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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANETARY

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Rays, 417:(under the control of this law) He created our planetary life and all that is within and upon it,Rays, 417:the lowest of the laws controlling existence in planetary form. This Law of Economy includes, asRays, 421:Shamballa embodies the will or purpose of our planetary Logos. The goal which these initiatesRays, 421:far removed (in the evolutionary sense) from our planetary Logos as the latter is from the point ofRays, 421:part in the development of our entire planetary life. For the sake of clarity, yet at the same timeRays, 421:Who decided to tread the Path of training for planetary Logoi. It is therefore far more difficultRays, 422:Of These, Sanat Kumara [422] is One. Not all the planetary Logoi tread the Path of Solar Logoi, forRays, 422:factors on other spheres and in other planetary schemes which are more advanced than ours; theRays, 427:velocity PATH III. PATH OF TRAINING FOR PLANETARY LOGOS Attributes Cosmic vision, deva hearing andRays, 434:areas of the divine "state of mind" or with the planetary consciousness, until "the mind that is inRays, 434:Consciousness, Sensitivity, Awareness, Planetary Rapport, Universal Consciousness - these are theRays, 440:time so simple that when the simplicity of the planetary constitution is truly grasped and theRays, 463:upon its own plane, the second plane of our planetary and solar life. Logoic Plane DivineRays, 463:of the whole on the highest plane of our planetary manifestation. This is also an aspect of solarRays, 464:law in this solar system, and therefore in our planetary life experience, that the substanceRays, 471:the initiate, moving within the orbit of the planetary Logos (though not unrestricted as regardsRays, 471:- are both understood and expressed. Within the planetary ring-pass-not the initiate moves withRays, 471:That is why the higher levels of our planetary and systemic planes are called formless. It is thisRays, 474:Students must [474] seek to meet all the planetary changes and opportunities with correspondingRays, 474:speaking symbolically, which will relate the planetary centers and present the medium along whichRays, 478:were the imposition of the creative will of the planetary Hierarchy upon those who were sensitiveRays, 480:exterior force, and is lost in the mysteries of planetary karma. This is equally true of man'sRays, 483:is true of the activity of a solar Logos, of a planetary Logos and of a human being - the onlyRays, 492:correspondences in the egoic lotus to the three planetary centers are as follows: Shamballa - TheRays, 520:in reality, the Law of the Life Purpose of the planetary Logos; it is an expression of His dynamicRays, 523:footsteps of the Christ. He was the first of our planetary humanity to blaze the trail (is not thatRays, 523:light and relates all beings within the planetary ring-pass-not into Itself." By becoming the Path,Rays, 526:further their development within the body of the planetary Logos. They also, from time to time,Rays, 526:a name, even though He has passed out of our planetary scheme millions of years ago. He opened aRays, 528:as far as the opening of each stage of the planetary antahkarana is concerned. He presented theRays, 528:of our Earth humanity had interwoven with the planetary antahkarana. Here lies the secret of theRays, 528:bring forth, and has done so many times in our planetary history, One Who could meet the need whichRays, 529:increasing power, tune in on the mind of the planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara. Just as the discipleRays, 532:the process; the life aspect permits of extra-planetary contact, thus indicating the possibleRays, 536:which we call the "Heart of God"; this is our planetary correspondence to the "Heart of the Sun."Rays, 536:of the Sun." The heart of God, i.e., of our planetary Logos, and the heart of the Sun, i.e., theRays, 540:When he knows this, he knows all that our planetary life can tell him and reveal to him. He hasRays, 548:higher correspondence, the throat center of the planetary Logos; this is the center which we callRays, 550:organized vehicle of manifestation of the planetary Logos. Through it energies are circulating allRays, 550:and controlled by the head center of the planetary Logos; they create great vortices of force orRays, 550:has made a direct impact upon this third planetary center. This is not due entirely to the point inRays, 550:a major cycle of experience in the life of our planetary Logos. It is related to the interplayRays, 550:It is related to the interplay between the planetary Logos and the solar Logos as the latterRays, 551:These result in major changes in the life of the planetary Logos and potently affect His body ofRays, 551:The great cosmic initiation through which our planetary Logos is passing (forget not my words,Rays, 551:of others. Direction also enters in; certain planetary centers become the recipients (in a new andRays, 551:The three major centers in the body of the planetary Logos are: The head center - Shamballa - 1stRays, 552:present in the life and experience of the planetary Logos. This progressive "creative raising"Rays, 552:- in his minute living process - what the planetary Logos undergoes in a cosmic process. When - asRays, 552:and when this synchronizes with a major creative planetary activity, then a cycle of very greatRays, 552:energies which are engaging the attention of the planetary Logos at this time. [553] All thisRays, 553:the consciousness of the One Initiator, the planetary Logos. It was Their decision, taken early inRays, 554:All these happenings are part of a process of planetary initiation; [555] such an initiation cannotRays, 557:the sum total of all the existences within our planetary Life are realized and consciously used forRays, 557:by the opening or the awakening of certain planetary and human centers to the impact of their rayRays, 561:expression - through Humanity, the third divine planetary center - of the livingness, the qualityRays, 564:Fusion with the world consciousness of the planetary Logos to a degree which makes the planetaryRays, 564:the planetary Logos to a degree which makes the planetary life, with all its states ofRays, 564:into the "exalted state of mind" which holds the planetary Logos focused in the consciousness ofRays, 564:as it is implemented by the will of the planetary Logos. Nevertheless, he does respond to a mentalRays, 564:imprisoning form (the sum total) in which the planetary Logos has chosen to imprison Himself. ForRays, 566:We are in fact considering initiation as a planetary process, and not that process as it affectsRays, 567:however, and the nature of the will of the planetary Logos will only be revealed in the next solarRays, 567:wherein the soul-infused Personality of the planetary Logos will demonstrate living purpose withinRays, 568:upon all forms of manifested life within our planetary ring-pass-not. These Lords of the Rays areRays, 568:energies which implement the Will of the planetary Logos. They cooperate with Him in the definingRays, 574:the planet, for it was this ray energy which the planetary Logos utilized when He brought togetherRays, 578:glamor. The stream of energy, coming into our planetary life from the constellation Pisces, has forRays, 579:energy, playing upon and through the third planetary center, Humanity, has created the uniqueRays, 579:in which "the race of men" can stand before the planetary Initiator, the Christ, and under theRays, 581:which will [581] bring that level of planetary consciousness into line with the immediate divineRays, 584:Kingdom of God an inevitable happening in our planetary life. [585] Rays, 587:three Buddhas are the creative Agents of the planetary Logos and are Wielders of the Law ofRays, 588:consciousness will indicate why and how our planetary life is one immense synthesis of orderedRays, 589:These three groups are essentially points of planetary tension and are producers of crisis in theRays, 589:and in the Hierarchy, as well as in the planetary life. Thus the conditions are created which makeRays, 589:of tension within the sphere of Being of the planetary Logos, and each - in time and space - is inRays, 589:is today, in its present situation as a point of planetary crisis, generating such a point ofRays, 590:form upon the mental plane. This form (in the planetary sense) is that of the Kingdom of God and,Rays, 591:and then, secondly, from the levels of planetary consciousness. Impressions from the soul, the SonRays, 593:it works through all the planes of our conscious planetary life, is the creative agent and theRays, 600:Initiation of Decision that the illusion of the planetary ring-pass-not finally disappears. TheRays, 600:Principle of Privation, by means of which the planetary Logos chooses to circumscribe His freedomRays, 601:in due time with a final refusal to accept any planetary limitations whatsoever. It will be obviousRays, 601:of the Ashram within the Hierarchy and to the planetary life. This must ever be borne in mind andRays, 620:love. [620] The Hierarchy, which is the planetary heart center. The Christ, the very heart of loveRays, 644:planet. This gives us a clue to the goal of the planetary Logos. All life, from the first descentRays, 645:a manner that the purpose in the mind of the planetary Logos is (for the first time) truly grasped.Rays, 645:In the word, Goodwill, the secret purpose of the planetary Logos is hidden. It is being slowlyRays, 646:Effect of Ray I on Humanity Today Owing to extra-planetary stimulation, to the immediate planetaryRays, 646:to extra-planetary stimulation, to the immediate planetary crisis and to the present invocative cryRays, 652:very "Heart of the Sun" (using those words in a "planetary" and not in a "solar" sense) and - fromRays, 652:has hitherto been possible, the Purpose of the planetary Logos. From the time of the thirdRays, 652:Kumara, Who is the Personality expression of the planetary Logos. During the coming interval andRays, 653:responsibility, constant service within the planetary Life and the subjection of Himself and of HisRays, 654:Masters decide to remain until the close of our planetary Life, at which time the "last wearyRays, 654:way - will enable the solar Logos (not the planetary Logos) to bring the first great divine aspect,Rays, 654:the consummation of the preordained task of our planetary Logos. He undertook, when He came intoRays, 655:which lies behind the fifth initiation - in the planetary sense and not in connection with theRays, 655:and advancement; God in nature (i.e., the planetary Logos in concrete and material expression) has
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