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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANETARY

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Astrology, 112:conditions the personality career and the twelve planetary houses are of dominant importance. LaterAstrology, 113:are studying, plus his reactions to zodiacal and planetary influences; we are dealing with hisAstrology, 113:as a spiritual soul (a correspondence to the planetary Logos). The Lord of the Planet, one of theAstrology, 114:him to enter into the Life and Mind of the planetary Logos, has dealt only with the second divisionAstrology, 121:is, in relation to this Cross, the Cross of the planetary Christ, just as the Fixed Cross is thatAstrology, 125:influence controlling them, from the orthodox planetary rulership to that of the more esotericAstrology, 125:the rays which express themselves through the planetary rulers and which absorb or collaborate withAstrology, 127:Through the Earth - under the influence of planetary experience (which is different to individualAstrology, 128:the human kingdom and they are embodied in the planetary influences which pour through theseAstrology, 134:for the changes now being effected in our planetary life in all the kingdoms of nature, and,Astrology, 140:of the orthodox planets when dealing with the planetary influences we will speak of the exotericAstrology, 140:the impact of many forces upon the human, the planetary and the systemic expression of life andAstrology, 141:to the consideration of the constellation Leo. Planetary influences are unusually potent inAstrology, 143:felt also as life-giving [143] in other forms of planetary life and other kingdoms in nature butAstrology, 144:Personality life and form life and planetary life no longer control. The man stands free.Astrology, 145:appear in the personal horoscope, indicative of planetary control and not of solar control.Astrology, 148:the end of the enforced task and sacrifice and planetary service. This achievement reaches its goalAstrology, 153:when its lessons are assimilated, brings about planetary awareness. The Fixed Cross brings aboutAstrology, 157:which are the symbols in the body of the planetary Logos of the three higher centers in man: theAstrology, 160:days, man had become so responsive to the planetary and solar influence that the door of initiationAstrology, 163:is possible today. The exoteric and the esoteric planetary rulers of Capricorn are the same, andAstrology, 164:certain angles, Saturn can be regarded as the planetary Dweller on the Threshold, for humanity as aAstrology, 165:the hidden glory." Through certain other of the planetary rulers, through the medium of which theAstrology, 165:if they so desire, by relating the rays, planetary rulers and constellations through reference toAstrology, 167:are abidingly present and pour into our planetary sphere and life, via the Sun (veiling a hiddenAstrology, 167:planets - the discovered and undiscovered planetary Lives. It has been occultly said that a visionAstrology, 169:appearance and experiences of the life of the planetary Logos through the medium of the five racesAstrology, 169:one present, the Aryan, and two to come are - planetary correspondences to the five initiations.Astrology, 172:period as it is concerned with the effect of the planetary influences, the solar rays and theAstrology, 186:Planets - These bring in renewed or increased planetary energy and ray energy in a more dynamicAstrology, 186:are Venus, the Moon, the Earth and Pluto. The Planetary Ruler of a Hierarchy - In this particularAstrology, 188:Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations These planetary influences are distinctive of the Sons ofAstrology, 188:on the Earth and thus within the body of the planetary Logos, and are of a definitely intelligentAstrology, 196:to affect human response. Their effect has been planetary in its nature up to date and has notAstrology, 198:constellations and zodiacal signs into our planetary scheme. Scorpio is the great constellationAstrology, 198:pouring into the seven groups which form our planetary Hierarchy evokes a response. I would remindAstrology, 198:and forces are pouring upon our system and our planetary lives ceaselessly, potently andAstrology, 198:kinds of sources, extraneous to our system and planetary schemes, but until man responds andAstrology, 200:are the eternal symbols. This coming process of planetary service through the third divine centerAstrology, 201:beginning to happen today for the first time in planetary history. It is one of the first fruits ofAstrology, 209:undeveloped man who responds more easily to the planetary influences in the twelve houses of hisAstrology, 211:name of man, and through its hierarchical planetary ruler, the Sons of Mind, the Messengers ofAstrology, 231:for aeons. This final judgment, as far as this planetary cycle is concerned, will take place in theAstrology, 238:control and into a position of power in the planetary horoscope. There is, therefore, no need forAstrology, 248:which is required to release the man from the planetary influences which condition his personalityAstrology, 256:of the race; the responsiveness of man to the planetary forces and to the influence of the [257]Astrology, 258:in terms of the service of the Hierarchy, the planetary expression of the idea of service, whilstAstrology, 263:Hierarchy, that of the Divine Builders of our planetary manifestation. (See the tabulation re theAstrology, 263:will be revealed. Through these three planetary rulers the energies of the fourth ray pour,Astrology, 264:related, through the medium of the various planetary rulers, to eight other signs of the zodiac andAstrology, 264:as humanity is concerned. There are: Five major planetary initiations which a man can take. [265]Astrology, 267:The capacity to receive and profit by the planetary energies (themselves received as emanated fromAstrology, 267:The Lords of the planets (the ray Lives or planetary Logoi) are also, on Their own level, unequallyAstrology, 268:the reversed wheel, through the medium of the planetary rulers (orthodox and esoteric unitedlyAstrology, 268:The forces of these Hierarchies (neither planetary nor systemic), then sweep into and through theAstrology, 269:development. The initiate is responsive to planetary, systemic and certain cosmic influences andAstrology, 269:tunes his consciousness and thus becomes a planetary server. Astrology, 270:response to the many forces impinging upon our planetary forms of life. It has been remarked by aAstrology, 271:the twelve cosmic Energies and the seven planetary Impacts and the interplay of the twelve CreativeAstrology, 278:carried forward; full use will be made of the planetary influences and the energies coming from theAstrology, 280:There is another point in connection with the planetary influences which I would like to mentionAstrology, 290:truth are here revealed as cosmic, solar and planetary influences evoking - in response to TheirAstrology, 293:Leo, are the "fires of God" - cosmic, solar and planetary - producing purification, theAstrology, 293:Aries comes cosmic fire; from Sagittarius comes planetary fire; and from Leo comes solar fire; andAstrology, 298:gate" was opened and a major initiation of our planetary Logos took place, producing, in the humanAstrology, 304:many quaternaries which can be discovered in the planetary interrelation, the relation between fourAstrology, 305:and squares are found in all horoscopes - human, planetary, systemic and cosmic - and constituteAstrology, 308:one potent stream of force; these pour into our planetary life during the month of August, andAstrology, 308:for all the energies of the constellations and planetary forces, but this is the only one I choose,Astrology, 321:connection with other signs, claiming the same planetary rulers. There is one point which I wouldAstrology, 324:of value to relate the effects of these seven planetary forces to the unfolding seven principles ofAstrology, 324:and the determination that they too may attain planetary status equivalent to that of theAstrology, 325:oneself with the One Who thus breathes - the planetary Logos - and the entire theme must thereforeAstrology, 331:purpose of their coordinated influence is both planetary, solar and cosmic. The initiate who hasAstrology, 331:changes are brought about and as human, planetary and solar consciousness progressively develops,Astrology, 351:all forms in all kingdoms of nature and also to planetary and solar expression. The proved realityAstrology, 355:be made to the Forces which can utilize this planetary potency in order to work out the divine planAstrology, 356:sorrow which are distinguishing qualities of our planetary life lies hid a secret mystery. ThroughAstrology, 357:of difficulty which is so characteristic of our planetary life, but which produces eventually theAstrology, 357:eventually the awakening of humanity to full planetary consciousness, [358] and, in the case of theAstrology, 358:consciousness, [358] and, in the case of the planetary Logos, to full cosmic consciousness. ThisAstrology, 358:esoteric self, between the form-consciousness (planetary, human and subhuman) and the soul withinAstrology, 358:potencies of Gemini-Aries, instilled into our planetary life via Mercury, focus the energy of theAstrology, 359:ruler of Scorpio and its effect is of a planetary nature far more than is usually the case, and is,Astrology, 359:more difficult to trace at our present point of planetary development and human consciousness. ItsAstrology, 359:the consciousness of individual man is also planetary in its scope and grasp, which is never theAstrology, 359:for any unit of consciousness, within the planetary sphere of influence, to conceive of conditionsAstrology, 362:these are related to the Personality of our planetary Logos: The Earth - planetary vital body.Astrology, 362:Personality of our planetary Logos: The Earth - planetary vital body. Venus - planetary astralAstrology, 362:Logos: The Earth - planetary vital body. Venus - planetary astral vehicle, or Kama-manas. Mercury -Astrology, 362:astral vehicle, or Kama-manas. Mercury - planetary mind. The Earth itself is, on a small scale,Astrology, 362:upon the astral plane" which characterizes our planetary life. These fourfold influences andAstrology, 362:awakens in humanity (the focal point of our planetary effort) the sense of duality which is theAstrology, 363:personality ray of the great informing Life, the planetary Logos, subordinated to the two higherAstrology, 369:case of the ordinary wheel serve to enhance the planetary rulers of the sign, Gemini with SaturnAstrology, 376:planet - emanates, via the head center of the planetary Logos, from the Great Bear; it is steppedAstrology, 376:It is there absorbed by that major center of our planetary life to which we give the name,Astrology, 377:the true purpose and ideal set before our planetary forces by the all-creating Will becomesAstrology, 396:Christ - The Cardinal Cross The individual, planetary and cosmic Crosses. To determine these anglesAstrology, 399:a sign as well as the lessening of a particular planetary influence in any sign cycle (making it
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