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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANETARY

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Healing, 419:Healing Second. The etheric double of a man, a planetary Logos, and a solar Logos, being shattered,Healing, 420:the physical is eventually dropped. [420] The planetary Logos likewise in His greater cycle (theHealing, 421:We can work this out in connection with the planetary Logos and the human unit, for the analogyHealing, 421:On the path of outbreathing (whether human, planetary or logic) these building devas (on the sameHealing, 421:On the path of inbreathing (whether human, planetary [422] or logoic) they are no longer attracted,Healing, 422:seen how the aim of each life (whether human, planetary or logoic) should be the effecting and theHealing, 422:the case in every human life, nor even in each planetary cycle. The mystery of the moon is theHealing, 424:great universal ritual which governs our entire planetary life, but only in the human family andHealing, 424:on ceaselessly and without any pause) the great planetary act of restitution. You would see a greatHealing, 424:directive force is the mind of God, of the planetary Logos, as He pursues His divine purposes,Healing, 431:under the directive and cyclic intention of the planetary Logos, working through the CouncilHealing, 432:that a time has come when the relation between planetary evil and the Forces of Light or of GoodHealing, 433:that form, the planet Earth, through which our planetary Logos expresses Himself. But if it is theHealing, 436:(if one could scrutinize divine purpose) of the planetary Logos. However, it is the motives of theHealing, 436:make them evil. If war did not take place, the planetary life would, through what we call "acts ofHealing, 439:on a small scale what the solar Logos and the planetary Logos have likewise done, and are doing.Healing, 447:of aspiration. The etheric double of a man, a planetary Logos, and a solar Logos, being shattered,Healing, 447:a group, in a nation, in a kingdom of nature (a planetary center), and in the planet as a whole,Healing, 447:and in the planet as a whole, i.e., in all the planetary centers simultaneously, will cause aHealing, 448:work of abstraction as regards the third great planetary center, Humanity, when He said (and He wasHealing, 448:the Representative of the Hierarchy, the second planetary center, into which all human beingsHealing, 449:World will speak from Shamballa [449] (the first planetary center), will abstract the lifeHealing, 449:and consciousness will then be focused in the planetary head center - the Great Council Chamber atHealing, 449:higher initiations. He is abstracted from our planetary life altogether. Only one factor couldHealing, 449:be his pledge to serve temporarily within the planetary ring-pass-not. Such members of theHealing, 451:and devastated. The coherent life of all the planetary forms has been temporarily renderedHealing, 451:of the forms and of the familiar contours of our planetary life, had to take place before thereHealing, 467:a repetition on a tiny scale of the great planetary processes of involution and evolution; itHealing, 501:or in response to group karma or to national or planetary karma. Disease and death are essentiallyHealing, 504:of that greater Life which enfolds all the seven planetary systems which in Themselves express theHealing, 504:our minds back to the more practical ways of planetary living and to the laws governing the fourthHealing, 512:of the spiritual polarization of the planetary Life. As evolution proceeds, the three vehicles -Healing, 521:his group relationship, environal, national or planetary. I then dealt with certain basicHealing, 523:the solar Logos through the medium of the seven planetary Logoi with their varying forms and soulHealing, 535:back. The other is the magnetic power of the planetary life, which says to the life within theHealing, 536:are inherent in the planet itself, because our planetary Logos (as I earlier stated when aidingHealing, 536:the present great world crisis, incident to our planetary Logos having moved forward upon theHealing, 536:distress and disease on earth once the necessary planetary [537] adjustments have been made. ThisHealing, 539:However, as a general rule apart from these or planetary conditions, an initiate of high degreeHealing, 563:as a result of environing group, national or planetary karma. There is no rule connected with thisHealing, 565:higher energies, or which are inherent in the planetary substance or matter of the Earth itself.Healing, 590:physical body. 6. Ray of the personality. 7. The planetary ray. The planetary ray is always theHealing, 590:of the personality. 7. The planetary ray. The planetary ray is always the third Ray of ActiveHealing, 591:to "transact his business in the [591] world of planetary physical life." I have made only casualHealing, 591:rays elsewhere and have said little anent the planetary ray; I have laid the emphasis upon anotherHealing, 591:and then that which is its polar opposite, the planetary "livingness," the third ray, will have toHealing, 597:ray of the planet, which is the third ray. This planetary ray when very active (as is the case withHealing, 597:of general integration) has a potent effect; planetary prana comes in powerfully on the planetaryHealing, 597:planetary prana comes in powerfully on the planetary ray, and this can be used to bring about aHealing, 609:lunar lords under an impulse emanating from the planetary Logos, working in cooperation with theHealing, 609:astral and mental bodies. The relation of the planetary Logos to this Spirit of the Earth (theHealing, 610:as of the microcosm. Here lies the secret of planetary suffering and of death. Our planetary LogosHealing, 610:secret of planetary suffering and of death. Our planetary Logos (viewing the truth from the angleHealing, 612:a mechanism which enables the Heavenly Man, the planetary Logos and the spiritual man to registerHealing, 612:is as yet so fully developed that it has in this planetary scheme of ours no further evolutionaryHealing, 612:solar system. In this divine incarnation of our planetary Logos through the medium of this littleHealing, 615:etheric plane (and by this I mean the cosmic, planetary and individual etheric vehicles) is theHealing, 616:energy, by the Christ Who, for the first time in planetary history, transmitted the cosmic energyHealing, 620:constitute the seven centers, or the seven planetary focal points of energy, which condition theHealing, 620:which condition the bodily manifestation of our planetary Logos. Through them the Lord of theHealing, 620:of the energy emanating from the seven planetary centers, the custodians of the seven aspects ofHealing, 621:seven streams of energy coming from the seven planetary centers; these put Him en rapport,Healing, 629:health to the entire body of humanity via the planetary centers of divine livingness andHealing, 633:back." The other is the magnetic power of the planetary life, which says to the life within theHealing, 634:law, which refers to the "magnetic power of the planetary life," which says to the life within theHealing, 634:the control of, and are part of the life of the planetary entity. This dense physical vehicle isHealing, 634:of synthesis and of relationship. Physical or planetary prana (the lowest form of pranic energy) isHealing, 635:relation of two aspects of life: the life of the planetary Logos and the life of the spirit of theHealing, 635:karma, entirely different to that of the planetary Logos, Who is a spiritual Life upon theHealing, 636:the point in time of the cyclic influence of the planetary spirit and by its point in evolution.Healing, 636:is reached. This lies very far ahead. Our planetary Logos, that great divine Life in Whom we liveHealing, 636:the point of view of the goal set before all planetary Logoi. His body of expression, our planet,Healing, 636:of this imperfection, which is not that of the planetary Logos but that of the spirit of the earth,Healing, 637:the Christ possible. The Lord of the Earth, the planetary Logos, cannot find substance animated byHealing, 638:spiritual man upon the magnetic power of the planetary life, inherent in every atom of the formHealing, 638:distinguishes the spirit of the earth) of the planetary entity. It is a projection of his peculiarHealing, 639:segregated and isolated atoms - particularly the planetary structure of the spirit of the earth -Healing, 639:abeyance as regards individual reaction to the planetary life. Only the coherent, magneticHealing, 641:dies, in the usual sense of the term. [641] The planetary life says, "The hour of reabsorption hasHealing, 643:case the healer works with the prana or vital planetary fluid, and in the other with soul energy.Healing, 644:and brings to bear the healing vital life of the planetary etheric body as it uses his individualHealing, 645:also: There is no reality in separation. The planetary etheric body is a whole, unbroken andHealing, 663:of goodwill, aided by the Hierarchy, from which planetary center the healing energies will beHealing, 664:which make individual life, national life and planetary life so hard these days. No one is exemptHealing, 679:to other people's karma), war (which involves planetary karma) and natural catastrophes (which areHealing, 688:was the first indication of the activity of the planetary Logos is not a word, but a fullHealing, 695:of energies which circulate throughout our planetary form. These seven ray energies are the sevenHealing, 695:our solar system and the dominating ray in every planetary expression within the solar system. TheHealing, 703:which the healer will work is simply that of planetary prana; the effect of this will be toHercules, 7:happenings which have their reflection in our planetary life, in the life of humanity as a whole,Hercules, 115:except Leo, Libra and Capricorn) through their planetary rulers pour their energies through Virgo,Hercules, 116:is through the fusing and blending of the three planetary energies, by the agency of human thought,Hercules, 121:latent in the form. The Mutable Cross and the Planetary Rulers Virgo is one of the arms of theHercules, 122:creative Hierarchy (divine builders of earth's planetary manifestation), and brings in second rayHercules, 161:little by little those ties that hold us to planetary existence are severed, we are freed and weHercules, 217:twelve constellations through which the sun and planetary system appear to pass in a great cycle ofHercules, 218:tread this cosmic Way, the Cosmic Christ, the Planetary Spirit and the human being. It isInitiation, 3:Seven Spirits before the Throne, or the seven Planetary Logoi. The students of occultism ofInitiation, 16:man in touch with the center in the Body of the Planetary Logos of which he is a part, and thisInitiation, 18:therefore, is one who has taken the seventh planetary initiation, the fifth solar initiation, and
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