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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANET

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Astrology, 172:spreading down to the very darkest places in our planet and its many forms of life. Two sets ofAstrology, 173:for Mercury and esoterically for a hidden planet. Saturn relates Capricorn to the previous signAstrology, 173:as it does a hidden and deeply significant planet and being that which reveals divinity at the timeAstrology, 179:the direct influence of the Hierarchy of the planet in a new way, and then - under the stimulationAstrology, 179:- under the stimulation of energies from the planet Venus - a fusion took which resulted in theAstrology, 186:of a Hierarchy - In this particular case, this planet is Mars, ruling the sixth Creative Hierarchy,Astrology, 187:be added the forceful and dynamic energy of the planet Mars. This brings the entire human family,Astrology, 188:form life is ruled by the Moon, veiling a hidden planet; these Sons of Mind live on the Earth andAstrology, 189:and Saturn (one a non-sacred and one a sacred planet) are exponents or expressions of the third RayAstrology, 191:in this sign. It is interesting to note that no planet is exalted in Sagittarius and that no planetAstrology, 191:no planet is exalted in Sagittarius and that no planet falls in this sign. Only one thing happensAstrology, 195:the spiritual will of deity as it comes to our planet and hence to us via Aries, Vulcan and Pluto.Astrology, 196:Shamballa, the Custodian of the Plan for our planet. Astrology, 197:the Christ principle in the solar system, in the planet, in man and in the lower forms of lifeAstrology, 199:pouring into our solar system, on to our planet and through humanity. Scorpio - an aspect of theAstrology, 200:for it is in this system, and primarily upon our planet, the Earth, that the major results of thatAstrology, 201:released through the medium of humanity upon the planet. It is for this reason that Jupiter andAstrology, 202:related by direct [202] lines of energy to our planet; these lines of force usually reach us viaAstrology, 202:signs and - in rare cases - directly to a planet. The latter case is, however, exceedingly rare. WeAstrology, 203:days wherein the influence of Scorpio and of the planet Mars is so strongly felt in world affairsAstrology, 209:owing to the fact that Mars is both the orthodox planet controlling the personality in Scorpio andAstrology, 209:the personality in Scorpio and also the esoteric planet conditioning the unfoldment of theAstrology, 210:reasons: [210] First, Mars is definitely the planet which rules and controls the physical vehicle.Astrology, 210:with each other. In Scorpio, with the same planet ruling his interior life, the war is on and inAstrology, 217:the functions [217] of Scorpio and Mars upon our planet at this time, and you will note also howAstrology, 218:in a peculiar relation to each other through the planet Mercury which governs the [219] humanAstrology, 219:the [219] human family (being the hierarchical planet in Scorpio), and through Neptune which rulesAstrology, 219:usually regarded as "veiling" or "hiding" some planet and of these there are three which the MoonAstrology, 221:him in some aspect or other of his nature are: Planet Sign Ray School 1. Venus Taurus 5th OrthodoxAstrology, 224:these implications clear to you. Uranus is the planet whose characteristics are the scientificAstrology, 226:to you the essential truth because a new planet is arising in this sign and it is for man toAstrology, 240:the consciousness in this solar system, in the planet and in man, has to be grasped eventuallyAstrology, 246:this sign for the seventh ray works through this planet and is the embodiment of the principle ofAstrology, 247:and with selfless purpose. [247] Through this planet, Uranus, Libra is related also to Aries andAstrology, 251:is to "open the door of the womb" in Virgo - a planet which we shall consider when we study thatAstrology, 255:when we are identified with the Hierarchy of our planet and with that center of spiritual forceAstrology, 259:energizing effect in the zodiac - both upon our planet and upon each other. This we shall do in aAstrology, 259:a peculiar way in connection with the non-sacred planet, our Earth. The relation with which we areAstrology, 264:felt, and hence the struggles going on upon the planet between the men of will - selfish andAstrology, 266:our solar system and become attracted to our planet. Students need to understand more thoroughlyAstrology, 267:the solar system and between some particular planet and the forms of life upon another planet andAstrology, 267:planet and the forms of life upon another planet and the "impending energies," as they are called,Astrology, 269:itself" can stream and thus be focused upon our planet. To these energies, the initiate tunes hisAstrology, 270:the complexity of the forces playing upon our planet and increasing in their number and theirAstrology, 270:potency as the vehicles of response upon our planet become more highly developed and sensitive andAstrology, 272:energies pouring into Virgo from Gemini, via the planet Mercury, have done their destined work; forAstrology, 272:are still directed towards and focused upon our planet. They are not unmanifested in the case whereAstrology, 276:triangles warrant most careful study. It is the planet Neptune which is predominantly active inAstrology, 280:solar system. There is consequently only one planet, Vulcan, which is distinctly and purely firstAstrology, 295:sign rising, as well as its influences upon the planet. Throughout the universe, it is the soulAstrology, 297:through the Sun, and is distributed to our planet via the Sun and the two planets which it veils.Astrology, 298:point out that when the Sun, the Moon (hiding a planet) and Saturn are all combined in a certainAstrology, 301:into being and thus humanity arrived upon the planet. I would touch here briefly upon one triangle:Astrology, 303:humanity, the solar system and - of course - the planet. I would here point out that the termAstrology, 308:Beyond these two distant planets, lies another planet as yet undiscovered, though speculation isAstrology, 308:owing to certain unexplained movements of the planet Neptune. It is through this planet that theAstrology, 308:of the planet Neptune. It is through this planet that the Forces (as they are related to Leo andAstrology, 308:Sun - Central spiritual Sun. The undiscovered planet. Uranus and Neptune. The human Hierarchy. TheAstrology, 310:fact in connection with this sign. No planet falls in Leo and no planet is exalted in this sign,Astrology, 310:with this sign. No planet falls in Leo and no planet is exalted in this sign, whilst the power ofAstrology, 310:the ruler of his own life and, therefore, no planet is exalted and likewise no planet falls. TheAstrology, 310:therefore, no planet is exalted and likewise no planet falls. The power of the mind, as symbolizedAstrology, 321:the only other sign which is ruled by only one planet, though in orthodox astrology, the Moon isAstrology, 322:of Virgo to which he is related by the same planet. The unveiled Neptune relates Cancer to no otherAstrology, 328:focused through the constellation Gemini via the planet, Jupiter. We shall then have theAstrology, 331:the effects of the cosmic influences upon the planet and incidentally upon the fourth kingdom inAstrology, 331:systemic life which, in its turn, affects our planet, its kingdoms in nature and incidentally humanAstrology, 345:also from the standpoint of a solar system, of a planet and of a human being. The field ofAstrology, 350:great periods of change in the life of the planet, of a kingdom in nature or of a human being.Astrology, 351:time focused. In casting the horoscope of the planet (a thing that has never yet been accuratelyAstrology, 353:potencies and energies pouring into the planet at any particular time. Astrology, 353:and light." In this most potent and important planet the idea of duality is again to be found,Astrology, 356:is the Earth itself, which is a non-sacred planet. The Earth is also the esoteric ruler ofAstrology, 356:leading our sorrowful humanity upon this woeful planet inevitably to the very gate of initiation inAstrology, 356:the medium of the potencies pouring into our planet, a situation is set up which I might express inAstrology, 357:Mercury, the star of conflict, is also the major planet of relationships, for it governs andAstrology, 357:In the case of Gemini, it relates our small planet to Virgo (Mutable Cross), to Aries (CardinalAstrology, 357:and coordinated - are focused upon our planet. This produces strain, action and reaction, and thatAstrology, 359:as it relates Gemini to Scorpio and to our planet, has a mass or general effect, for it is theAstrology, 359:exist apart from the Earth because that small planet is inevitably for that unit the very center ofAstrology, 360:certain planned and definite effects upon our planet, thus influencing the kingdoms in nature or anAstrology, 361:goes on and leads to the unfoldment upon our planet of the consciousness of universality - to whichAstrology, 361:and its true supplementary and complementary planet. You have thus established a double dualAstrology, 361:whose light is waning," for it is not a sacred planet, as you know, and to that aspect of divinityAstrology, 361:behind the fact that our Earth is uniquely the "planet of releasing sorrow and of purifying pain,"Astrology, 362:small scale, also an intermediary or a relating planet, because it is found ruling both Gemini andAstrology, 362:produces the somewhat unusual situation in our planet. Astrology, 363:considered the rays which directly affect our planet, the Earth, which are focused through theAstrology, 363:of the constellations. In the last analysis, the planet is the result or the effect (should I say,Astrology, 363:the man after the third initiation. A non-sacred planet, such as the Earth, is still subject to theAstrology, 365:is fostered by the indirect influence of the planet Mars. Mars carries the war into the very depthAstrology, 368:disciple to realize that in this sign no planet either falls or is exalted. The clue to thisAstrology, 369:In Sagittarius the same condition is found. No planet is exalted and no planet falls. Mercury is,Astrology, 369:condition is found. No planet is exalted and no planet falls. Mercury is, however, in detriment orAstrology, 374:Age is coming into manifestation for our planet as a whole, bringing in its wake universalAstrology, 376:alignment with the Pleiades and Great Bear) the planet, Pluto, and our Earth. This produces much ofAstrology, 376:those spheres of influence upon the sorrowful planet, the Earth, impelling the Bull upon its onwardAstrology, 376:will - newly released by Sanat Kumara upon our planet - emanates, via the head center of theAstrology, 383:to the Earth, different to that of any other planet and this, therefore, brings about a much closerAstrology, 383:exists in any other zodiacal relation where our planet is concerned. In saying this, I mean in this
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