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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANET

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Astrology, 383:has been summed up in the words: The planet Venus is to the planet Earth what the higher Self is toAstrology, 383:up in the words: The planet Venus is to the planet Earth what the higher Self is to theAstrology, 383:Self is to the Personality. Remember that the planet Venus is one of the seven sacred planetsAstrology, 387:the conscious use of that which exists upon the planet and also its destructive usage is tiedAstrology, 387:also the ruler is Vulcan, conditioning the planet and determining the fact that man is theAstrology, 391:the fact that through the exoteric or orthodox planet, Venus, this sign Taurus is related toAstrology, 392:the soul may be set free. Vulcan is the ray or planet of isolation for, in a peculiar sense, itAstrology, 399:would remind you again that the exaltation of a planet in any particular sign, its fall within theAstrology, 400:system which led to the Moon becoming a dead planet, the energies of these stars and certain of theAstrology, 400:of the Zodiacal Constellations Uranus, the planet of the hidden mystery and one of the most occultAstrology, 409:in the solar system is notably affecting our planet. In the process of passing from sign to sign,Astrology, 411:is that the great energies, playing upon our planet, exert a hindering or a stimulating effect.Astrology, 411:the three major groups of forces affecting our planet are zodiacal, systemic and planetary inAstrology, 412:and systemic force upon a sacred or a non-sacred planet is widely distinctive, just as the effectAstrology, 413:apparatus of response, be it a solar system, a planet, the fourth kingdom in nature, or a humanAstrology, 416:and outlet in the great White Lodge of our planet, the Hierarchy. The energies coming from theAstrology, 422:on the arc of evolutionary experience upon our planet. Astrology, 427:relation to the individual human being upon the planet. You have, therefore, the following lines ofAstrology, 432:of Light emerged from its own place; the planet was alight. The little one upon that little worldAstrology, 438:of form in all the three worlds. Uranus is the planet of occultism for it veils "that which isAstrology, 439:The self-consciousness of man is inherent in the planet itself, which is the life expression of aAstrology, 440:disciples. The phrase that "Saturn is the planet of discipleship" is basically true becauseAstrology, 443:these energies which play upon and through our planet. When I say this, I would at the same timeAstrology, 446:of the Moon and the transfer of its life to our planet. Such a transfer is not necessary today asAstrology, 448:future. In the Aquarian Age, the power of the planet Venus becomes a dominant factor in the lastAstrology, 448:Venus; this should be remembered. Venus was the planet which we are told was responsible for theAstrology, 453:family of the central sun and indicate why our planet is not a sacred planet. No planet is a sacredAstrology, 453:sun and indicate why our planet is not a sacred planet. No planet is a sacred planet unless theAstrology, 453:why our planet is not a sacred planet. No planet is a sacred planet unless the center at the baseAstrology, 453:is not a sacred planet. No planet is a sacred planet unless the center at the base of the spineAstrology, 460:a solar system, regarded as a cosmic center, a planet, which is a systemic center, one of theAstrology, 465:two zodiacal energies focus through a particular planet, using it as a transmitting agency to theAstrology, 467:the constellations Taurus and Scorpio and the planet Mars. IV. Six Systems - Working through -Astrology, 467:of the soul - in the solar system, in the planet Earth and in man. They are the "eight potencies ofAstrology, 469:energy that is of supreme importance upon our planet and it is the united influence of its threeAstrology, 469:expression of His life to be termed a "sacred planet." At present our Earth is not regarded as aAstrology, 469:At present our Earth is not regarded as a sacred planet. Later, when these three energies haveAstrology, 478:of this subjective astrological science. On our planet, the Science of Triangles is related to theAstrology, 479:of light which is called the etheric body of the planet is essentially a web of triangles and whenAstrology, 479:bring about a transformation of the web of the planet and thus slowly change the existing squaresAstrology, 481:reacting to zodiacal influences) into a sacred planet. It is, therefore, the influence andAstrology, 482:our zodiac altogether, thus connecting our tiny planet with certain great focal points of energy.Astrology, 482:effect upon the solar system as well as upon the planet itself and is also one of the factorsAstrology, 483:energies which concern the informing life of our planet. They produce, in humanity, consciousAstrology, 489:to the larger whole and our tiny non-sacred planet to the solar system. Let me repeat thatAstrology, 493:How does it happen that one tiny non-sacred planet should be considered of such importance thatAstrology, 493:contacts is one which is to be found on every planet and particularly upon the non-sacred planets.Astrology, 494:ordinary human being - is to make the non-sacred planet, our Earth responsive to cosmic impactsAstrology, 494:mind begins to function and when the esoteric planet comes into expression and transmitting potencyAstrology, 503:are preparing. Basically it might be said that a planet is regarded as "sacred" when its informingAstrology, 503:major cosmic initiations and that a "non-sacred" planet is one whose planetary Logos has not takenAstrology, 503:initiations endow him with the "freedom of the planet." He is then responsive to all states ofAstrology, 504:perception. [504] The Logos of a non-sacred planet is becoming inclusive in His consciousness toAstrology, 504:three cosmic initiations. The Logos of a sacred planet transcends the knowledges, reactions andAstrology, 504:ether or substance. The Logos of a sacred planet has taken five cosmic initiations. The Logos of aAstrology, 504:centers are to the developed initiate on this planet. He has taken those initiations of which theAstrology, 505:distinction between a sacred and a non-sacred planet will come if you can realize that there is aAstrology, 505:the consciousness of the Logos of a non-sacred planet. Soul and body, consciousness and form areAstrology, 506:the third initiation. The Logos of a sacred planet has carried the divine work further along and isAstrology, 506:houses or mansions of the soul) whether the planet is sacred or not. The effect of the influencesAstrology, 506:or not. The effect of the influences of a sacred planet or a non-sacred one are very different, forAstrology, 506:the life in the three worlds whilst a sacred planet will aid in the processes of affecting theAstrology, 507:Mars The Earth Pluto The Moon, veiling a hidden planet. The Sun, veiling a planet. It isAstrology, 507:veiling a hidden planet. The Sun, veiling a planet. It is interesting here to note that theAstrology, 507:lesser zodiac. Our Earth is also a non-sacred planet. You have, therefore, four non-sacred planets,Astrology, 507:controlling or ruling a fifth non-sacred planet - a correspondence to the four aspects of the lowerAstrology, 507:Cancer - ruled by the Moon, veiling a sacred planet. Leo - ruled by the Sun, veiling a sacredAstrology, 507:planet. Leo - ruled by the Sun, veiling a sacred planet. Scorpio - ruled by Pluto. You will noteAstrology, 507:not Mars is here mentioned by me as a non-sacred Planet, ruling Scorpio. The reason for this isAstrology, 513:2nd ray 5. Saturn 3rd ray (veiling a hidden planet) 6. Neptune 6th ray 7. Uranus 7th ray Non-sacredAstrology, 519:bear repetition: Our Earth, being a non-sacred planet, is in process of becoming a sacred planet.Astrology, 519:planet, is in process of becoming a sacred planet. This means an interim of upheaval, chaos and ofAstrology, 527:Therefore, through the five major centers in the planet today, spiritual energy is streaming forth,Astrology, 530:energies or vital centers present upon our planet: Russia, fusing and blending eastern Europe andAstrology, 530:hands of these nations lies the destiny of the planet. These are the three major world blocs fromAstrology, 531:that the centers in his etheric body rule the planet in so far as they are receptive orAstrology, 531:to the influences emanating from the planet, via the planetary centers. Astrology, 537:and their focused potent effect upon our planet began in 1875, achieved momentum in 1925, willAstrology, 538:you. Leo - Ruler: The Sun, veiling Uranus, the planet of occultism, and that which governs groupAstrology, 547:these constellations and their relation to our planet at this time, I trust I have made clear ndAstrology, 548:are peculiarly active. They are: 1. Uranus. This planet is the exoteric ruler of Aquarius; it isAstrology, 548:is potent to effect major changes in our little planet. It is interesting to realize that Aries,Astrology, 549:is the destiny of man to reveal. 3. Saturn. This planet applies the tests and is so chosen orAstrology, 549:its particular ray but is also the ray of our planet, the Earth. The two notes synchronize. SaturnAstrology, 550:see how the sign of initiation hovers over our planet as well as over the destiny of the individualAstrology, 565:to express itself through humanity on this planet. I have given you the expression of the MutableAstrology, 588:of the influence of the dark forces from our planet must come the active, conscious use of theAstrology, 591:and general lines which at any time upon the planet are setting the pace for the evolution of formsAstrology, 592:and (as far as humanity is concerned) in the planet. It is the prime factor in bringing about theAstrology, 595:process, just as the Hierarchy upon our little planet tunes out or steps down the energies fromAstrology, 596:when concentrated through an orthodox planet and constructively when concentrated through anAstrology, 596:when concentrated through an esoteric planet. Here you have the secret guide to the significance ofAstrology, 604:the seven influences of the seven rays to our planet, via the Sun, and the relationships which I amAstrology, 607:this triangular relationship can work out on our planet. Individual apprehension will be dependentAstrology, 608:that our solar system (and consequently out planet) is a part of this vast whole, kept alive by itsAstrology, 609:are called "transformations" on our non-sacred planet, the Earth, bringing it increasingly intoAstrology, 612:which [612] lifts humanity off and away from the planet on to one or other of the seven cosmicAstrology, 612:unimportance - is the only Existence upon our planet Who is capable of responding to and carryingAstrology, 617:evolutionary plan. This, the Life of our, planet, carried forward in three major stages,Astrology, 619:to achievement pours into humanity and on to the planet. It is essentially the spirit of
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