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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANETARY

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Fire, 989:existing between our planetary Logos and another planetary Logos. When this condition of polarFire, 989:condition of polar opposition is adjusted, then planetary evil will cease. The adjustment will beFire, 989:the mediation (occultly understood) of a third planetary Logos. These three will eventually form anFire, 989:form an equilateral triangle, and then planetary evil will cease. Free circulation will ensue;Fire, 989:evil will cease. Free circulation will ensue; planetary obscuration will become possible, and theFire, 990:secondary [990] cycle, be adjusted, and so much planetary karmic evil be "worked off." All theFire, 990:of the seven stars of the Great Bear, and our planetary prototype) and one of the forces of theFire, 990:converge and play through that one of the planetary Logoi who is the Logos of any particularFire, 990:evil as it makes itself felt in any particular planetary scheme. Again, when the heavenly triangleFire, 990:of the Great Bear, The Pleiad involved, The planetary scheme concerned, then again cosmic evil willFire, 991:wrongly developed men. The forces of evil of the planetary and cosmic kind have been present sinceFire, 991:set in, being latent in the karma of the planetary Logos, but human beings began consciously toFire, 993:Two constellations of the solar system, The planetary schemes, Three globes in the scheme. ItFire, 1006:from advanced thinkers of every grade, from the planetary Logos downward, and according to itsFire, 1013:a voluntary offering to the good of the group or planetary existence, but identification with theFire, 1018:being formed of forty-nine lesser petals. The planetary lotuses differ in each scheme, and one ofFire, 1018:number of the petals of Our earth planet, Our planetary polar opposite, Our complementary orFire, 1022:to the differentiated energy. He manipulates planetary force of a triple nature: That which is theFire, 1023:before the thinker who extends this idea to the planetary Logos and His work of form creating. WithFire, 1023:place upon the earth is to be found within the planetary etheric web. The worker in white magic,Fire, 1023:which is consciously recognized by him as the planetary vital body. Only he who is free can controlFire, 1024:are those myriads of deva lives who form the planetary pranic body, and are swept in on the floodsFire, 1024:the magician in possession of the three types of planetary force and their combination, or theFire, 1025:solar Angel Himself. Thirdly, on this planet the planetary fires are not as yet dominated by solarFire, 1029:of the effects of this motion: Within the planetary schemes, Their bodies. Upon the atoms orFire, 1031:The turning of the wheel, The solar wheel, The planetary wheel, The human wheel. This will involveFire, 1032:does the same; a cosmic atom, a solar system, a planetary atom, and a human atom, man, can be seenFire, 1035:is imposed upon him. This is equally true of a planetary Logos, and of a solar Logos. TheFire, 1036:energy are suggestive of the nature of the planetary Logoi which they represent, and produce,Fire, 1037:for it is part of the force emanation of the planetary Logos. It is naturally of great importanceFire, 1040:can work this out in connection with: The planetary Logos, as He manifests through the rounds, eachFire, 1041:man [1041] dwells within a sphere, as does the planetary Logos and the solar Logos, this sphereFire, 1042:merging and blending of the seven sacred planetary schemes which marks the achievement of the goal,Fire, 1042:of the seven Rays, and to the subject of the planetary initiations. When dealing with theFire, 1042:with the expansions of consciousness of a planetary Logos through the medium of: The chains. TheFire, 1043:to include the desire of the cosmic Logos. The planetary Logos expands His consciousness to measureFire, 1043:desire consciousness (the love nature) of the planetary Logos. The informing Lives of the globe inFire, 1043:working at the intelligent consciousness of the planetary Logos. This can be worked out inFire, 1043:the following manner. The Lord of the world, the planetary Logos, in physical incarnation, works atFire, 1043:manifestation of the will and purpose of the planetary Logos. The human family, or the fourthFire, 1043:make manifest the desire, or love nature, of the planetary Logos. The three subhuman kingdoms haveFire, 1044:manifesting of the intelligent nature of the planetary Logos. All this done under the Law ofFire, 1045:Heavenly Man in Whose body it is the cell. The planetary atom, equally self-determined, a compositeFire, 1045:equally self-determined, a composite of all planetary groups, rotating on its own axis, yetFire, 1048:There is finally the impulse which forces the planetary groups, the sum total of all atoms andFire, 1048:and their interplay, modified by the Life of the planetary group, or Heavenly Man, pursued throughFire, 1051:as the forces emanating from them play upon the planetary centers and thereby affect the involvedFire, 1051:great veil which has been wisely thrown over all planetary lore. Another form of energy which mustFire, 1051:which must ever be considered is that of the planetary Logos, as He pours His force through someFire, 1051:the occult "turning of the attention" by the planetary Logos in meditation upon any center in HisFire, 1052:of man. It involves [1052] cognizance of the planetary individual purpose, which is not revealedFire, 1052:This type of force is primarily concerned with planetary stimulation, with the planetary Logoi, andFire, 1052:concerned with planetary stimulation, with the planetary Logoi, and is hidden in Their cyclicFire, 1052:of the "imperfect gods" and the objective of the planetary deities. [1053] The Seven Sisters, orFire, 1053:who is occultly termed "the wife" of the planetary Logos whose scheme will eventually receive theFire, 1053:the disappearance of these waves of life-force (planetary, interplanetary, systemic, cosmic andFire, 1055:might consider this point in connection with the planetary atom, and the solar atom. The planetaryFire, 1055:with the planetary atom, and the solar atom. The planetary atom has, as all else in nature, threeFire, 1055:that the milliards of atoms which compose the planetary body (whether dense or subtle) pursue anFire, 1055:usage, and particular type of the indwelling planetary entity. In what corresponds to the headFire, 1055:corresponds to the head center in man, if the planetary Logos is of very advanced development. InFire, 1055:Logos is of very advanced development. In the planetary correspondence to the heart center. TheFire, Chart:triangles as to the relative attainment of the planetary Logos. Within the chains likewise, will beFire, Chart:North Pole, and two more are located within the planetary sphere, and frequently the inflow ofFire, 1056:the gradually increasing responsiveness of the planetary Logos to His heavenly Prototype, wherebyFire, 1056:analogous to that undergone by a disciple. The planetary atom revolves upon its axis and comesFire, 1056:a thing, but that the influence felt is by the planetary Entity - the sumtotal of the elementalFire, 1056:occult students will learn much anent the planetary scheme when they consider the influence of theFire, 1056:planets, occultly understood. Second, the planetary atom also revolves orbitally around its solarFire, 1056:the zodiacal constellations which reach the planetary scheme via the great center, the Sun. It willFire, 1057:static as to location. The third activity of the planetary atom is that which carries it throughFire, 1057:paralleling on a vast scale the evolution of the planetary atom. The entire solar sphere, theFire, 1058:working out in the manifestation of three of the planetary Logoi: Our own planetary Logos. TheFire, 1058:of three of the planetary Logoi: Our own planetary Logos. The planetary Logos of our polarFire, 1058:planetary Logoi: Our own planetary Logos. The planetary Logos of our polar opposite. The planetaryFire, 1058:The planetary Logos of our polar opposite. The planetary Logos of the scheme which makes with theFire, 1058:which makes with the two above mentioned a planetary triangle. Beyond that, They may not go. TheyFire, 1058:to dominate what is called "his stars." Like the planetary atom, the solar atom not only rotates onFire, 1059:point in the heavens unknown as yet to even the planetary Logoi. The confines of the HeavensFire, 1059:all these sentient intelligent cosmic, solar and planetary Logoi are constituted of living sentientFire, 1060:cosmic physical plane, and beyond that of the planetary Logoi. It is the consciousness andFire, 1062:demonstrates a similar phenomenon. Again, as a planetary scheme nears its consummation, it becomesFire, 1069:the globes of a chain, the chains themselves, a planetary scheme or a solar system. The moon is anFire, 1069:is dependent upon the cyclic purpose of the planetary Logos, and upon the currents of force whichFire, 1069:upon the currents of force which play upon His planetary body, and which emanate from otherFire, 1069:His planetary body, and which emanate from other planetary schemes. All atoms become radioactive asFire, 1070:come through a close study of the effect of one planetary scheme upon another, and the place of theFire, 1070:another, and the place of the moon in our own planetary life. This will lead to a closeFire, 1070:of polar conditions in the earth, of the planetary magnetic currents, and of the electricalFire, 1070:between our earth, and the Venusian and Martian planetary schemes. When this has been accomplished,Fire, 1071:originating in the center in the body of the planetary Logos - which center depends upon theFire, 1071:relations might be briefly indicated: Kingdom - Planetary Center Human - Heart center. Animal -Fire, 1071:Vegetable - Solar plexus. Mineral - Spleen. The planetary egoic center is, of course, theFire, 1072:of the Waters, has a curious relationship to our planetary Logos, and also to the Entity Who is theFire, 1073:kingdom. Finally, the atom becomes conscious of planetary energy, or responsive to the Heavenly ManFire, 1073:energy. In summation it might be said that: The planetary Logos has seven centers, as has man. TheFire, 1074:with the Heavenly Man or with the great planetary life. Along these five stages, one of them isFire, 1075:to note that during this round, owing to planetary decision, the process of producing humanFire, 1076:so that when the cycle is run the process of planetary radiation may be consummated. This intensiveFire, 1076:successful, resulting in the consummation of the planetary purpose in five rounds instead of seven.
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