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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANETARY

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Astrology, 5:horizon; the relationships between individual, planetary, systemic and cosmic entities will beAstrology, 6:will gradually die out, and increasingly the planetary, the systemic and the universal picture willAstrology, 8:of this entity, and their united effect on our planetary life, the kingdoms in nature and theAstrology, 10:play upon and through our solar system, our planetary spheres and all forms of life upon thoseAstrology, 10:its etheric body, is an integral part of the planetary etheric body; the planetary etheric body isAstrology, 10:integral part of the planetary etheric body; the planetary etheric body is not separated off fromAstrology, 12:of our Earth and in the integral quality of our planetary Logos as He sends forth and transmitsAstrology, 12:He sends forth and transmits energy within His planetary environment. Astrologers have alwaysAstrology, 14:emanating from the solar centers, play upon the planetary centers... This is hidden in the karma ofAstrology, 14:great veil which has been thrown wisely over planetary lore." (A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 1051)Astrology, 14:find their way from far distant Sources into our planetary life and produce definite effects uponAstrology, 15:planets or "hidden" planets. [15] The seven planetary centers. The seven centers of force in theAstrology, 15:energy which definitely play upon and affect our planetary life, such as those coming from thatAstrology, 16:to determine what should be done to negate the planetary influences where it is deemed desirable toAstrology, 16:astrologer should also be noted: That the planetary influences indicate the trend of the outer lifeAstrology, 19:is that the zodiacal, the systemic and the planetary energies act either as hindering or asAstrology, 19:in evolution attained and also upon the general planetary condition and psychology to be found inAstrology, 19:and somewhat new measure and tempo upon our planetary life, are evoking a greatly intensifiedAstrology, 21:and therefore with the destiny and life of the planetary Logos. They are also concerned with theAstrology, 22:The primary effect that they have is upon our planetary Logos and this effect reaches us throughAstrology, 22:us through Him, pouring through that great planetary center to which we have given the name ofAstrology, 22:this most interesting theme of the three major planetary centers. It is the work of the zodiacalAstrology, 22:souls and personalities who constitute the planetary body of expression. This statement means butAstrology, 22:that all the energies - zodiacal, systemic, and planetary - have a definite effect [23] upon allAstrology, 23:disciple has to become consciously aware of the planetary influences and begin to use them for theAstrology, 26:planet is therefore: Linked with every other planetary life. Animated by energy pouring into itAstrology, 26:than our own. Our own solar system. Our own planetary life. Proposition Two - Each one of the rayAstrology, 27:with, and their effect upon, the various planetary forces, particularly those of the Earth. I amAstrology, 28:having a definite effect upon our system and our planetary life. Those coming from the planetsAstrology, 29:it constitutes a living unit in the body of the planetary Logos. As little conscious effect isAstrology, 31:is the agent of positive force to the planetary Logos and the other the relayer of the negativeAstrology, 31:of energies between the lives of the seven planetary Logoi and the stupendous and unfathomableAstrology, 31:secret of astrological deduction in the planetary sense is connected with these "sacred triangles,"Astrology, 32:found that the line of these forces and of our planetary response to them is of a more potentAstrology, 32:immeasurably advanced point in evolution of the planetary Spirits Who have (in Their individualAstrology, 32:life. So it is with the constellations and the planetary Logoi. They can offset the lowerAstrology, 32:this statement is true of the solar Logos, the planetary Logoi, and of all forms in all theAstrology, 35:II The Seven Creative Hierarchies in active planetary expression (The seven states of being - underAstrology, 37:human. It is not drawn in relation to the other planetary manifestations. [38] Astrology, 46:cosmic Entity Who is the Life of our planet, the planetary Logos. It was this triple karma whichAstrology, 46:in Lemurian days. It had to do with solar and planetary Kundalini, or Serpent fire. A hint lies inAstrology, 47:plane. The solar twelve-petalled lotus. The planetary logoic heart, also a twelve-petalled lotus.Astrology, 47:Sun. The physical Sun. The heart center of the planetary Logos, situated on the fourth cosmicAstrology, 48:are in the etheric body of the solar Logos or planetary Logos. This is a point requiring carefulAstrology, 49:the ego, from the form of a flower to the vast planetary or solar lotus) because the HierarchiesAstrology, 52:make it apparent that, when the conditioning planetary forces, the expanding energies of the sunAstrology, 53:energies of the seven rays or of the seven planetary Logoi. This marks a point of perfection. TheseAstrology, 54:upon the type of response mechanism of the planetary Life and of the individual man. It has beenAstrology, 54:and systemic - reach man via the conditioning planetary centers of force (the seven planetaryAstrology, 54:planetary centers of force (the seven planetary schemes in the solar system and their correspondingAstrology, 55:is true also of humanity as a whole, of the planetary Logos of the Earth, as of all planetaryAstrology, 55:of the planetary Logos of the Earth, as of all planetary Logoi, and of a solar Logos. The analogyAstrology, 55:seen in the conscious and directed fusion of the planetary forces with the energy of any specificAstrology, 55:(in the case of both the individual or a planetary Life) there comes a point of crisis wherein theAstrology, 55:the initiate, be he a liberated human being or a planetary Logos. When astrologers understand theAstrology, 56:quarreling brothers") [56] and beat upon our planetary life, then the true method of resolving theAstrology, 58:the Personality. Produces responsiveness to the planetary influences. Astrology, 59:itself as the expression of the life of the planetary Logos. This involves the studying of theAstrology, 59:and interplay. The spirit of the Earth is to the planetary Logos of the Earth, for instance, whatAstrology, 59:The two horoscopes are superimposed and the "planetary pattern" then emerges. The horoscope of theAstrology, 64:of the "Great Approach" of the Hierarchy to our planetary manifestation when individualization tookAstrology, 65:and effect will depend upon the state of the planetary centers and upon the point of unfoldment ofAstrology, 65:bewildered. Orthodox astrology posits one set of planetary rulers, and they are correct as far asAstrology, 66:Astrological Relationship Constellations and Planetary Rulers in connection with Ordinary ManAstrology, 66:Astrological Relationship Constellations and Planetary Rulers in connection with Disciples andAstrology, 68:Wheel and Spiritual Unfoldment Tabulation VI Planetary Rulers in 3 Tabulations ConstellationAstrology, 69:improve. His reactions, therefore, to the planetary influence and to the energy of the variousAstrology, 70:from the constellations pour through the planetary centers. At the first initiation, the discipleAstrology, 75:The orthodox and generally accepted series of planetary rulers for the undeveloped and average man.Astrology, 78:seven which are regarded as sacred. These twelve planetary lives (with their own cycles, points ofAstrology, 79:the seven races are the expression. The seven planetary centers. The seven and the five planetsAstrology, 79:of the twelve zodiacal constellations. These planetary centers will be studied from two angles:Astrology, 80:and the spleen are primarily connected with the planetary emanation of the Earth itself. 3.Astrology, 80:a. Initiation Discipleship Evolution b. The Planetary Logos Humanity Kingdoms in Nature c. CosmicAstrology, 80:in Nature c. Cosmic Initiation Solar Initiation Planetary Initiation d. Spirit Soul Body e. LifeAstrology, 83:combinations of forces and energies - ray, planetary, zodiacal and cosmic - until he is "madeAstrology, 85:via the Lords of the twelve signs and the twelve planetary Rulers. These twelve basic energiesAstrology, 85:Themselves through the medium of the seven planetary Logoi Who are Their Representatives and toAstrology, 85:stand in the relation of prototype. The seven Planetary Spirits manifest through the medium of theAstrology, 87:- of the influence of the triangles - zodiacal, planetary, racial and human. These latter trianglesAstrology, 90:and [90] the influence of the present group of planetary Rulers will be considerably lessened. NewAstrology, 90:Rulers will be considerably lessened. New planetary potencies (conveying zodiacal energies) willAstrology, 90:of the crosses" and not simply indications of planetary influences in the twelve houses. I questionAstrology, 90:first systemic. The two first initiations are planetary in their implications. The above statementAstrology, 91:which the first Ray of Will or Power reaches our planetary life. Such pure types are rare indeedAstrology, 95:to the individual through the influence of the planetary [96] ruler, Mars, the God of War, a neededAstrology, 97:referring to the signs, independently of their planetary rulers. There is something in the energyAstrology, 97:means little to humanity, for it concerns the planetary Logos and His life cycle. The three deathsAstrology, 97:as a whole, release the soul into three great planetary centers: The death by drowning or by waterAstrology, 98:by suffocation in Scorpio releases man into the planetary center which we call the Hierarchy. TheAstrology, 99:transmuted into the force and activity of the planetary Logos of the first ray, and works out asAstrology, 99:whether that objective is the full flower of the planetary life in all its forms, the ambition of aAstrology, 108:Cross of the Heavens, the power to take a final planetary initiation and the privilege of passingAstrology, 108:contradistinction to "the freedom of the seven planetary spheres," which the experience ofAstrology, 108:of intensive training in one or other of the planetary schools (according to his ray type) and theAstrology, 108:in rightly and correctly guiding and directing planetary affairs. [109] Astrology, 109:crucified at any one time. The influence of the planetary Rulers - orthodox or esoteric. The RaysAstrology, 109:to which sign it may be is found in the orthodox planetary ruler where the personality ray isAstrology, 109:personality ray is concerned and the esoteric planetary ruler where the soul is concerned. TheAstrology, 110:of importance - the real Sun under which our planetary life will eventually function [111] and to
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