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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANET

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Magic, 8:which we call an atom, or the form of man, a planet, or a solar system. This is the Theory ofMagic, 35:factor in every form in the universe, in the planet, in the kingdoms of nature and in man (who sumsMagic, 37:Thus the form of the solar system, of a planet, and of all that is found upon or within a planet isMagic, 37:and of all that is found upon or within a planet is produced. Intelligent sentient consciousness,Magic, 38:the Throne" Who manifests through the form of a planet, [39] as man manifests through his form inMagic, 39:of that which lies back of the form of a planet and of a solar system. These latter are the sumMagic, 41:consciousness of the life of the Logos of our planet, but all the lives and consciousness withinMagic, 46:the Zodiac appear to have a real effect upon our planet and of which astrology is as yet theMagic, 46:in our solar system and consequently upon our planet and upon all forms upon and within thatMagic, 47:higher three are: The Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, nature spirits or angels and humanMagic, 47:groupings of the seven rays in relation to our planet. A Hierarchy of Lives, gathered by anMagic, 56:disciples whom we call the "hierarchy of our planet". Students of these matters are thereforeMagic, 105:from the soul, or from the sun, or from a planet. Along those living lines of fiery essence passMagic, 212:direct the evolutionary process of [212] the planet. These two directions in which the soul looksMagic, 232:into the ranks of the white magicians of our planet and can wield forces, cooperate with the plan,Magic, 274:seven solar systems is wasted energy. On our planet, only such great lives as the Buddha, theMagic, 275:are as yet not even remotely visioned on our planet. Magic, 276:word here, and one hint. The Hierarchy of the planet constitutes symbolically the head center ofMagic, 291:forces which reach them from other forms on the planet, to the seven basic types of energiesMagic, 292:personalities. Groups, i.e. The Hierarchy of the Planet. Subjective. The integrating group ofMagic, 307:due undoubtedly to forces external to the planet and to plans, obscure in their intent to ordinaryMagic, 311:and repassing through the sentient body of the planet itself. This is, in other words, the astralMagic, 313:this Life is bringing the etheric body of our planet into a state of increased rapid vibration.Magic, 314:Logos" beats now in closer rhythm with this planet than has heretofore been the case (this notMagic, 314:been the case (this not being a sacred planet.) The love and thought of that divine Life is turnedMagic, 314:"little daughter of a long lost son", as our planet is sometimes called in the occult books of theMagic, 323:in mind. The same law governs a human being, a planet, a solar system - all centers or focal pointsMagic, 335:increased noise and sound emanating from the planet at this time. The roar of machinery, the rumbleMagic, 338:there are energies and forces in nature and the planet, and also extra-planetary or cosmic, toMagic, 360:the Life which is expressing itself through our planet, to our planetary Logos, but the idea canMagic, 373:said anent the etheric body of men, anent the planet, anent the spirit of the earth, the crux ofMagic, 377:aggregate, form the occult Hierarchy of the planet, working in three main divisions, and in sevenMagic, 403:These two aspects of the scheme for our planet are taken for granted, and are but modes, processesMagic, 432:system altogether; his life is focused in the planet; his consciousness lies in realms beyond theMagic, 432:forms, which, blended and fused, constitute our planet. Each is the embodiment of energy, and theseMagic, 434:really known by the highest intelligence on the planet; for, forget not, that the adepts utilizeMagic, 437:the capacity of the wisest astrologer on our planet that discussion is immaterial. In casting theMagic, 440:It is not possible to cast the horoscope of the planet, and those who propose to do so areMagic, 449:as true of a created universe, solar system or planet as they are true of the tiny thoughtMagic, 458:of the highest group of Intelligences on our planet. Their consciousness can respond and beMagic, 471:with such a thought-form as a solar system, a planet, a kingdom in nature or a human being. In someMagic, 507:point and thus release those "prisoners of the planet" whose note is right and justly tuned to thatMagic, 512:they can then release the "prisoners of the planet," which [513] is the objective of all magicalMagic, 518:with the work of releasing the "prisoners of the planet"; and in them he becomes conscious of hisMagic, 519:and mental authority upon the "prisoners of the planet". Thus they have wrought much harm. TheyMagic, 519:I proceed to speak of the "prisoners of the planet" and the work to be done with them. Humanity atMagic, 521:is being made to free the "prisoners of the planet". The Hierarchy, through the Group of WorldMagic, 521:White Magic - Rule Twelve - The Prisoners of the Planet The Prisoners of the Planet Having dealtMagic, 521:The Prisoners of the Planet The Prisoners of the Planet Having dealt with the work of the magicianMagic, 521:that this is to release the "prisoners of the planet". It would profit us therefore to study whoMagic, 521:by the working disciple. These prisoners of the planet fall into two major groups, which embodyMagic, 523:White Magic - Rule Twelve - The Prisoners of the Planet I talk to you of laws, and I seek toMagic, 524:to a consideration of those prisoners of the planet which can be more easily contacted, whoseMagic, 525:White Magic - Rule Twelve - The Prisoners of the Planet Humanity constitutes a center of energyMagic, 528:White Magic - Rule Twelve - The Prisoners of the Planet II. The second type of activity of whichMagic, 528:peoples that have lived or are living upon our planet can be dealt with under this heading. ItMagic, 529:united and combined - to the prisoners of the planet and to the lives, held in embodied existenceMagic, 529:souls, to the releasing of the prisoners of the planet. This is the goal for humanity as a whole,Magic, 530:considering the problem of the prisoners of the planet and their eventual release, it must beMagic, 530:White Magic - Rule Twelve - The Prisoners of the Planet The "prisoners of the planet" fall into twoMagic, 530:Prisoners of the Planet The "prisoners of the planet" fall into two categories: 1. Those livesMagic, 531:groups. [531] The Being Who is the life of our planet, the One in Whom we live and move and haveMagic, 532:White Magic - Rule Twelve - The Prisoners of the Planet A word about pain might be in place here,Magic, 534:White Magic - Rule Twelve - The Prisoners of the Planet It is interesting here to note that deathMagic, 535:a releasing agent for the "prisoners of the planet"? What can humanity as a whole achieve alongMagic, 537:White Magic - Rule Twelve - The Prisoners of the Planet In touching upon the work of humanity inMagic, 537:First, in order to release the "prisoners of the planet" that come under the title of subhuman, manMagic, 537:rules for releasing the prisoners of the planet. I have made no classification of the prisons andMagic, 542:The vast assembly of insects which now haunt our planet and cause increasing concern to theMagic, 608:all. But they are the intelligent forces of the planet; they express, because of their state ofMeditation, 163:They are the most powerful known on our planet and their effects are far-reaching. As you know,Meditation, 164:which causes contact with the Logos of our planet, is known to the adepts as well. So the scale isMeditation, 164:sounded forth, until we reach the mantram of our planet, which is based on the key of the Earth,Meditation, 164:a phrase which sums up our evolution. Each planet has some such note or phrase whereby its guidesMeditation, 167:form of animal, mineral, flower, human being or planet, or the form of races, nations, devas or theMeditation, 167:the Mahachohan. But specially note, that on this planet the Lord of Love and Power, the firstMeditation, 169:executives offices in which the business of our planet is handled, and each office is dependentMeditation, 174:them in this fourth cycle on the fourth or earth planet. The devas are on the evolutionary path, onMeditation, 183:as evidenced in the internal economy of our planet, and the central ball of fire, the sun. ThatMeditation, 200:Forms will be employed The great event on the planet in direct relation to the human race is theMeditation, 201:as well as through the Planetary Logos of this planet. The date of this event is not yet forMeditation, 207:the Flame, in their work in connection with this planet, may be spoken of in terms of four colors:Meditation, 236:Atlantean race before taking incarnation on this planet. When the rate of the vibration of a largerMeditation, 262:Wisdom is One Who has chosen to stay upon our planet to help His fellowmen... All Who attain theMeditation, 264:to work with the Heads of the Hierarchy of this planet, and in conjunction with analogous Heads onMeditation, 302:which has its root in the sacred center of the planet, Shamballa. At that place, directly under theMeditation, 355:control of the evolution of humanity upon this planet about 18 million years ago, during the middleMeditation, 355:of intelligence. He is the embodiment on the planet of the third, or intelligence, aspect of deityMeditation, 357:human stage and are now manifesting through a planet and its evolutions, in the same way that manMeditation, 357:globe is, in reality, the personal God of the planet. Prakriti Derives its name from its functionMeditation, 359:of the seven races of man which evolve upon a planet during the great cycle of planetary existence.Meditation, 360:his touch and with the work of our planet. Yoga 1. One of the six schools of India,Patanjali, 21:the nature of the creative process of the planet, and who are concerned with the dissipation ofPatanjali, 52:gone on in the wheels and cycles preceding our planet Earth. The primeval Lords, or Sages, arePatanjali, 52:by the one Initiator, the representative in our planet of the [53] Oversoul. They in their turnPatanjali, 76:deals with our relation to the Hierarchy of the planet, and dispassion concerns our attitude to allPatanjali, 80:(director of the third ray aspect upon our planet), will be found illuminating. Students would findPatanjali, 83:the "jewel." Each center corresponds to a sacred planet, the body of manifestation of one of thePatanjali, 108:which is registered the thought impulses of our planet and its inhabitants, and with forms createdPatanjali, 225:science of astrology or the relationship of the planet, or planets to the human being and of their
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