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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANETARY

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Fire, 326:a wonderful way to clarify the whole subject of planetary evolution. We have now reached the threeFire, 328:plane. It must be borne in mind that each planetary Logos works primarily on one of the sevenFire, 329:who are concerned in the building of the planetary scheme, pursue their work, and thus parallel theFire, 329:Divine Hermaphrodite - this is the great Being, planetary or solar, who manifests in Himself theFire, 330:the objective universe, whether solar system, planetary scheme, or human incarnation. In connectionFire, 333:night - thus is the order for the Logos, for a planetary Logos, and for man. If the above fourFire, 333:all together coherently so that he is a unit. A planetary Logos similarly does the same, with theFire, 333:A solar Logos achieves through Will what a planetary Logos does through wisdom or buddhi, and manFire, 333:(on his tiny scale) through manas. Yet, as both planetary Logos and man are but parts of theirFire, 334:soon run, and gone like a flash in the night. A planetary Logos, Who is perfected manas and worksFire, 338:factor which enables a solar Logos, a planetary Logos or Heavenly Man, and a human being to: UseFire, 341:fire in His case brings about escape from the planetary ring-pass-not and enables Him to functionFire, 346:First, the method pursued on the moon-chain (the planetary manifestation previous to ours), when,Fire, 347:- Solar System - Sirius. Seven Heavenly Men - Planetary scheme - Pleiades. Heavenly Man - EarthFire, 348:of a solar Logos, and of the three major planetary Logoi. Systemic, used by a solar Logos in theFire, 348:used by a solar Logos in the initiations of a planetary Logos. Planetary, used by a planetary LogosFire, 348:Logos in the initiations of a planetary Logos. Planetary, used by a planetary Logos for initiatoryFire, 348:of a planetary Logos. Planetary, used by a planetary Logos for initiatory purposes, and for theFire, 349:His body that a downflow of pure manas from the planetary manasic permanent atom was possible alongFire, 349:atom was possible along the path of the planetary antahkarana - a channel which exists in the caseFire, 349:- a channel which exists in the case of the planetary Logos, and which has not to be built as inFire, 350:Manas as a Cosmic, Systemic and Human Factor 2. Planetary Manas We sought in the foregoing, toFire, 350:embody the past, the present, and the future. A planetary Logos individualized in a previousFire, 350:system; a man individualizes in this; the planetary entities, now involutionary, will individualizeFire, 352:Only as one grasps the fact that each planetary scheme, for instance, serves as the body of aFire, 355:the purpose and the will in action of the planetary Logos in Whose body he is a cell or lesserFire, 356:dense physical globe, the earth. He wears the planetary body as man wears the robe of the physicalFire, 356:and human - are force centers in the body of a planetary Logos; the other evolutions of anFire, 356:of the remainder of His body. a. Man and the Planetary Logos With the deva evolution at this pointFire, 359:"influence" in its astrological sense), so in a planetary scheme with its seven globes each isFire, 360:shine out, and each cell in every body - logoic, planetary, deva and human, blaze forth withFire, 360:b. The Logos of our Scheme The Heavenly Man or planetary Logos of the Earth scheme can beFire, 361:not be given. [361] The general outline - solar, planetary, and hierarchical - may be suggested,Fire, 361:transpires eventually on the physical plane. The planetary Logos of this scheme is one of the fourFire, 362:a moment of special opportunity afforded our planetary Logos through the alignment brought about.Fire, 362:temporarily of the most vital importance to the planetary Logos, is the Earth chain, the fourth inFire, 362:within the chain, the globe at present receiving planetary polarization, or at present embodying inFire, 362:embodying in a special sense the life of the planetary Logos is the Earth, the fourth in order.Fire, 362:key whereby some comprehension of manas and of planetary evolution may come about. What have we,Fire, 364:only to Himself but to the entire system. The planetary Logos of this scheme is primarily occupiedFire, 364:times under the influence of the different planetary Logoi, and all are found at some time in eachFire, 364:round. In the interim, they came under the planetary influence of another Logos of a scheme, andFire, 366:fraught with much danger to the uninitiated. The planetary Logos of this scheme is called "theFire, 367:is enough to stagger the average student. The planetary wheel of life turns on its lesser scale theFire, 367:as it turns, it sweeps the life of the evolving planetary Logos into ever new forms and experiencesFire, 367:nature, and such a link is found between the planetary Logos of the scheme we call Venus, and theFire, 367:This could not have been effected had not the planetary Logos of the Venus scheme been in aFire, 368:this round in relation to the center which our planetary Logos [369] embodies. It becameFire, 374:the particular cycles through which our [374] planetary Logos passes, and because they representFire, 374:logoic kundalini. Next, the vitalization of the planetary centers, or the pouring through the sevenFire, 374:pouring through the seven chains of a scheme, of planetary kundalini. Finally, the vitalization ofFire, 374:Finally, the vitalization of the centers of a planetary Logos during some particular majorFire, 374:here that: A major incarnation is one in which a planetary Logos takes some initiation. He may, andFire, 375:In all these triangles (cosmic, systemic, planetary, and human) two points of the triangleFire, 376:sixth and seventh. During an incarnation by a planetary Logos in a chain, during one round HeFire, 379:who form a particular center in the body of the planetary Logos. a. The Earth Chain and theFire, 379:above with the origin of cosmic, systemic, and planetary manas), it is now possible for us to comeFire, 380:The fact, therefore, that in each chain the planetary Logos takes a different initiation, affectingFire, 381:two schemes The periods of incarnation of a planetary Logos on the physical plane The initiation ofFire, 381:on the physical plane The initiation of the planetary Logos, will be reduced to law and order. AsFire, 381:Manas as a Cosmic, Systemic and Human Factor The planetary angle. This point of view concernsFire, 381:them. Separate chains are either The object of planetary stimulation, The sphere of the incarnationFire, 381:stimulation, The sphere of the incarnation of a planetary Logos, Emerging into objectivity, [382]Fire, 383:a particular physical incarnation of a man. The planetary Logos takes physical form in His planetFire, 383:with the second Logos. In the case of a planetary Logos, the cells in His body are evolutionaryFire, 383:chain and globe play in the evolution of the planetary Logos of the Earth scheme should be clearerFire, 384:It might here be stated in connection with the planetary Logos of our scheme that: He is inFire, 384:globe of sorrow and of pain, for through it our planetary Logos is undergoing that which the mysticFire, 384:the third cosmic Initiation being His goal. Our planetary Logos has for objective sevenFire, 386:which form the field of evolution during the planetary cycle or manvantara. The first three ofFire, 386:the taking of a physical vehicle by the planetary Logos, and was literally the coming of theFire, 386:The Venus globe of the Earth chain. That the planetary Logos did not come from the Venus scheme butFire, 387:view, or from the angle of its importance to a planetary Logos and a solar Logos. Hence it is aFire, 387:the taking of a major initiation by the Venusian planetary Logos on His fifth chain. In connectionFire, 387:Themselves embody the three major centers of the planetary Logos, those three groups which we knowFire, 388:and the five) form a center in the body of the planetary Logos, and the three Kumaras about Whom weFire, 388:all together as an objective whole. They make a planetary triangle within the chain, and each ofFire, 388:Ray, or logoic emanation is embodied by our planetary Logos. [389] Which center in the solar systemFire, 389:ours. Which particular center in the body of the planetary Logos He is at present endeavoring toFire, 390:the coming fifth round. When that time comes our planetary Logos will have attained the initiationFire, 390:triangle entirely concerns the centers of the planetary Logos of our scheme. A systemic formationFire, 391:of our Heavenly Man, will see a period of planetary strife on mental levels which will cause theFire, 392:scheme also had its battleground, but the planetary Logos of that scheme overcame the antagonisticFire, 393:originating source of manasic activity in the planetary schemes is that cosmic Entity we call theFire, 393:originating source of the manasic principle in a planetary scheme is that lesser cosmic Entity WhomFire, 393:is that lesser cosmic Entity Whom we call a planetary Logos. He works through His seven chains asFire, 393:seven chains as does the Logos through His seven planetary centers. It is interesting here to noteFire, 394:stimulated Them to take initiation, and led the planetary Logos of our scheme to form a lesserFire, 394:corresponding spheres, a solar Logos and a planetary Logos, he works through seven centers. Thus weFire, 395:Logos, a system, and so may it be said of the planetary Logos and His scheme. 39 Forms. The AtharvaFire, 397:are the dynamic quality or characteristic of a planetary Logos. They are the life force of aFire, 397:S. D., I, 218, 219. Five is the symbol of a planetary Logos - S. D., II, 618. Five is the symbol ofFire, 401:in all activity, whether cosmic, systemic, planetary, or microcosmic. It is the fire of divineFire, 401:and equally (within the system) of the different planetary Logoi, proceeded satisfactorily to aFire, 403:go to the composition of the vehicles of any planetary Logos are entering upon the Path, then theFire, 403:with manas in the human cells in the body of a planetary Logos, yet we must remember that the devaFire, 408:of perspective incident upon our place in the planetary scheme, and the result of the shortness ofFire, 409:likewise unified by the power of its own life. A planetary scheme, or subdivision of that solarFire, 410:polarities of the different spheres (from a planetary scheme to an atom) within the solarFire, 412:the Lord of the World, the first Kumara, is the planetary Logos of our scheme in physical
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