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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANETARY

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Fire, 7:by a planetary Logos. The goal for the planetary Logos is God consciousness, as exemplified by theFire, 41:the physicist or chemist through the human and planetary atoms up to the great atom of a solarFire, 51:for instance, as solar radiation and inner planetary combustion. This subject has been somewhatFire, 53:into objectivity by means of latent fire. Planetary, or the Heavenly Men: What is laid down anentFire, 59:is encountered during that approach - such as planetary bodies, for instance - will be affected byFire, 60:That emanation of the planet which we might term Planetary Prana. It is that which is referred toFire, 61:correspondence in the systemic akasha, and in planetary productive substance. Nervous response.Fire, 61:It corresponds to systemic electricity, and to planetary electricity. Pranic emanation. TheFire, 61:which corresponds in man to solar prana and to planetary prana. This demonstrates principally inFire, 62:some cosmic Entity. In the same way, the seven planetary Entities, the seven Heavenly Men, areFire, 62:sevenfold in manifestation., i.e. The seven planetary Logoi. 18, 19, 20 [63] Each of there cosmicFire, 63:in the shape of the first Dhyan Chohan, or planetary Spirit, when the evolution of man wasFire, 63:one chain period Seven chain periods make one planetary scheme Ten planetary schemes make one solarFire, 63:chain periods make one planetary scheme Ten planetary schemes make one solar system Fire, 63:fourth round and on this fourth globe of our planetary scheme, the fires of the third Logos ofFire, 66:the body of one of the Heavenly Men, one of the planetary Logoi. These seven again in Their turnFire, 76:in effect, the result of the influence of the planetary Logos of whatever ray is implicated, as HeFire, 76:in relation to His six Brothers, the other planetary Logoi. We get an illustrative parallel in theFire, 77:Kumara, The Lord of the World. They are the planetary correspondences to the three Aspects of theFire, 77:Aspect and are concerned with the force behind planetary manifestation. Monadic Essence, the matterFire, 78:of the matter of the planet and of the planetary elemental who is himself a composite manifestationFire, 80:manifesting Monad, or One. The Heavenly Man, the planetary Logos, or the manifesting group. TheFire, 81:[81] All these bodies - the body of a man, a planetary Logos, and a solar Logos - are the productFire, 81:vivification by prana (whether cosmic, solar, planetary or human), with the organs of reception andFire, 83:Prana Sixth. In all the three bodies - human, planetary, and systemic or logoic - will be found aFire, 84:radiation demonstrates, after distribution, as planetary prana. In Man. The organ of reception isFire, 84:cosmically). THE PLANET Entity manifesting A planetary Logos. Body of manifestation A planet.Fire, 84:of manifestation A planet. Receptive center The planetary pole. Surface radiation or emanationFire, 84:planetary pole. Surface radiation or emanation Planetary prana. Movement produced PlanetaryFire, 84:or emanation Planetary prana. Movement produced Planetary rotation. Distributive effect PlanetaryFire, 84:produced Planetary rotation. Distributive effect Planetary etheric radiation (felt within theFire, 86:same procedure on a larger scale, takes place in planetary manifestation. A planet is but the bodyFire, 86:manifestation. A planet is but the body of a planetary Logos, that body being etheric, and theFire, 86:is found likewise in a physical planet, and the planetary silver cord is loosed at the timeFire, 87:38 Pralaya - A period of obscuration or repose - planetary, systemic or cosmic. An interludeFire, 87:Physical man, and the emotional or astral plane. Planetary Man, and essential emotional quality.Fire, 90:etheric body, and who transmit to him solar and planetary radiation. The etheric body of manFire, 91:or remagnetized emanation to the sumtotal of the planetary aura. 39 S. D., I, 232-238. The wholeFire, 91:One - Division C - The Etheric Body and Prana 2. Planetary Prana This is the vital fluid emanatedFire, 92:not essential to its well-being in the form of planetary radiation. Planetary prana, therefore, isFire, 92:well-being in the form of planetary radiation. Planetary prana, therefore, is solar prana which hasFire, 92:the planet, has circulated through the planetary etheric body, has been transmitted to the denseFire, 92:their physical bodies. So it is with a planet. Planetary emanative prana (as in the case of solarFire, 92:fluid which circulates in the etheric body. Planetary devas of a violet color, who are allied toFire, 95:kingdom (after they have absorbed both solar and planetary prana) are naturally a combination ofFire, 95:by means of surface radiation, as in solar and planetary Prana, to certain lesser groups of devasFire, 97:emerging from the human ring-pass-not, the planetary ring-pass-not or the solar. The wheel of fireFire, 101:of Man, the Microcosm, The Heavenly Man, the planetary Logos, The Grand Man of the Heavens, theFire, 101:This solar prana becomes colored by the planetary quality and is absorbed by all evolutions foundFire, 101:is absorbed by all evolutions found within the planetary ring-pass-not. Its mission might beFire, 102:prana from the sun after it has permeated the planetary etheric vehicle, so that it is solar prana,Fire, 102:etheric vehicle, so that it is solar prana, plus planetary quality. Each planet the embodiment ofFire, 102:is working perfectly in all three groups, human, planetary and solar, the union with latent fireFire, 103:the radiatory fire of the system were combined. Planetary kundalini and solar emanation rushed intoFire, 104:ills, extending the idea of the etheric to planetary conditions and even to solar. As we touch uponFire, 104:the causes of etheric distress in man, their planetary and solar correspondences and reactions mayFire, 104:both outwardly and inwardly. Viewed from the planetary standpoint the same conditions will beFire, 104:conditions will be perceived, and the etheric planetary body [105] (which is fundamentally the bodyFire, 105:which forms the ring-pass-not for the involved planetary Spirit. Here I would point out that in theFire, 105:Here I would point out that in the case of the planetary Spirits Who are on the divine evolutionaryFire, 105:freedom of movement outside the bounds of the planetary web within the circumference of the solarFire, 105:in connection with the sum total of the planetary systems; and statically, in connection with theFire, 105:at methods of cure and of adjustment. 46 The planetary Spirit is another term for the Logos of ourFire, 105:and has passed many stages beyond the human. The planetary Entity is on the involutionary arc andFire, 107:and followed. The spirit of the planet (or the planetary entity) likewise has his cycles, and inFire, 108:has his cycles, and in the absorption of [108] planetary prana, and in its correct distribution,Fire, 108:As the point of race equilibrium is reached, so planetary equilibrium will likewise be attained,Fire, 108:equilibrium will likewise be attained, and in planetary attainment will come the equilibrium thatFire, 109:and certain kingdoms of nature troubled by planetary etheric congestion, or the destruction ofFire, 109:etheric congestion, or the destruction of planetary etheric tissue. We have dealt with theFire, 111:two things, which are the karma of the man, the planetary Logos, and the solar Logos, and theFire, 111:is also applied to the sphere of activity of a planetary Logos or to a planetary scheme and couldFire, 111:sphere of activity of a planetary Logos or to a planetary scheme and could equally well be appliedFire, 111:IV. Macrocosmic and Microcosmic Ethers 1. The Planetary Logos and the Ethers Man, the indwellingFire, 111:elsewhere. Therefore, under the law, the planetary Logos likewise can pass His ring-pass-not atFire, 112:who stand between the solar Logos and the seven planetary Logoi), are more closely allied than theFire, 112:of mind (which concern the karma of the four planetary Logoi) in their totality hold in theirFire, 112:the guidance of the Lipikas. Fourth. The four planetary Logoi 50 of Harmony, Knowledge, AbstractFire, 113:fourth plane of Buddhi is the one on which the planetary Logoi begin to make Their escape fromFire, 113:Logoi begin to make Their escape from Their planetary ring-pass-not, or from the etheric web thatFire, 114:monad, with the aim in view of both human and planetary escape from limitations. This earth chain,Fire, 114:earth chain, though not one of the seven sacred planetary chains, is of vital importance at thisFire, 114:is of vital importance at this time to the planetary Logos, who temporarily employs it as a mediumFire, 115:have reached the necessary point; that the four planetary Logoi will perfect Their escape fromFire, 115:Logoi will perfect Their escape from Their planetary environment, and will function with greaterFire, 119:plane and on the atmic plane. The four Logoi or planetary Spirits work as one, on the atmic plane.Fire, 122:of Activity. Mahachohan. The officer in our planetary Hierarchy who presides over the activitiesFire, 129:the human etheric double, the withdrawal of the planetary etheric double, or the withdrawal of theFire, 130:esoteric. Second. The etheric double of a man, a planetary Logos, and a solar Logos, beingFire, 131:and the physical is eventually dropped. The planetary Logos likewise in His greater cycle (theFire, 132:We can work this out in connection with the planetary Logos and the human unit, for the analogyFire, 133:On the path of outbreathing (whether human, planetary or logoic) these building devas (on the sameFire, 133:On the path of inbreathing (whether human, planetary or logoic) they are no longer attracted, andFire, 133:seen how the aim of each life (whether human, planetary or solar) should be the effecting and theFire, 133:the case in every human life nor even in each planetary cycle. The mystery of the moon is theFire, 144:[144] spheres of the seven Spirits, or the seven planetary Logoi. All lesser spheres rangingFire, 147:animating source of the seven Heavenly Men, the planetary Logoi, are considered the sevenFire, 155:pouring forth into the lowest globe of our planetary chain (Globe D. "Earth"), all its energy andFire, 158:Spirit and matter. The end of a cycle, whether planetary, human or solar, The production ofFire, 164:solar system, the two remaining rounds in any planetary cycle, and the sixth and seventh root-races
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