four cosmic etheric planes and the three lower planes is grasped. ThisFire, 923:four cosmic etheric planes and the three lower planes is grasped. This can be illuminated by aFire, 925:[925] Those who work on the four higher systemic planes and from thence influence in the threeFire, 925:of a form as it originates upon the archetypal planes, through the agency of divine thought, andFire, 926:- The cosmic physical plane (our seven systemic planes). The logoic Breath - First plane - TheFire, 928:either constructive or destructive upon the planes. The potency of a mantram depends upon the pointFire, 934:in the solar system, it proceeds upon the higher planes. Students are here recommended to trace theFire, 934:trace the relation between the solar and cosmic planes in this specific connection. 6. The ethericFire, 939:the work of the building devas on the three planes, dealing with them in two groups: Those who areFire, 941:[941] of the transmitting devas upon the three planes in the three worlds, and with that of theFire, 941:necessary for egoic manifestation upon the lower planes. We have seen that the first three stagesFire, 942:subplanes of the physical and of the astral planes are never built into the human body as nowFire, 942:the builders of the human being on the three planes. Under Him are to be found certain karmicFire, 942:to the karmic Lords for the work on the three planes. Five karmic Lords who work in closeFire, 943:the Ego is to express himself. On the etheric planes they build the real "form" out of ethericFire, 947:body. Atomic energy - fire by friction - three planes of the three worlds. Logoic dense vehicle.Fire, 962:the lower mental, the astral, and the etheric planes. The pineal gland comes into activity whenFire, 976:higher subplanes of the astral and physical planes finds its place in the thought form, it has toFire, 986:works primarily on the astral and physical planes, only in rare cases working with the mentalFire, 986:functioning in connection with the three lower planes. After the third Initiation, he worksFire, 988:with duality and the other with unity. On the planes of duality, therefore, it is apparent why theFire, 988:of unity for humanity is the mental plane. The planes of diversity are the astral and the physical.Fire, 988:power than the white brother on the two lower planes in the three worlds. The white brother worksFire, 991:remember here the fact that the three lower planes of our solar system are not considered asFire, 992:physical plane (our three lower systemic [992] planes), and it is under them that the blackFire, 993:and is the correspondence on the higher planes to the occult short cut to wisdom and knowledgeFire, 1014:nature of this type of work on the three planes in the three worlds might be summed up as follows:Fire, 1018:The solar system is (from the higher cosmic planes), seen as a vast blue lotus, and so on down theFire, 1024:fact that the three higher levels of the etheric planes are in vibratory communication with theFire, 1024:in vibratory communication with the three higher planes of the cosmic physical plane, and theyFire, 1026:the transition from etheric levels [1026] to the planes of tangible concretion, when he is menaced
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