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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANNING

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Externalisation, 562:this fullness of time, as regards the particular planning with which we are dealing, is from nowExternalisation, 583:definite task undertaken in response to ashramic planning. Such cases will usually be the exceptionExternalisation, 584:mission is developed through periods of definite planning with the Ashram and in consultation withExternalisation, 608:lies. It is a different world to which He is now planning to return and this is largely due to theExternalisation, 634:in every great department of human thinking and planning - a similar work. Externalisation, 637:evil is expressing itself through the planning of the Russian oligarchy, through the ZionistExternalisation, 637:they are never separated off in the thinking and planning of the Hierarchy from the rest ofExternalisation, 665:and the goal of all the thinking, all the planning and all the work of impressing receptive mindsExternalisation, 665:that which is good and in line with hierarchical planning can find true expression. What is true ofFire, 759:of consciousness. He Who is known as D. K. is planning to restore - via His students - some of theGlamour, 184:of idealisms; it is full of wishful thinking and planning, and even though much of this is rightlyGlamour, 222:of the sixth ray and their devious, twisting, planning minds and the rapidity with which they canHealing, 641:lords alone. At times (because it is also in the planning of the soul) the lunar lords temporarilyMagic, 264:and continuous building and breaking, planning and seeing those plans disrupted. It is a life ofMeditation, 348:and when circumstances - and not the server's planning - indicate that the time is come. PonderProblems, 5:self-interest; others will require foresighted planning and a long patience as, one by one, theProblems, 14:idealistic lines; thousands are occupied with planning a better world and thousands are talkingProblems, 20:and the good intentions of their thinking and planning. This she had lost during the past fewProblems, 38:all the nations without exception; all our planning has been [39] directed to the organization ofProblems, 41:is valuable also to remind ourselves in all our planning and with all our good intentions that theProblems, 45:new ways of thinking, new modes of human planning and thus changed for all time the trend of humanProblems, 67:which are largely nationalistic in their planning and selfish in their purposes. True democracy, atProblems, 68:normally more inclusive in their thinking and planning than are the others. They are more prone toProblems, 80:taxation - these are the words which control our planning, arouse our jealousies, feed our hatredsProblems, 81:alter our way of life that much of the planning at present being done will be found to be of anProblems, 94:renewed optimism and to constant faith in divine planning and the beauty of the human being. InProblems, 94:a better world, who are thinking and talking and planning in terms of humanity, and who realizeProblems, 107:one; education and modern ways of thinking and planning are rapidly fitting the Negroes to takeProblems, 109:the part of the white people, plus cooperative planning for the future? Will this be paralleled byProblems, 117:eliminated; everywhere there is discussion and planning; there are meetings and forums, andProblems, 135:entire world. Still others, more patient, are planning new educational processes and systems whichProblems, 168:the corrupt politics and the greedy ambitious planning of so many of the world's leading men can beProblems, 169:ideologies and national and international planning are occupying the attention of the people andProblems, 169:their national governments, into their economic planning and into all measures taken to bring aboutProblems, 170:their own individual goals as well as national planning. The masses of men in every land arePsychology1, xvii:Plan of the Great Ones. We are building and planning for the future and for humanity, and not forPsychology1, 50:Architectural construction. Modern city planning. Ray V - Higher Expression: The science of thePsychology1, 411:Architectural construction. Modern city planning. Ray V - Higher expression: The science of thePsychology2, 222:ray. Viewed from the form side, this faculty of planning leads to separative and selfish activity.Psychology2, 360:hither and thither - weaving, manipulating, planning and arranging? He manages to get nowhere. EverPsychology2, 406:understanding and a life directed by purpose and planning instead of desire. 3. That humanPsychology2, 557:center of his universe - living, loving, planning, acting, conscious of his audience and his [558]Psychology2, 559:Invention. Creativity. e. Divination. Foresight. Planning. Prevision. f. Healing through animalPsychology2, 665:vision. These two points must be remembered in planning the work and in finding the workers. A wordRays, 85:the right use of the mind, to the organized planning of his separate and individual life in theRays, 121:international relationships, global planning, brotherhood, economic fusion, the free flow ofRays, 124:and absolute determination - and the eternal planning of the Lord of the World is so hard ofRays, 130:person a sense of synthesis, of purposeful planning and of planetary integrity. This greatRays, 144:factor behind what is called postwar planning and the ideas of reconstruction and of worldRays, 186:far beyond normal expectancy or hierarchical planning, thus creating false goals and standards,Rays, 237:mastered certain lessons? All the postwar planning, the widespread reaction to ideals (in spite ofRays, 277:which implements the Plan; it is this spiritual planning which results in the growing "forms ofRays, 277:divine purpose and which leads to the spiritual planning that will give you the clue to the thirdRays, 293:and appearance) is automatic and without any planning on his part. He is, however, occupied withRays, 296:greatly modified and colored human thinking and planning, and this will be increasingly so. As theRays, 419:angle, purely incidental and takes place without planning, being due to definite cyclic,Rays, 428:from the glamor of power, the glamor of planning, the glamor of what they consider a great idealRays, 430:cloud be dissipated by the right thinking and planning of Great Britain, the United States and theRays, 499:on truer values; it can be seen in all the planning which is going on for a new world order, basedRays, 552:like it will have been seen before. A creative planning for human well-being and a politicalRays, 552:and a political expression, implementing this planning, will demonstrate in every country; aRays, 553:good and bad. Human unity and unanimity, human planning for group welfare, and human [554]Rays, 554:of human thinking, human welfare and human planning; as a result, and almost immediately, the menRays, 604:determinative processes of man's thinking and planning. As man thinks and decides "in his heart,"Rays, 627:a separative attitude, a selfish planning and a materialism which penetrates deep into the massRays, 717:and in the direction of the thinking and the planning done in Their Ashrams by the recipients:Rays, 748:street is today thinking, pondering, wondering, planning and deciding. In past centuries, it wasReappearance, 56:lies. It is a different world to which He is now planning to return and this is largely due to theReappearance, 73:that the Church invisible is now working and planning, swinging the disciples of the Christ, activeReappearance, 99:processes of Christ's thinking, reactions and planning, it is not possible for us to enter.
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