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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANET

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Telepathy, 78:a wide and general sense throughout the entire planet and the planetary aura. No kingdom in natureTelepathy, 80:view - might look upon as the liberation of the planet. The generating of good karma necessitatesTelepathy, 114:is an integral part of the vital body of the planet. This vital body is the medium also of allTelepathy, 124:the framework and the essential structure of our planet. The relation evoked is, as you can wellTelepathy, 125:factor, therefore, within and upon our planet is what we might regard as the three major centers ofTelepathy, 128:underlying all manifested life upon our planet, and also the close interplay or relationship whichTelepathy, 132:point of energy, and the heart center of the planet, the Hierarchy came into being; thus twoTelepathy, 132:of Flame from the alter ego of our Earth, the planet Venus. They created the nucleus of theTelepathy, 136:ray, as is the solar plexus center of the planet. To that subdiaphragmatic center I give no name.Telepathy, 148:with you the vast circulatory life of the planet as it streams into, through and out of everyTelepathy, 148:forms which, in their sumtotal, constitute our planet - as we know it. All forms are related,Telepathy, 154:the life-giving, health-giving energy of the planet itself. Through these tubes, however, may flowTelepathy, 163:intersecting energies in the etheric body of the planet are at this time a network of squares. WhenTelepathy, 163:stands four-square." The etheric vehicle of the planet was inherited from a former solar system,Telepathy, 178:solar system, to the many planets, and to that planet upon which and in which we move and live andTelepathy, 179:within the etheric body is like a center in a planet or in the human body, and the resemblance -Telepathy, 180:a living animated existence, such as that of a planet, is concerned. The same is true also of allTelepathy, 181:of life: to a universe, to a solar system, to a planet, to a human being, to any subhuman form andTelepathy, 182:being, is the informing, ensouling life of this planet, the Earth; it is His life which integratesTelepathy, 182:the Earth; it is His life which integrates the planet as a whole, and His life which pours throughTelepathy, 183:which all men possess, the concept of our planet as a great lotus composed of many interweavingTelepathy, 184:is related to the unfolding consciousness of the planet, and therefore of all forms of life withinTelepathy, 184:of all forms of life within or upon the planet; it is not related to the life aspect in any sense.Telepathy, 185:Only in the final root-race of men upon our planet will the essential central Triangle make itsTelepathy, 187:"giving life" to all forms upon and within the planet, the influence or radiation of Shamballa isTelepathy, 188:takes place within the etheric body of the planet, for all these centers exist etherically, andTelepathy, 193:themselves throughout the etheric body of the planet (and therefore through the human etheric body)
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