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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANET

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Rays, 540:planet is - for wise and adequate reasons - the planet of distress, dispassion and detachment. WhenRays, 550:of manifestation. The Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet is such a vortex; Humanity itself isRays, 551:There are other factors present in our planet today, but these are the ones which will (in a vagueRays, 574:to that seen - on a much larger scale - in the planet, for it was this ray energy which theRays, 586:of workers in the political field throughout the planet. The Ashram of the Master Hilarion, as HeRays, 590:is easily responsive to the major ray of the planet, that of love-wisdom. So responsive is it thatRays, 591:the most potent energy at this time in the planet, because it was brought to maturity in the firstRays, 618:center or the place where love prevails upon our planet) is brought into relationship withRays, 619:Thus the hearts of men, the heart of the planet, i.e., the Hierarchy, and the heart of theRays, 619:of God, is drawn forth from the heart of the planet (the Hierarchy) to the hearts of men, and theRays, 621:for untold millennia; the territories of the planet have changed hands many times and the earth hasRays, 623:technique whereby the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet brings good out of evil without originatingRays, 626:point out here that the spiritual forces of the planet do not greatly fear a renewed outbreak ofRays, 644:theme and objective of all activity upon our planet. This gives us a clue to the goal of theRays, 646:manifestation for it is the ray which holds the planet and all that is upon it in one coherentRays, 654:for a new Humanity. When this happens, our planet will no longer be known as the planet of sorrowRays, 654:our planet will no longer be known as the planet of sorrow and of pain, but will be distinguishedRays, 654:incarnation (through the medium of our little planet), to aid the work of the Solar Logos inRays, 657:from the highest spiritual sources on our planet; these have hitherto reached us via the Hierarchy.Rays, 657:highly developed evolutionary product upon our planet, reacts to these initiations; they [658]Rays, 659:alone, but for that greater Whole in which our planet plays its little part. That moment lies aheadRays, 674:White Lodge, the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet. It is the battleground between the pairs ofRays, 689:seventh initiation, the dominating ray of our planet - the second Ray of Love-Wisdom - is employed.Rays, 689:- is employed. There is no energy upon our planet of equal potency, and no expression of it has soRays, 692:our relatively little and apparently unimportant planet, the Earth. The word "crucifixion" comesRays, 701:that which is material; under the law of our planet (and, if you only knew, under the law of ourRays, 701:- struggle and conflict associated on our planet with pain and suffering but which, after thisRays, 701:A hint as to the purpose for which our little planet exists and its unique position in the schemeRays, 714:at Shamballa are the only Beings upon our planet Who know just what is the nature of the divineRays, 717:to be given. Sanat Kumara has created this planet and all that moves and lives therein in order toRays, 720:and quite definitely that all happenings on our planet are in truth simply preparatory to otherRays, 721:force of the planetary rays; i.e., that of the planet itself (the personality ray of the planetaryRays, 721:will drastically and permanently affect the planet on which They have lived and for which They haveRays, 722:and return to work with the evolutions upon our planet; there are many such evolutions and severalRays, 725:permitted to the eternal pilgrim upon our little planet, the Earth, but when that is left behindRays, 726:severs all connection with the past and with the planet, but never with the One Life whichRays, 726:who attain resurrection and liberation upon our planet will always be spiritually qualified byRays, 726:that they may later create when freed from our planet. You can see, therefore, why the phrase "GodRays, 727:evolutionary process to which all lives on our planet have to submit has been to develop thisRays, 728:to the revelation of love upon our little planet, the Earth, through the process of creation, theRays, 728:emerges that there is the probability that our planet has a unique relation to the Heart of theRays, 729:cooperator with the Building Forces of the planet and also of the solar system, and upon his chosenRays, 733:all livingness and all forms upon and within our planet and yet remains - greater than ourRays, 733:comprehension of that great Whole in which our planet and our planetary Logos are but a part. It isRays, 734:in the deepest cosmic meditation between our planet, the Earth, and our sister planet, Venus. YouRays, 734:between our planet, the Earth, and our sister planet, Venus. You would find it useful to read withRays, 734:Their high state of spiritual unfoldment on our planet or even in our solar system. Their origin,Rays, 734:help They go when the invocative appeal of any planet is adequate. Think not that They come to putRays, 735:embody energy to the extent that any particular planet is capable of receiving it. These areRays, 736:charging of the three major centers on the planet - Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity - hasRays, 736:understand as cosmic evil, manifesting on this planet and in relation to the planet. He is accordedRays, 736:on this planet and in relation to the planet. He is accorded this last contact, but such a contactRays, 736:to go back upon His decision and stay upon the planet with Those World Saviors Who have chosen theRays, 737:star with star, solar system with solar system, planet with planet and all planetary lives withRays, 737:solar system with solar system, planet with planet and all planetary lives with each other. TheRays, 737:know not, but the goal of all endeavor upon our planet is right relations between man and man [738]Rays, 748:you here that the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet cares not whether a man is a democrat, aRays, 752:which is inherent in the substance of our planet; of it all forms are made and our planetary LogosRays, 753:dwells - an evil which is not indigenous to our planet, an evil with which it was never intendedRays, 755:dissipation, and therefore the release of our planet from its danger, is the destined task of ThoseReappearance, 6:the divine energy of love directly to our planet and in a most definite sense to humanity. AlwaysReappearance, 8:can then become events in the life of our planet; toward Them every eye can look and all men can beReappearance, 13:Church Invisible, the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet; it is dependent also upon theReappearance, 19:of God, or the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet. Everywhere, in all countries, there are thousandsReappearance, 25:for humanity and - through humanity - for the planet as a whole. At the particular stage ofReappearance, 28:of God is known." The spiritual Hierarchy of our planet (the invisible Church of Christ) is not aReappearance, 39:ago in Palestine. The Buddha hovers over the planet, ready to play His part if the opportunity isReappearance, 43:also through the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet. It impels the Head of the Hierarchy, theReappearance, 46:expresses the spiritual solidarity of our planet, and the Festival in June, peculiarly the FestivalReappearance, 46:faiths. It is the physical Presence upon our planet of such recognized spiritual figures as theReappearance, 54:talking of exact and literal happenings on our planet. We are dealing with recognitions andReappearance, 54:received Him; today the clouds which cover our planet are waiting to reveal Him. He is now waitingReappearance, 55:world. Because of the smallness of our little planet, and because of the prevalence of the radio,Reappearance, 57:of a cyclic crisis in the spiritual life of our planet; it is one which [58] has been anticipatedReappearance, 66:the medium of the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, of which He is the Head - for the welfare ofReappearance, 70:static in the entire evolutionary process of our planet or of the cosmos; there is naught butReappearance, 78:Kingdom of God, the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, in open expression on Earth, thus leading toReappearance, 79:of the times and cycles through which our planet passes, under influence of solar progression. TheReappearance, 88:was to relate humanity to the Hierarchy of the planet; in the Aquarian Age, His work will be toReappearance, 95:Thus from the highest spiritual Being upon our planet, through the graded spiritual groups ofReappearance, 102:authorized by the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, have brought to humanity. All the cyclicReappearance, 108:(at present invisible) Hierarchy of our planet, the true Kingdom of God. The veil that hides thatReappearance, 118:Law of Rebirth is a great natural law upon our planet. It is a process, instituted and carriedReappearance, 123:of them and yet upon them the life of the planet is dependent; they are also closely related to theReappearance, 149:some years now the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet has been drawing nearer to humanity and itsReappearance, 153:only its relation to the spiritual life of our planet, the "One in Whom we live and move and haveReappearance, 153:will also give a glimpse of the relation of our planet to the circle of planetary lives, movingReappearance, 156:the united invocation of humanity throughout the planet. Reappearance, 169:of the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet. Of this, the return of the Christ to visible activityReappearance, 187:and horror which has descended upon our unhappy planet. Humanity today looks in two directions:Telepathy, 2:constitute that one synthetic energy body of our planet. In approaching, therefore, the subject ofTelepathy, 2:is an integral part of the etheric body of the planet itself and consequently of the solar system.Telepathy, 16:one with the etheric substance of the planet. The area around the solar plexus (though not inTelepathy, 43:time astrologically en rapport with our planet. This impression can only be received by the GreatTelepathy, 43:emanating from the two planets which - with our planet, the Earth - form a triangle in anyTelepathy, 43:for distribution to the Hierarchy. From the planet Venus, the Earth's alter ego. This makes itsTelepathy, 45:The entire evolutionary history of our planet is one of reception and of distribution, of a takingTelepathy, 46:few, a very few, of the impressing forces of the planet, and have [47] enumerated only a few of theTelepathy, 54:itself, which is the goal - on this planet - of all the evolutionary process, is simply theTelepathy, 62:eventually be a major magnetic center upon our planet, invoking all the higher kingdoms upon the
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