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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANNED

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Discipleship2, 447:best rendered if you refrain from regarding your planned organization as unique and if you do notDiscipleship2, 448:to very little. One of your major needs is a planned concentration and an ability to makeDiscipleship2, 452:daily). Let them mark also the carefully planned and silently implemented allocation [453] of suchDiscipleship2, 453:constant, cyclic attitude of determined and planned abstraction. [454] If you will study your rayDiscipleship2, 458:and I believe will never lose it. Definitely planned meditation is not so easy for you, and yet -Discipleship2, 470:you must struggle, until the point of attainment planned by your soul for this life is yours. YouDiscipleship2, 475:have these thoughts in mind and begin to lay a planned foundation for the future. This is myDiscipleship2, 476:that the meditation here suggested by me is planned. The Robe of Rose. The symbolism here, myDiscipleship2, 488:possible, attempt to assume an inner attitude of planned, quiet discarding of the physical body,Discipleship2, 491:(to the Ashram and to me) through service planned and rendered; to the soul through fusion,Discipleship2, 498:have you realize that the work which you do is planned by us and that your task is to renderDiscipleship2, 501:and seek also for those who can aid in your planned work. The future ahead of my workers and theDiscipleship2, 506:and reinspired realization that the work, planned and intended by me, can be successfully carriedDiscipleship2, 535:(not altogether, but unduly) in your ordered, planned life. Most things can be viewed as too lateDiscipleship2, 535:upheaval of an ordered point of view and of a planned and reasoned approach to daily living is in aDiscipleship2, 545:ground of conflict - a conflict which is thus planned in order to produce an eventual harmony.Discipleship2, 551:mind. This will happen automatically and not by planned intent. Some years ago I could not haveDiscipleship2, 553:work that you and I together have already planned. Discipleship2, 569:handicap but a pronounced and definitely [569] planned role whereby the disciple learns certainDiscipleship2, 578:the time equation most carefully organized and planned. Your second ray [579] nature makes theDiscipleship2, 592:side are not unmindful of it... [592] The work, planned and outlined by me during past years, hasDiscipleship2, 603:It must not be the impersonality of a planned and forced achievement but the impersonality ofDiscipleship2, 608:you in good stead when the work your soul has planned for you opens up in front of you. You have,Discipleship2, 615:Ashram of K.H. and to the work which it had been planned that you should do as liaison officerDiscipleship2, 636:my next statement. There is some definite work planned by me which must be implemented by theDiscipleship2, 638:have in the past done much to help the work I planned. You are today among those interested inDiscipleship2, 641:to greatly minimizing other risks later in your planned work. A.A.B. will talk with you about thisDiscipleship2, 662:Ashram to develop and evolve your own definitely planned service, and therefore to begin the taskDiscipleship2, 668:and not on the love aspect. The work which it is planned for them later to undertake willDiscipleship2, 685:from further search for liberation, based on a planned relinquishing. Sixth ray aspirants have aDiscipleship2, 692:must happily reconcile yourself. Because of this planned training - planned with the consent ofDiscipleship2, 692:yourself. Because of this planned training - planned with the consent of your soul and of me, yourDiscipleship2, 725:my Ashram; they have willingly responded to my planned intentions and in a spirit of dedication toDiscipleship2, 737:your consciousness so that you can bring to any planned life of service a reasoned judgment and aDiscipleship2, 741:pouring through your soul, could lead to a planned and organized activity upon the physical plane.Discipleship2, 743:that your brain will be the recipient of your planned thinking, and not simply a sensitiveDiscipleship2, 758:them as the seed thoughts for your definitely planned morning meditation. I am leaving you to doDiscipleship2, 759:I am anxious for you to take the initiation planned by your own soul, and to take it this life, soEducation, 26:quality will be early determined, and his whole planned training will grow out of this basicEducation, 29:mental apparatus which comes under definite and planned training, and which is subjectively andEducation, 49:itself as we consider the curriculum to be planned for the youth of the immediate generations:Education, 51:grasp the purpose of the process as a whole planned unfoldment, and will then give their attentionEducation, 57:in the closest cooperation, and it is for this planned understanding and this intelligent activityEducation, 70:the time factor, and also to that period wherein planned coordination of all aspects of the manEducation, 79:a few privileged groups, giving them a carefully planned cultural training but teaching only theEducation, 80:organized and supervised, systematically planned and geared to an ideology, are potent in effect,Education, 89:when in late adolescence a crisis, needed and planned, is precipitated in the young person's life,Education, 93:the urge to knowledge will lead eventually to a planned activity. This planned activity willEducation, 93:will lead eventually to a planned activity. This planned activity will constitute service, andEducation, 95:case, the science of the antahkarana will be a planned part of their training. Today, as we studyEducation, 135:sexual relations, and in no way indicates the planned intention of parents - planned becauseEducation, 135:way indicates the planned intention of parents - planned because intended to offer experience toEducation, 141:civilization which is, for the race, the next planned and desired development. Need I, therefore,Externalisation, 46:happening and is not the result of a consciously planned bridging work. But it is the intent of theExternalisation, 46:of Them Their duly appointed functions and Their planned activity (dependent upon Ray, upon raceExternalisation, 47:and we attempted a slight analysis of their planned undertakings. Now we can do the same with theExternalisation, 94:when indicating the work of the nine groups planned by me. However, let me here point out that theExternalisation, 94:let me here point out that the groups which I planned are not in themselves the coming groups norExternalisation, 130:points of authority and the designers of the planned activities, so within that group or organizedExternalisation, 132:and to produce new conditions and a new order - planned and determined and foreseen. This has beenExternalisation, 140:falling into definite spheres of work and of planned activity. You are asked, first of all, toExternalisation, 153:eventual progress of this will-to-good and its planned activity any more than a bud which hasExternalisation, 155:hold often that the more dire the effects of planned conditions, the more rapidly will the correctExternalisation, 171:every land, whether they war with aggressive and planned intent, whether they preserve an attitudeExternalisation, 171:an attitude of passivity and acceptance, or a planned neutrality, as in America, or are activelyExternalisation, 210:all nations by intelligent cooperation, in the planned focusing of enlightened public opinion, andExternalisation, 234:war machine, after years of scientific and planned preparation. Today the Allies stand waiting theExternalisation, 242:whole. In this all will share, with wisdom and a planned efficiency, offering to the planetary lifeExternalisation, 262:at participation in hierarchical endeavor. Planned collaboration with the work of the Christ atExternalisation, 263:or some other type of organization with some planned objective. Much reflection and brooding willExternalisation, 312:The determination to withstand evil through planned group activity. To construct a network of lightExternalisation, 324:a convinced mind, a dedicated desire and a planned activity are essential to success. 6. TheExternalisation, 330:or fusion. A "coming together" can thus be planned for united strengthening and advice. SuchExternalisation, 341:of peace, the right use of security, and the planned education of the youth of all lands in theExternalisation, 367:activity only after two years of war and the planned rape of many of the neutral nations. TheExternalisation, 370:must be an unhurried process. It will call for a planned education of the masses in every country;Externalisation, 379:measures as to destructive. A little planned direction and a wisely outlined program with this inExternalisation, 386:or in an institutionalized establishment. The planned cruelty must be remedied, and it must beExternalisation, 391:intense air activity and the organizing and planned work of the hundreds of relief agencies inExternalisation, 414:or invocative cry of the masses, and also by the planned, defined invocation of the spirituallyExternalisation, 423:to the surface, and exacting penalty and the planned cleaning of the slate of human history. WhenExternalisation, 441:in these few simple terms the results of the planned determination of the two Great Lords whichExternalisation, 444:quarter causes the Christ to deviate from His planned purpose; just in so far as His purposesExternalisation, 466:The success of the effort now being spiritually planned is dependent upon the ability of mankind toExternalisation, 468:this time. A great period of reconstruction is planned. Here are the two words around which I wishExternalisation, 484:women of goodwill. I have therefore outlined a planned distribution of the three great streams ofExternalisation, 493:of the dark forces. This attempt to hinder the planned progress constituted a definite menace andExternalisation, 496:and physical energies at a central point of planned activity. This, by the way, is the objective ofExternalisation, 557:here told you the things which the Christ has planned for the immediate future. I have told youExternalisation, 580:are relatively small and unimportant - and by a planned scale of related values. National materialExternalisation, 582:is concerned. There is only definite and planned work with the consciousness of all forms, and -Externalisation, 584:own mind acting as a directing agent in all the planned activities, the life theme and purposeExternalisation, 601:though they recognized not their Companion. This planned move of the Hierarchy is also progressingExternalisation, 604:groups just in so far as they fit themselves for planned service, for the distribution of love, andExternalisation, 606:be done." (Luke XXII.42.) Something new, yet planned for from the very depth of time, happened thenExternalisation, 631:I shall have completed thirty years of carefully planned and meticulously outlined work; this workExternalisation, 631:with her ever since. The books which I then planned have been well-nigh finished; the variousExternalisation, 635:what has been done. With that pronouncement my planned work was brought to a finish; the book (TheExternalisation, 637:into the world arena, much that I had planned and much that all of you were attempting to do, metExternalisation, 662:Christ and is used by Him in His individual and planned preparatory work. Though He demonstrated
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