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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANETARY

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Rays, 656:The Seven and the Nine Initiations of our Planetary Life Now let us look at these initiations fromRays, 656:look at these initiations from the angle of the planetary Life, as far as in us lies. We have forRays, 656:be forgotten that these initiations have also a planetary significance. From the standpoint of theRays, 656:men. This naturally means in relation to our planetary Logos. It must never be forgotten that it isRays, 657:proving His response to the will aspect of the planetary Logos and making Himself responsible for aRays, 657:making Himself responsible for a phase of the planetary Plan, so a planetary Logos has likewise -Rays, 657:for a phase of the planetary Plan, so a planetary Logos has likewise - under the Law of Synthesis -Rays, 657:line with the will of the Solar Logos. This our planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara, is in process ofRays, 657:throughout the entire solar system, with the planetary Logoi implementing divine purpose; menRays, 657:relations within the personality aspect of our planetary Logos - the Earth and all that is therein.Rays, 657:our Earth and the Sun, between the various planetary Logoi and the Solar Logos. All that we can doRays, 657:we can do is to get a general picture of the planetary initiations, the seven initiations and theRays, 657:in which we can grasp even a small measure of planetary intention is through a study of the greatRays, 657:approach to the intent and the purpose of the planetary Logos must be added a consideration ofRays, 657:in the nature of minor initiations to which the planetary Logos has subjected Himself, in the senseRays, 658:and their eventual catastrophic destruction, the planetary Logos has gradually prepared the groundRays, 658:Logos has gradually prepared the ground or planetary field for the "planting of the germ of Will" -Rays, 658:race is the fifth) are in the nature of seven planetary initiations or unfoldments; the wordRays, 658:evidence readiness; in connection with the planetary Logos, it is He Who initiated a new process inRays, 658:only been in the present world crisis that the planetary Logos dared subject the forms in all theRays, 659:and thus the future is assured, not for the planetary Logos alone, but for that greater Whole inRays, 660:to human invocation. In comprehending the planetary initiatory processes as instituted by theRays, 660:initiatory processes as instituted by the planetary Logos, men must relate them to the great crisesRays, 660:of supreme importance is the ability of the planetary Logos to carry out His primary intention andRays, 661:are not, may I repeat, initiations to which the planetary Logos is Himself subjected. The worldRays, 661:world crises, which ever precede initiation on a planetary scale, are part of the preparatory work,Rays, 661:is little more that I can tell you anent the planetary initiations or - as they might be moreRays, 661:- as they might be more correctly called - the planetary initiatory processes. These affect ourRays, 661:initiatory processes. These affect our entire planetary life but are not essentially initiations asRays, 663:a condition can be seen which is extra-planetary in nature and of which little can be known. ThisRays, 668:the recognition of and the relationship to the planetary Logos we need not at this point deal. AllRays, 684:or freedom from all the seven planes of our planetary existence - the planes which are sometimesRays, 686:the phenomenal life of the seven planes of our planetary Life. It is in reality a "lifting out ofRays, 687:is so regarded by the emanating Source of our planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara, and in the two greatRays, 687:Logos, Sanat Kumara, and in the two great planetary centers, Shamballa and the Hierarchy. I referRays, 687:I refer to that stupendous Source of our entire planetary life, the sun Sirius, and to the Lodge ofRays, 687:body of the initiate under the direction of the planetary Logos, before Whom the initiate standsRays, 688:Ray of Love-Wisdom is here active, as the major planetary ray. The application of the Rod ofRays, 689:he becomes simply an instrument whereby the planetary Logos can reach humanity and bring to menRays, 690:hence incomprehensible to you) the energy of the planetary Logos Himself. He directsRays, 690:of the planetary Logos Himself. He directs extra-planetary energy (in the initiations which followRays, 693:the angle of the supreme Masters on Sirius, our planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara, is still on theRays, 694:of the greater Life which enfolds our planetary Logos, as He enfolds humanity within HisRays, 696:nothing for the separated self. At that final planetary initiation the Master is brought face toRays, 699:need no centers on the etheric levels of our planetary physical plane. At this fourth initiationRays, 699:leading up to that of the seventh or final planetary initiation, because the remaining twoRays, 699:are fundamentally not related in any way to our planetary Life. It is because of this permanentRays, 715:initiate begins to glimpse the purpose of the planetary Logos; hitherto he has only seen the plan,Rays, 715:is the most potent energy in the whole scheme of planetary existence. It is called the "ShamballaRays, 715:The moment Sanat Kumara has attained His planetary purpose, He will withdraw this potent energy,Rays, 716:down and modified by transit through the great planetary center to which we give the name of theRays, 716:Hierarchy, through Whom the love of the planetary Logos reaches the forms in the three worlds andRays, 716:We have spoken much of the purpose of the planetary Logos. When I use the word "purpose" I amRays, 717:the [717] answer to the question: Why did the planetary Logos create this world and start theRays, 717:and lives therein in order to bring about a planetary synthesis and an integrated system whereby aRays, 717:Sanat Kumara. It is this mystery and this divine planetary "secret" which is the goal of all theRays, 719:is to the Master Who stands before the planetary Logos what the second initiation is to theRays, 721:way, to Path VI. This is the Path upon which our planetary Logos is found. This Path is necessarilyRays, 721:or upon what might be the impelling force of the planetary rays; i.e., that of the planet itselfRays, 721:of the planet itself (the personality ray of the planetary Logos) or upon the soul ray of SanatRays, 722:the Master is completely merged in that of the planetary Logos. Between the sixth and the seventhRays, 723:purpose; this concerns the relation of our planetary Logos to the solar system, and decision isRays, 724:one of the seven Paths which unitedly form the planetary antahkarana, is forced thereto by theRays, 724:and liberated from all aspects and all forms of planetary karma, which is greater and more vastRays, 724:within the field, scope or influence of the planetary Life, He faces a solar or a cosmic future ofRays, 725:and that from being the eternal pilgrim or the planetary wanderer, he now becomes a fixed pointRays, 725:is closely related to the mental plane of our planetary life, to the Law of Fixation and the Law ofRays, 726:quality of love-wisdom which has animated our planetary Logos and is the basic quality of ourRays, 726:why the phrase "God is Love" is really our planetary keynote. At the eighth Initiation ofRays, 726:Initiation of Transition the purpose of all our planetary activity is revealed to the Master, andRays, 727:shown not only the eternal good [727] underlying planetary purpose, but he is allowed "to see thatRays, 727:he has fitted himself to associate. What the planetary purpose is I know not; when I say that partRays, 728:to That which creates, to the universal point of planetary or solar Life which is, and has everRays, 728:the solar system. When it is realized that our planetary purpose is mysteriously related to theRays, 729:physical planes (the four highest planes of our planetary Life); this light brings to his attentionRays, 729:to his attention the nature of certain extra-planetary conditions, and for the first time theseRays, 729:to him the nature of divine purpose as our planetary Logos conceives it under the inspiration ofRays, 732:him a part of That which lies outside of our planetary Life; he may now share in thatRays, 732:planetary Life; he may now share in that extra-planetary Existence in which our planetary LogosRays, 732:in that extra-planetary Existence in which our planetary Logos lives and moves and has His being.Rays, 733:our planet and yet remains - greater than our planetary Life, more all-encompassing than is ourRays, 733:Life, more all-encompassing than is our planetary Logos, and Whose greatness, beauty, goodness andRays, 733:beauty, goodness and knowledge are to our planetary Logos what His life is to the lowest form ofRays, 733:of that great Whole in which our planet and our planetary Logos are but a part. It is thisRays, 733:mankind, only here it is the ajna center of the planetary Logos, in the same sense as Shamballa isRays, 734:and to the vibratory quality of the extra-planetary body of Avatars Who hold Themselves inRays, 734:is one of Them. Bear in mind that these extra-planetary Avatars have not arrived at Their highRays, 734:relationships are a great mystery even to the planetary Logoi - to Whose help They go when theRays, 735:value in so far as they convey to you a sense of planetary integrity and of solar synthesis, andRays, 735:your ken; They work in cooperation with the planetary Logos Himself, and Those Who compose theseRays, 735:in their effects. In this fact lies a great planetary truth and the key to the science of planetaryRays, 735:planetary truth and the key to the science of planetary redemption. When the spiritual and theRays, 736:to evil within Him, but is based upon the "planetary appeal for liberation." This appeal is soRays, 736:Path." Again, we come up against the outstanding planetary characteristic which has been presentedRays, 737:the true home of all Beings, but of this - our planetary forms know naught." This the initiate hasRays, 737:(even with good intention) with cosmic evil. The planetary Lodge of Masters has absorbed Him and,Rays, 737:The theme of the living consciousness of the planetary Logos is forever and unchangeably the greatRays, 737:with solar system, planet with planet and all planetary lives with each other. The major keynote ofRays, 737:each other. The major keynote of every single planetary initiation, even to the very highest, isRays, 738:and on into infinity. From the standpoint of our planetary evolution, there is naught but love,
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