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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANES

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Meditation, 275:superintends the work of the pupil on different planes and makes records of the extent of the workMeditation, 275:is (putting it occultly) the effect on the inner planes of the note of the pupil's exoteric life.Meditation, 276:vibrating to the higher measure of the subtler planes. He develops the capacity of the pupil toMeditation, 281:Masters and the objective effects on the three planes of human evolution. Some of the pointsMeditation, 283:and form of divine life as found on those planes and subplanes, with one aim in view and only one -Meditation, 288:far greater caliber and attainment on the inner planes than he is on the physical. So many of ourMeditation, 293:know their Master intimately on the inner planes and work under His direction, but many lives mayMeditation, 293:from day to day and works on all the three planes over the work to be done. He continuously raisesMeditation, 314:the school work, to the pupils, and on the inner planes. The fundamentals as regards theMeditation, 318:work done by these three will be on the inner planes, and they will work more in the seclusion ofMeditation, 319:the bodies, superintending the work on inner planes, and the pouring in of force with the shieldingMeditation, 340:from abstract levels and from the intuitional planes can find a receptive sheet whereon they mayMeditation, 349:of the solar system; the highest of the seven planes. Agni The Lord of Fire in the Vedas. TheMeditation, 351:system is divided by the occultists into seven planes or states, the highest of which is the atomicMeditation, 351:the atomic plane. Similarly, each of the seven planes is divided into seven subplanes, of which theMeditation, 353:That group of spiritual beings on the inner planes of the solar system who are the intelligentMeditation, 357:with the mental unit, one on each of the five planes of human evolution (the mental unit being alsoMeditation, 358:great angels or entities who ensoul the seven planes. These are great devas who are the sum totalPatanjali, 23:is withdrawn not only from the three planes of human endeavor but likewise from the two lowerPatanjali, 32:matter when in manifestation; i. e. our seven planes are the seven subplanes of the lowest cosmicPatanjali, 43:his glory. Through following this way the five planes of human and superhuman evolution arePatanjali, 44:feeling. Through following this method the four planes are dominated and buddhi (or the Christ)Patanjali, 49:of sensuous perception on any of the three planes attract or allure Him. His consciousness isPatanjali, 74:his bodies of manifestation on the various planes of the system, and those sheaths must express thePatanjali, 75:in its [75] entirety is not yet complete on all planes and the basic rules hold good throughout,Patanjali, 86:have the condition of the thinker in the three planes in the three worlds, from the state ofPatanjali, 93:at the field of knowledge. That all our three planes in the three worlds constitute the densePatanjali, 99:which is sensed. These can be applied to all the planes of the three worlds with which man isPatanjali, 102:in it the spiritual man is fully awake on those planes which transcend definition. He is aware, inPatanjali, 108:of constructive work on their respective planes. He is now in possession of a faculty whichPatanjali, 109:with the various energy septenates in the seven planes of the system, and because thePatanjali, 110:man functions and the formless levels or planes of our solar system are contacted, seen and known.Patanjali, 125:[125] this is true without exception on all the planes of our solar system, wherein forms are foundPatanjali, 126:crop of hindrances or obstructions on the three planes of man's evolution - the seeds latent in thePatanjali, 132:by man in incarnation is to be found on all planes. It is a limitation of Spirit itself and aPatanjali, 133:bodies which are his medium of contact on three planes: The physical body, The emotional or astralPatanjali, 136:continues to manifest [136] and work upon the planes of illusion but he works from the center wherePatanjali, 138:has transcended attachment to forms on three planes (physical, astral and mental) and has killedPatanjali, 138:killed out all longing for the forms of those planes. When the life or Spirit withdraws itself, thePatanjali, 143:of ignorance is triple, being the three great planes of consciousness which are the field of humanPatanjali, 143:life" and which we frequently call "the subtler planes" he is entering the Hall of Learning and isPatanjali, 144:of response to sense contacts on the three planes. These impulses have produced effects whichPatanjali, 145:from its externalities on any of the three planes, then the life-energy no longer flows downwards.Patanjali, 151:modifications or activities on the various planes and which is the cause of the limitations whichPatanjali, 190:those tending away from the lower three planes and therefore from the form aspect as we know it inPatanjali, 197:abstention from theft on the emotional or mental planes. The aspirant takes nothing; [198]Patanjali, 220:receive force only from the physical and astral planes, but disciples receive force also from thePatanjali, 225:of light, illumination and knowledge from the planes of the ego. [226] Patanjali, 251:for communicating at will with the three lower planes. He has acquired the faculty of contemplationPatanjali, 254:thus the ego or soul can illumine all the three planes in the three worlds as well as the soulPatanjali, 258:more consciously en rapport with the interior planes in the three worlds. This is a safe andPatanjali, 258:soul, via the mind and the third eye, upon these planes. The presence of the lower psychic powerPatanjali, 296:are the means whereby we function upon the inner planes, such as the emotional or astral plane andPatanjali, 296:At present the majority of us function on these planes unconsciously. Through this light we alsoPatanjali, 298:occult division of our solar system into seven planes embodying seven states of consciousness andPatanjali, 300:immortality. Then he describes the three highest planes, with the great existences who are thePatanjali, 300:the great existences who are the lives of those planes and in whom we "live and move and have ourPatanjali, 300:have our being." These correspond to the three planes of the Trinity and of these existences inPatanjali, 319:of all the parts of man's nature on all planes, and for all states of consciousness. One strand ofPatanjali, 322:becomes able to function as freely on the inner planes as he does on the physical. He can thenPatanjali, 323:connection with one or other of the seven planes of manifestation, and has also a correspondence onPatanjali, 323:and has also a correspondence on all the planes. Plane Sense 1. Physical Hearing 2. Astral Touch orPatanjali, 323:different aspects of the five senses on the five planes, and for further information, the studentPatanjali, 323:four and five under each sense refer to the planes of manifestation as given in the firstPatanjali, 329:as the five great states of energy which we call planes, the medium of consciousness; these are:Patanjali, 334:Macrocosm. This process eventuated in the seven planes of manifestation, the spheres wherein sevenPatanjali, 334:will bear in mind that the first triplicity of planes are those of divine manifestation and thePatanjali, 334:of that divine process and are the three planes of our normal experience. These two triplicities ofPatanjali, 334:plane in the eastern terminology. The Divine Planes Plane I. Logoic or divine The Sea of Fire GodPatanjali, 334:Christ or buddhic Air Union Harmony, At-one-ment Planes of Human Endeavor Plane V. Mental FirePatanjali, 334:of the Ether Human activity. On all these planes, consciousness manifests and the senses, exotericPatanjali, 336:by an understanding of the nature of the planes, their symbols and substance, it becomes apparentPatanjali, 336:second aspect of the reflection, the three lower planes) are superseded by the Voice of the SilencePatanjali, 337:There are many sounds to be heard on all the planes but on the physical is the greatest diversity.Patanjali, 337:the problem of correct hearing on the various planes and in the various states of consciousness.Patanjali, 341:and to the microcosm. It can refer to the five planes of monadic evolution, or to the five formsPatanjali, 342:These five grades of substance form the five planes of monadic evolution; they compose the fivePatanjali, 342:man and superhuman man are found. These five planes have each an outstanding quality, of which thePatanjali, 347:that this will have an application on all the planes in the three worlds, as indeed all the siddhisPatanjali, 350:to their counterparts on the astral and mental planes. The five divisions are as follows: 1. TheirPatanjali, 353:is triple, each effect manifesting on all planes yet primarily on one or another. These resultsPatanjali, 355:of the three human races and the three planes in our three worlds. 1. Hearing Lemurian PhysicalPatanjali, 355:or intuitional and the atmic or spiritual planes. 3. Mastery over root substance. This rootPatanjali, 378:or, as the occultist would say, on those two planes which are beyond the three worlds, and whichPatanjali, 379:are capable of application upon all the five planes of human evolution, which include the twoPatanjali, 379:of human evolution, which include the two higher planes whereon initiates of the MysteriesPatanjali, 380:realizations achieved on the astral and mental planes. It might, therefore, be observed that (forPatanjali, 413:from the soul via the mind, and from the subtler planes in the three worlds via the third eye. ItPsychology1, 15:certain steps and can function on the higher planes of the system in full awareness, he can beginPsychology1, 19:types of qualified forms which emerge on all planes and in all kingdoms. It must be remembered thatPsychology1, 19:all kingdoms. It must be remembered that all the planes which we, from our little point of view,Psychology1, 19:regard as formless are not really so. Our seven planes are but the seven subplanes of the cosmicPsychology1, 19:physical plane. We shall not deal with the planes, except in their relation to man's unfoldment,Psychology1, 51:primarily on the first [51] of the formless planes, counting from below upwards, and its truePsychology1, 51:is adequately recording the known. The planes or manifested spheres of expression are influenced inPsychology1, 60:which enable him to be aware of the seven planes upon which he is, consciously or unconsciously,Psychology1, 60:the qualities, and to function freely on all the planes. The seven ray Beings, unlike man, arePsychology1, 62:of some particular ray Life. Each of the seven planes similarly reacts; each septenate in naturePsychology1, 65:all forms in all kingdoms in nature and on all planes. The energy of this ray Lord brings about thePsychology1, 78:came into being, and the three highest planes and the three lower were brought into a scintillating
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