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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANETARY

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Magic, 161:there are three qualities predominating in the planetary form - fear, expectancy and a climaxingMagic, 222:superhuman Lives, including those of the occult planetary Hierarchy, and the sum total of forcesMagic, 225:sense. When desire has burnt itself out, planetary life comes to an end, as climatic conditionsMagic, 259:requisite. Those who are working in the field of planetary evolution are looking for dependableMagic, 259:Ones, Who stand as a wall between humanity and planetary Karma are, we are told, hard pressed atMagic, 274:Note, I say, our solar system, not just our planetary existence. Speculation about the ExistenceMagic, 274:great lives as the Buddha, the Kumaras and the planetary Logos, are beginning to sense the dynamicMagic, 275:with its measure of sustenance the form - solar, planetary, or human - for which it is responsible.Magic, 275:These are the correspondences in the life of the planetary Logos to the seven solar systems. WhenMagic, 275:Logos as it expresses itself through the seven planetary schemes we will have touched theMagic, 275:we will have touched the consciousness of the planetary Logos of our special scheme, who is sensingMagic, 276:which will put them en rapport with the seven planetary schemes. Real developments in astrology mayMagic, 289:for the transmission of solar energies, of planetary forces, and of extra-solar or cosmic impulses,Magic, 291:energies from the spiritual realm, from other planetary centers, and from the solar system. TheseMagic, 292:the mind-stuff. The energy of the Personality. Planetary energy. Solar energy, or the Life Breath.Magic, 292:The integrating group of Mystics. Objective. Planetary Energy. Emanating from: The seven planets.Magic, 293:an atom of substance in the sentient body of the planetary Logos. The sentient body (a term I muchMagic, 294:and which I shall continue to use) of the [294] planetary Logos is an aspect - not an atom - of theMagic, 294:constant circulation through his astral body of planetary and solar and cosmic energies, everyMagic, 299:characterizes the astral or sentient body of our planetary Logos? What have you gained if IMagic, 299:somewhat into the state of consciousness of our planetary Logos, sense His destiny, and visionMagic, 307:Astrological factors, either affecting the planetary chart and hence individuals, or primarilyMagic, 311:the spirit of the earth. This entity is not the planetary Logos, but a being of great power on theMagic, 311:arc, who holds the same relation to the planetary Logos as the astral elemental does to the humanMagic, 311:sentient life of the personality aspect of the planetary Logos - a more potent force for good andMagic, 311:his protection from complete absorption in the planetary sentient life, as is the case with theMagic, 312:2. Certain astral energies, emanating from some planetary forms which as yet exist not in the formMagic, 312:of our solar system. They represent, in the planetary sense, two groups of lives: - First, thoseMagic, 312:take a physical body. These two groups are the planetary correspondences to the reincarnating typesMagic, 313:from Sirius who comes to bring about certain planetary effects. This Life is not that avatar but isMagic, 331:of mystics, [331] who, under the guidance of the planetary Hierarchy are building the new form. 3.Magic, 338:forces in nature and the planet, and also extra-planetary or cosmic, to which he can also respondMagic, 360:is expressing itself through our planet, to our planetary Logos, but the idea can (needless to say)Magic, 360:to include the great Life of which our planetary Logos is but a reflection and an expression. Man,Magic, 362:this lies back on the cosmic planes, whereon the planetary Logos has His life. From the cosmicMagic, 364:the central spiritual Sun, each passing, via the planetary correspondence, to one of the cosmicMagic, 364:laboring in our small measure to overcome those planetary limitations which hold us back from solarMagic, 364:aspirants who have not even a knowledge of what planetary consciousness signifies, the aboveMagic, 372:not confined only to the bodies of men. It is a planetary process. The etheric body of [373] theMagic, 373:of the earth, that mysterious entity - not the planetary Logos - is being vivified in a new senseMagic, 377:into our earth scheme of evolution from other planetary schemes. In the hands of a large number ofMagic, 379:of an acrostic veiling the true name of the planetary Logos of the earth, one of Whose principlesMagic, 379:making Him thus a direct incarnation of the planetary Logos and in expression of His divineMagic, 379:at the fourth initiation when the nature of the planetary Logos is revealed and His four AvatarsMagic, 388:of mystics is gaining each year in potency. Planetary Energies: emanating from: The seven planets.Magic, 390:- so at this time one might infer that our planetary Logos Himself is focused in His mental Body.Magic, 391:again point out that we shall not waste time in planetary intricacies and the interplay of solarMagic, 398:which is the physical plane reflection of the planetary Hierarchy. Magic, 398:tie and not by any outer organization. The planetary Hierarchy has always existed and from timeMagic, 399:race a pictorial representation of a momentous planetary condition which worked out in the humanMagic, 431:study these energies too closely is because the planetary Spirit or Logos and the planetary EntityMagic, 431:is because the planetary Spirit or Logos and the planetary Entity are the two forms in activeMagic, 432:(in his form nature) he constitutes part of the planetary expression. The planetary Spirit is aMagic, 432:part of the planetary expression. The planetary Spirit is a Being Who, ages ago, passed through theMagic, 432:beyond the concept of the highest adept in our planetary Hierarchy. The planetary Entity is the sumMagic, 432:highest adept in our planetary Hierarchy. The planetary Entity is the sum total of the forms whichMagic, 432:which constitute the form through which the planetary Spirit is manifesting, and therefore is theMagic, 432:and therefore is the synthesis of the planetary physical, astral and mental elementals. For theMagic, 432:the form and the consciousness aspects of our planetary existence make their impact on the humanMagic, 432:their impact on the human being. The life of the planetary Spirit makes its impact via the soul;Magic, 432:its impact via the soul; and the life of the planetary Entity is registered through the medium ofMagic, 432:energy of the intuitional nature of the planetary Logos, and the potent force of the astralMagic, 432:which embodies the desire nature of the planetary Logos is exceedingly potent, particularly in thisMagic, 433:be seen. In the above paragraph, the dominant planetary urges present in evolution are summed tipMagic, 437:difference would be noted in the casting of the planetary horoscope. In the casting of theMagic, 440:destiny or karma. People are submerged in planetary and racial destinies, and their own tinyMagic, 440:and when Sagittarius was dominant (from our planetary standpoint - I am using words with care) theMagic, 451:activities, in connection with the work of the planetary Hierarchy, are based on a few fundamentalMagic, 460:as yet), constitute literally the brain of the planetary life. There is a truly occult significanceMagic, 460:mental plane is the sole work of the organized planetary hierarchy. The second phase of the work isMagic, 462:this maladjustment expresses itself during this planetary period of misuse as disease. ThisMagic, 470:form, no matter whether the creator is cosmic, planetary or human. Every form is built by anMagic, 503:in connection with the various aspects of the planetary life. The planes have to be at-one-ed asMagic, 513:The mode of working by means of which our planetary Life utilizes the cycles of silence concernsMagic, 513:Him alone, and it must be remembered that each planetary Logos has a different pulsation, a varyingMagic, 520:is increased by a cycle of equally intense planetary activity, due to the coming in of a new age,Magic, 522:out the purposes of the solar Logos or of the planetary Logos these constituents of the matter ofMagic, 522:permanent like the ensouling life of the planetary deity, and vanish. The two aspects concerned,Magic, 527:be instituted. It is in reality the brain of the planetary Deity, its many units being analogous toMagic, 527:transmitting its ideas via the mind, so the planetary Deity, working under the inspiration of theMagic, 528:purpose, and the initiate cooperates with the planetary purpose. These constitute the inner groupMagic, 528:inner group of vitally alive brain cells in the planetary brain, the entire human group, and it isMagic, 528:into activity. The occult hierarchy is to the planetary Life what the light in the head is to theMagic, 531:total of organized lives is sometimes called the planetary Logos, sometimes the Ancient of Days,Magic, 536:Little by little he has mastered the planetary boundaries; little by little, he has grown from theMagic, 538:family will enter upon its destined work of planetary service. Its mission is to act as a bridgeMagic, 544:will bring about a climaxing moment for the planetary duality. Beyond that we need not go, for theMagic, 546:the magician in possession of the three types of planetary force and their combination, or theMagic, 553:it, of the Thinkers Who guide our racial and planetary evolution. This particular symbol might beMagic, 570:of which it is constructed emanate: From the planetary aura. In this case it is planetary prana,Magic, 570:From the planetary aura. In this case it is planetary prana, and so concerns primarily the spleenMagic, 577:his own body, but can also combine them with the planetary or cosmic currents to be found in hisMagic, 605:of countries, and of the fauna and flora of our planetary life have kept pace with the needs of theMagic, 608:see clearly just what is the next step which planetary evolution will guide the race to take duringMagic, 610:true of the magical work of a solar Logos, of a planetary Logos, of an incarnating soul, or of thatMagic, 626:him into the general scheme of the elementary planetary life. It might be valuable here to pointMagic, 626:have their roots in that peculiar quality of the planetary life, - fear reactions, leading toMeditation, 23:of Spirit. From the standpoint of our occult planetary Hierarchy, as before I have told you, we areMeditation, 34:form part, of the consciousness of one of the Planetary Spirits. On egoic levels, the egos are in aMeditation, 116:his line of action and pass on to other work, - planetary, systemic or cosmic. He serves first
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