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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANETARY

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Astrology, 399:or non-response, according to the caliber of the planetary instrument subjected to the impact. InAstrology, 401:the emphasis upon struggle. It is a cosmic, planetary and individual struggle, for desire-willAstrology, 401:the manifested activities of the Logos, the planetary Life and of man and also of all forms inAstrology, 403:upon their mutual interrelation and their planetary interplay and have sought to portray theAstrology, 407:of Energy - constellations. Triangles of Force - planetary triplicities. The Triangles and theAstrology, 407:triplicities. The Triangles and the Centers - planetary and human. I have analyzed here the pointAstrology, 410:is true in the life of the solar Deity, of a planetary [411] Logos, of humanity as a whole and of aAstrology, 411:of the Earth is related to an initiation of the planetary Logos. Students can here note, therefore,Astrology, 411:affecting our planet are zodiacal, systemic and planetary in nature and - again generalizing - itAstrology, 411:Ray of Attractive Coherency and affect the soul. Planetary forces impinge upon and pass throughAstrology, 413:the sentient thought life of a solar Logos, of a planetary Logos, of humanity and of man. Astrology, 418:basic triangles with a definite reference to our planetary life. Owing to the constant movementAstrology, 419:to have a definite effect upon humanity and our planetary life. Therefore, in studying theseAstrology, 421:Mercury Uranus Reaching the following center: Planetary head center Planetary ajna center PlanetaryAstrology, 421:the following center: Planetary head center Planetary ajna center Planetary heart From thence to:Astrology, 421:Planetary head center Planetary ajna center Planetary heart From thence to: Disciple's head centerAstrology, 422:these energies have a cosmic, systemic and planetary significance but these no disciple can as yetAstrology, 422:Themselves through the medium of the seven planetary Logoi Who are Their Representatives and toAstrology, 423:relation of cosmic Prototype. The seven [423] planetary Gods manifest through the medium of theAstrology, 423:the individual disciple, again via certain major planetary [424] centers. In this way that greatAstrology, 424:be seen in definite activity, producing solar, planetary and individual effects and thusAstrology, 425:into activity through his seven centers, of a planetary Logos functioning through seven planetaryAstrology, 425:of a planetary Logos functioning through seven planetary centers, of a solar Logos functioningAstrology, 426:1. Seven signs related to the unfoldment of planetary consciousness upon Earth and onlyAstrology, 426:Pisces These five signs are related in the planetary sense to the five great races of which ourAstrology, 426:America. These five continents are to the planetary Life what five major endocrine glands are toAstrology, 427:constellations and planets into the three major planetary centers: Shamballa, the Hierarchy andAstrology, 427:Systemic Mercury Systemic 4. Shamballa Earth Planetary head center Hierarchy Earth Planetary heartAstrology, 427:Earth Planetary head center Hierarchy Earth Planetary heart center Humanity Earth Planetary ajnaAstrology, 427:Earth Planetary heart center Humanity Earth Planetary ajna center 5. Head center Initiate EgoicAstrology, 427:some zodiacal, others systemic, still others planetary and their reflections in the etheric body ofAstrology, 430:when the sign of Taurus is dominant in any planetary and individual horoscope. In some unusualAstrology, 431:from Saturn in his little place poured into the planetary place of power. Shamballa was informed.Astrology, 434:in their wider connotation relate to the three planetary centers: Humanity, Hierarchy andAstrology, 435:Sirius and [435] the Pleiades. In between these planetary centers to which I have referred andAstrology, 435:constitutes a great center in the life of the planetary Logos: Capricorn connotes density, firmAstrology, 439:being, whether it is the will-to-be of a planetary Logos, of a group or of a man. TheAstrology, 440:involves the conscious use of that energy by the planetary Logos; this is evoking response todayAstrology, 441:be seen as basic and determining in all planetary affairs and event-producing. I have consequentlyAstrology, 441:triangle of Leo-Pisces-Capricorn and the allied planetary triangle of Saturn-Uranus-Mercury. TheseAstrology, 441:pour their six streams of force into our three planetary centers at this time, vitalizing andAstrology, 441:at this time, vitalizing and stimulating the planetary triangle of Shamballa-Hierarchy-Humanity.Astrology, 449:triangles concern the spiritual aspect of the planetary life and of humanity, as well as of theAstrology, 450:have wrought corresponding changes in the three planetary centers. In view of this certain basicAstrology, 450:dominant effect in the human kingdom - itself a planetary center. The individual disciple will,Astrology, 452:in the human being to the activity of the planetary centers under systemic and zodiacalAstrology, 452:the fact of cosmic, zodiacal, systemic, planetary and human interplay which in its turn constitutesAstrology, 452:or are transmitted by one or other of the planetary centers. I have said little about these centersAstrology, 452:recognize them as: Shamballa - Power. Purpose - Planetary head center - Directing Will Hierarchy -Astrology, 452:- Directing Will Hierarchy - Love. Wisdom - Planetary heart center - Directed Love Humanity -Astrology, 452:center - Directed Love Humanity - Intelligence - Planetary ajna center - Directed Mind Four otherAstrology, 452:Four other centers remain to be considered: the planetary throat center, solar plexus, sacralAstrology, 453:center at the base of the spine. [453] In the planetary logoic life - as is the case also withAstrology, 453:more fully than others. In the case of the planetary Logos of our little sphere, the head center,Astrology, 453:forms. These facts will give you an idea of our planetary status in the great family of the centralAstrology, 454:and the contradictions will disappear. The planetary center which corresponds to the one at theAstrology, 454:right relationship is established between the planetary sacral center (which is related to theAstrology, 454:kingdom in nature, the animal kingdom) and the planetary throat center, functioning properly and inAstrology, 454:treatise, certain hints were given anent the planetary centers and the rays of energy pouringAstrology, 454:and are essentially a reflection of a particular planetary triangle. It might be of service if IAstrology, 454:that Humanity is the correspondence in the planetary Life to the ajna center in individual man.Astrology, 454:this present world cycle, you have: Humanity - planetary ajna center - 5th Ray of Knowledge - 5thAstrology, 454:was at one time the correspondence to the planetary solar plexus and some day will shift the focusAstrology, 454:will shift the focus of its receptivity to the planetary heart center; when this takes place, theAstrology, 457:occult student. I refer to the outlets of planetary energy through the means of which great andAstrology, 457:general effects are produced in the external, planetary life. In this fifth root-race, there areAstrology, 457:the world of men, leading to effects of planetary significance and determining the trend of events.Astrology, 459:purpose. Positive qualified outgoing ray energy. Planetary, systemic, zodiacal and cosmic energy.Astrology, 460:a planet, which is a systemic center, one of the planetary centers, above referred to, a nation orAstrology, 464:be tentatively considered and their place in the planetary or in the individual horoscope can thenAstrology, 469:eventually bring about the initiation of the planetary Logos; this will warrant any futureAstrology, 469:planetary Logos; this will warrant any future planetary expression of His life to be termed aAstrology, 469:have produced adequate effect and the needed planetary changes have been produced, the termAstrology, 469:activity of the center at Shamballa concern the planetary Logos; humanity is slowly becomingAstrology, 470:the Leo energies in the closest contact with our planetary life. The following triangle will showAstrology, 477:intricate combinations of cosmic, systemic and planetary triangles, the purposes of God are workingAstrology, 479:The effort on Earth today (as seen by the planetary Logos) is to bring about a transformation ofAstrology, 481:fuse and blend the energies of the three planetary centers and transform our Earth (through theAstrology, 482:is to bring about the at-oning of the three planetary centers. There are four constellations, asAstrology, 494:The whole problem is one concerning our planetary Logos. It might be said (in order to make ourAstrology, 497:and when to them you add the new sets of planetary rulers which I have given you, it is notAstrology, 503:and is related to the spiritual status of the planetary Logoi, those great Beings in Whom all formsAstrology, 503:and that a "non-sacred" planet is one whose planetary Logos has not taken these initiations. ThisAstrology, 503:inclusiveness. Man is becoming inclusive in the planetary sense; the five major initiations whichAstrology, 503:to all states of consciousness within the planetary ring-pass-not, and is becoming sensitive toAstrology, 503:and is becoming sensitive to extra-planetary perception. [504] The Logos of a non-sacred planet isAstrology, 506:relationship within his little system, and the planetary Logos on a far larger scale within HisAstrology, 507:the fifth body, the personality. The task of our planetary Logos and of all advanced human beingsAstrology, 513:planets. 4. The Sun sign - with the exoteric planetary rulers - rules the personality, indicatesAstrology, 513:5. The rising sign, with the esoteric planetary rulers, indicates soul purpose and points the wayAstrology, 514:they pour their influences through the esoteric planetary rulers via the twelve houses. 8. The SunAstrology, 514:is just as impossible to determine which of the planetary influences are conditioning the centersAstrology, 514:in the Earth (viewing it as the vehicle of the planetary Logos) as it is in man, the individual,Astrology, 515:sign and therefore to a complete new set of planetary influences. Thus the centers in the vitalAstrology, 515:deduction, come under the influence of certain planetary rulers. These relate them in turn toAstrology, 517:humanity itself as a center in the body of the planetary Logos, thus bringing all the rayAstrology, 518:his seven centers are in close relation to the planetary centers and that he is conditioned notAstrology, 518:found within the human kingdom and also by the planetary centers. With these we will now proceed toAstrology, 518:to the greater mechanism through which the planetary Life functions and views his soul as anAstrology, 519:and for them I write. Our theme concerns the planetary centers, the rays and the signs which govern
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