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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANETARY

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Discipleship1, 71:- the externalization of the inner work of the planetary Hierarchy for the first time in historyDiscipleship1, 80:body of humanity itself and eventually in the planetary etheric body also. Discipleship1, 173:expansive view of the underlying purpose of the planetary, educational movement. In this movement,Discipleship1, 206:it is not possible these days to foretell, for planetary conditions are such that no forecast isDiscipleship1, 210:instantaneous and effective - in the mind of the planetary Logos. Think out carefully some of theDiscipleship1, 259:the problem of your "manifestation within the planetary life" (as it is esoterically called) andDiscipleship1, 469:which is too great for you to handle. The entire planetary Hierarchy is concerned with it and isDiscipleship1, 582:for all disciples are limited and cannot cover a planetary range in their thoughts. Then work -Discipleship1, 726:to work with and to comprehend something of planetary karma, though as yet he undertakes noDiscipleship1, 726:cooperate with the karmic responsibility of the planetary Logos. I would here like to point outDiscipleship1, 731:representing (in each Ashram) a miniature of the planetary government. These step down theDiscipleship1, 766:microcosmically understood, and the seven planetary schemes, macrocosmically understood. But theDiscipleship2, 21:high development and initiate degree - via the planetary centers. I have not yet given you much onDiscipleship2, 25:through that door approaches can be made to the planetary Hierarchy and to reality which are atDiscipleship2, 47:as he works it out through the Christ and the planetary Hierarchy. This conviction is based, as farDiscipleship2, 60:a word for such a comprehensive process) of the planetary Logos. He is deciding at this time theDiscipleship2, 63:- in a mysterious and peculiar [63] manner - the planetary Logos directs them or withholds them toDiscipleship2, 63:them or withholds them to suit the recognized planetary needs of the period. Discipleship2, 65:nothing within them to react to these phases of planetary livingness. Disciples and all initiatesDiscipleship2, 66:The new inflowing spiritual energies which the planetary Logos is steadily bringing to bear uponDiscipleship2, 70:II - Talks to Disciples - Group Instruction The planetary crises through which the planetary LogosDiscipleship2, 70:The planetary crises through which the planetary Logos is at this time passing should result in theDiscipleship2, 70:true disciple is exempt from the effects of this planetary situation. Inevitably, changes areDiscipleship2, 103:Ashrams which constitute the Hierarchy in this planetary period are some of them fully active; someDiscipleship2, 103:steadily and constantly being organized to meet planetary need. You will note that I did not sayDiscipleship2, 106:the Hierarchy and Shamballa. This makes the planetary purpose of so much importance. These are theDiscipleship2, 141:you worked with faithfulness) a growing sense of planetary relationship, from the subjective angle,Discipleship2, 147:necessitated by the need of humanity or by some planetary emergency. The Masters, starting theirDiscipleship2, 154:Universal Mind, or the thinking process of the planetary Logos, can be recorded and registered. ForDiscipleship2, 156:the vastness of the inclusive thinking of the planetary Logos. Achievement, for the disciple,Discipleship2, 156:the conclusions of the thinking of the planetary Logos. It is the most abstract form of meditationDiscipleship2, 161:interrelation which has been established by our planetary Logos. This new Invocation expresses thisDiscipleship2, 162:and forces generated by the Hierarchy. Extra-planetary forces can now be utilized on Earth, owingDiscipleship2, 162:as a whole. There has never been a period in our planetary history in which opportunity has loomedDiscipleship2, 176:meditate [176] on what appear to you to be the planetary implications, but would also remind you toDiscipleship2, 184:Humanity - The throat or creative center in the planetary sense. The disciple and the Hierarchy -Discipleship2, 184:and the Hierarchy - The heart center of the planetary Logos. The disciple and Shamballa - The headDiscipleship2, 184:disciple and Shamballa - The head center of the planetary Logos. These are great and abstruseDiscipleship2, 187:significance of this presentation of a cosmic, planetary and individual alignment exercise, prayerDiscipleship2, 189:cosmic astral plane but - through the use of the planetary antahkarana - work also onDiscipleship2, 197:in the Council Chamber of Shamballa with extra-planetary sources of spiritual inflow. It is throughDiscipleship2, 198:which [198] produces individual, group and planetary alignment, and this alignment is always theDiscipleship2, 198:of the disciple's centers and also of the three planetary Centers; it is invocative, demanding,Discipleship2, 199:lines; I have sought also to initiate you into a planetary technique which all planetary beingsDiscipleship2, 199:you into a planetary technique which all planetary beings must and do master. Meditation, in itsDiscipleship2, 199:Sun and governs, for instance, the turning of planetary vegetable life towards the Sun as itsDiscipleship2, 200:be said that, intermediate between the great planetary centers, a group of those who can meditateDiscipleship2, 201:Servers gathers its personnel out of the great planetary center called Humanity. a. The moreDiscipleship2, 201:personnel out of the Hierarchy, the second great planetary center. Their relation to Shamballa isDiscipleship2, 202:of this group are to a certain extent extra-planetary. They are affiliated with Shamballa and focusDiscipleship2, 203:group work is in conscious rapport with both planetary centers (that of Humanity and that of theDiscipleship2, 208:lies behind and beyond it and with which our planetary Logos has intimate and intensive relation. IDiscipleship2, 208:going to deal today with that which is extra-planetary; it would be, for you, sheer waste of time.Discipleship2, 208:activity. These seven sources are: 1. The planetary Logos himself, who formed and informed theDiscipleship2, 208:This group sustains and cooperates with the planetary Logos in his concentrated creative thought;Discipleship2, 208:the potency of their meditation - those extra-planetary energies [209] which he needs to carryDiscipleship2, 209:Here is known and embodied the Purpose of the planetary Logos under the meditative impression ofDiscipleship2, 209:august Council, the Law of Karma finds adequate planetary guidance; this does not refer to the lawDiscipleship2, 209:terms of the whole; but they know the nature of planetary karma and of its delayed or rapidDiscipleship2, 209:or rapid application, according to transient planetary indications. The great Wheel of Life, withDiscipleship2, 209:spiritual Hierarchy. Their link with all these planetary groups (and it is real and vital) can beDiscipleship2, 209:that "all Lives upon or within the aura of the planetary Logos and of his manifested Body, theDiscipleship2, 209:fourth kingdom in nature." This kingdom is the planetary group or center which expresses in timeDiscipleship2, 210:impression from Shamballa in relation to the planetary creative purpose. Then they, on their ownDiscipleship2, 210:the qualities of the seven energies of the seven planetary Rays. They are the Custodians of life,Discipleship2, 210:of Activity, and they spend the aeons of their planetary service: In active contemplation of theDiscipleship2, 210:(as the second ray is the ray at present of the planetary Logos) but they focus their meditationDiscipleship2, 210:knowers and the custodians of the will of the planetary Logos, as it works itself out inDiscipleship2, 211:They are the source in reality [211] of planetary invocation and evocation. Again, ponder on this. Discipleship2, 211:World Servers is fast becoming a major center of planetary meditation. Much of this meditation isDiscipleship2, 213:the Christ spoke scientifically and also in a planetary sense when he said: "As a man thinketh inDiscipleship2, 222:by all the linking groups between the various planetary centers; a reference to the chart (pageDiscipleship2, 222:organized and conscious meditative methods; planetary, group and individual meditation is creativeDiscipleship2, 223:and realized Purpose to bring into our planetary livingness certain extra-planetary energies whichDiscipleship2, 223:into our planetary livingness certain extra-planetary energies which are needed to carry forwardDiscipleship2, 223:needed to carry forward the planned work of the planetary Logos. Shamballa itself is also permeatedDiscipleship2, 223:is the Custodian of that aspect of the cyclic, planetary Purpose which is called the Plan; thisDiscipleship2, 223:three worlds for the remainder of this cycle of planetary experience. This has not always been theDiscipleship2, 233:determinations, which embody the will of the planetary Logos and are imposed upon all lesser groupsDiscipleship2, 234:to prove not only that the Plan was based upon planetary meditation but that, in its progressDiscipleship2, 235:given. Concentrated thought is part of the planetary meditation; planning with care for the helpingDiscipleship2, 237:in the evolutionary and natural processes of planetary unfoldment. So much has been discussed inDiscipleship2, 277:are concerned with service and with human and planetary affairs, and are capable of severalDiscipleship2, 280:determine the future of humanity and of the planetary life. Discipleship2, 281:thought, planning and purpose which is that of a planetary or solar Logos. The quality of theDiscipleship2, 281:as pure energy, from the heart center of the planetary Logos; it is pure love with its inevitableDiscipleship2, 282:from his comprehension of the purpose of the planetary Logos and this expansive and all-inclusiveDiscipleship2, 286:is identified with the Will or Purpose of the planetary Logos. It is the highest divine aspectDiscipleship2, 286:express them: a. The basic sacrifice which the planetary Logos made was when he decided toDiscipleship2, 287:the fullest sense, owing to the ability of the planetary Logos to identify himself in fullDiscipleship2, 287:the soul in all forms of life, latent within the planetary substance. When he "took over" thisDiscipleship2, 291:All-seeing Eye." This refers to the power of the planetary Logos to see into all parts, aspects andDiscipleship2, 291:aspects and phases (in time and space) of his planetary vehicle, which is his physical body and toDiscipleship2, 291:The answer is as follows: the Monad is to the planetary Logos what the third eye is to man; thisDiscipleship2, 291:of the purpose of God, of the will of the planetary Logos and of the door which opens on to the WayDiscipleship2, 292:initiate develops his tiny correspondence to the planetary "All-seeing Eye." He unfolds the powersDiscipleship2, 294:functioning through the medium of an extra-planetary light, we enter realms which are indefinableDiscipleship2, 296:revolutionize modern educational systems upon a planetary scale, and then man the reorientingDiscipleship2, 296:esoterically and not literally: 1. A sense of planetary relationships. Instead of the emphasisDiscipleship2, 298:those forces been permitted entrance into our planetary life which will present the new subjective
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