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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANET

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Healing, 536:untruth, falsity and despair are inherent in the planet itself, because our planetary Logos (as IHealing, 550:recognition of the etheric body of the planet, and consequently of man. Healing, 578:it for your purposes, is the vitality of the planet, its vital emanation; it is this prana which isHealing, 588:world; then there is demonstrated in the planet will, love, and mind or intelligence; orHealing, 597:potency: the ray of the monad and the ray of the planet, which is the third ray. This planetary rayHealing, 597:is usually good is that pranic energy from the planet has a free flow through the mechanism. It isHealing, 599:him a prisoner within the form and upon the planet, and thus makes him vulnerable and open toHealing, 607:and suffering (the great mysteries of our little planet) in a few sentences, but they are sentencesHealing, 608:death and disease, because the moon is a "dead planet." It all comes back again, as you will note,Healing, 610:of friction will then be far fewer upon the planet and therefore in individual man; areas ofHealing, 612:Logos through the medium of this little planet, the Earth, the physical body is not a goal, butHealing, 614:a cause. It is, in this solar system and on our planet, automatic and affected by causes generatedHealing, 616:energies, transmitted via the etheric body of a planet or of the solar system; this, however, is aHealing, 616:of love directly to the physical plane of our planet, and also in a peculiar manner to the fourthHealing, 619:of these seven qualities of divinity; within our planet, the Earth (which is not a sacred planet),Healing, 619:our planet, the Earth (which is not a sacred planet), there are likewise seven centers whichHealing, 620:Sanat Kumara, carries out His purposes upon our planet. Similarly, within the microcosm, man, theHealing, 634:is part of the general structure of the entire planet, composed of living atoms which are under theHealing, 635:of [635] man, the microcosm, is true also of the planet, which - like man - is a coherent whole.Healing, 635:indicative of the life of the elemental of our planet, the spirit of the earth - a divine life,Healing, 635:of the Karma of the life of the elemental of the planet. This is an involutionary, precipitatingHealing, 636:all planetary Logoi. His body of expression, our planet, the Earth, is not yet a sacred planet. TheHealing, 636:our planet, the Earth, is not yet a sacred planet. The spirit of the earth is yet very far fromHealing, 679:"unknown God," who expresses himself through the planet as a whole, and Sanat Kumara in His highHealing, 679:cosmic unfoldment - that He requires the entire planet through which to express all that He is.Healing, 679:for the ends of His divine Purpose, the entire planet. He animates the planet with His life; HeHealing, 679:Purpose, the entire planet. He animates the planet with His life; He sustains the planet and allHealing, 679:the planet with His life; He sustains the planet and all that is in or on it through His soulHealing, 680:more fully the evolutionary attainment of the planet and the kingdoms in nature, leading eventuallyHealing, 690:into realms of realization beyond our planet altogether. In order to do this, the initiate has toHealing, 713:age wherein the seventh ray will dominate our planet, producing that which is new and needed andHercules, 10:the story of our solar system, the story of our planet, the story of the human being. Thus as weHercules, 11:an interplay and an impact of energies upon our planet; that the planet is itself an energy unitHercules, 11:an impact of energies upon our planet; that the planet is itself an energy unit composed of aHercules, 12:the Rishis and the occult Hierarchy of our planet, is now focused upon leading humanity on to theHercules, 61:to the little island of Crete. The whole planet had to be searched, and he went up and down fromHercules, 67:centers of distribution. Mercury, the ruling planet of the sign, is the interpreter, the messengerHercules, 67:governing the last decanate, for Saturn is the planet of discipleship; the planet that brings aboutHercules, 67:for Saturn is the planet of discipleship; the planet that brings about the difficulties, problemsHercules, 116:that our earth will be transformed into a sacred planet." (Editor's italics.) Surely these wordsHercules, 158:group of disciples, who will demonstrate to the planet the fact of the subjective world. That isHercules, 161:held in the human unit, we are imprisoned to the planet not by some outside force that holds usHercules, 183:there were subjective forces playing upon our planet as our sun passed through the sign Taurus. TheHercules, 183:the fishes. The forces that played upon our planet at that time brought into the consciousness ofHercules, 189:of the subjective spirit in every part of the planet. It is possible that in America, Canada,Hercules, 210:the story of the solar system, the story of our planet, the story of every man. As we look at theHercules, 215:of these signs which fall upon our little planet, and the use we make of them. The larger pictureHercules, 217:progress of the Life informing a solar system, a planet and a man. "As the earth in its yearlyHercules, 218:a potent effect upon all forms of life on our planet, and upon the world of ideas. [219] Humanity,Hercules, 221:8th the constellation can be seen from our planet slowly emerging from out of the rays of the sunInitiation, 8:three worlds of the evolving personality, to the planet whereon he plays his part, to the systemInitiation, 8:he plays his part, to the system wherein that planet revolves, until it finally escapes from theInitiation, 11:evolution, matter in the solar systems, in the planet, in the three worlds of human evolution, andInitiation, 17:be borne in mind is, that the initiations of the planet or of the solar system are but theInitiation, 20:the subject of the occult Hierarchy of the planet is of such a profoundly momentous interest to theInitiation, 21:might be considered as the aggregate on our planet of the forces of the fifth kingdom in nature.Initiation, 28:FOUNDING OF THE HIERARCHY Its Appearance on the Planet It is not sought, in this book, to deal withInitiation, 28:led to the founding of the Hierarchy on the planet, nor to consider the conditions preceding theInitiation, 28:of the World, came down to this dense physical planet and has remained with us ever since. Owing toInitiation, 28:and functions through all the evolutions on this planet, holding all within his aura or magneticInitiation, 32:and to bear in mind that they exist upon this planet with us, controlling its destinies, guidingInitiation, 36:other factors, the builders of the objective planet and the forces which produce, through thoseInitiation, 37:times lent their aid and dwelt briefly upon our planet. By the energy which flowed through them,Initiation, 39:as yet are not in full demonstration upon our planet. Each of these six Kumaras is a reflection of,Initiation, 40:four Beings who are the representatives upon the planet of the four Maharajas, or the four Lords ofInitiation, 48:offices in the ranks of the Hierarchy of our planet. Now we will deal with what we might call theInitiation, 92:the fifth initiation the force or energy of the planet (esoterically understood, and not merely theInitiation, 95:of initiation. The Egos in incarnation on any planet will - according to ray type - be easilyInitiation, 96:the cause of a similar effort being made on our planet. No planet increases its store of force, andInitiation, 96:of a similar effort being made on our planet. No planet increases its store of force, andInitiation, 104:of Masters in its various divisions upon the planet, the following might be enumerated: The "SilentInitiation, 104:great Entity who is the informing life of the planet, and who holds the same position to the LordInitiation, 105:crisis during the Great War the Hierarchy of our planet deemed it well nigh necessary to invoke theInitiation, 105:with the trend of affairs, as the karma of the planet would have been delayed should the strifeInitiation, 108:the dense physical and the etheric globe of our planet, take part, but a stricter enumeration isInitiation, 121:of the plan and purpose as it concerns the planet, though as yet the [122] vision is obscured inInitiation, 122:two great evolutions, human and deva, upon our planet. This concerns the making of adjustments, andInitiation, 128:This major Rod is the one used on this planet, but within the system there are several such Rods ofInitiation, 130:that central location in our physical planet which corresponds to the heart of a human being. ManyInitiation, 144:globe, and thence to the dense physical planet. By the use of a particular mantram the InitiatorInitiation, 148:who are the great energy centers upon our planet, then touch the tip of the Rod with their staffsInitiation, 153:the three departments of the Hierarchy of our planet will come to the student who wisely pondersInitiation, 175:a major order are revealed to initiates on this planet, and herein lies the clue to our position inInitiation, 178:to this time) made by the Hierarchy of the planet, and is very largely in the nature of anInitiation, 179:cycle of a Heavenly Man, and it works out on our planet as a vast period of trial or initiatoryInitiation, 186:Hierarchy that is pledged to the service of our planet, and to the help of its evolutions. ItInitiation, 187:Every Planetary Logos has, in his own special planet, schools for the development of subordinateInitiation, 188:own ray. Later he will have his habitat on the planet corresponding to his own ray, and [189] notInitiation, 195:rightly energizing that which is to it as is the planet to the sun. Thus will the unfolding of theInitiation, 207:[207] students have gleaned anent the planet Mercury, and which occult students have gatheredInitiation, 209:of in the mists and fogs that circle round our planet. Where standest thou, 0 Pilgrim? On what areInitiation, 220:control of the evolution of humanity upon this planet about 18 million years ago, during the middleInitiation, 220:of intelligence. He is the embodiment on the planet of the third, or intelligence aspect of deityInitiation, 222:human stage and are now manifesting through a planet and its evolutions, in the same way that manInitiation, 222:globe is, in reality, the personal God of the planet. Prakriti Derives its name from its functionInitiation, 224:of the seven races of man which evolve upon a planet during the great cycle of planetary existence.Initiation, 225:his touch and with the work of our planet. Yoga One of the six schools of India, saidIntellect, 13:there are millions of illiterate persons on our planet at this time! But, along with this tendencyIntellect, 16:qualities. For thousands of years all over the planet, the mystics and knowers have borne witnessIntellect, 265:they will participate in the normal life of the planet. They will be the business executives in our
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