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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANS

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Astrology, 100:of the initiate, who seeks to work out God's plans and make them his own. In every case, Mars leadsAstrology, 102:the ideas of God in the form of the hierarchical plans to which the initiate becomes sensitive.Astrology, 327:the future will be the history of the evolving plans of God as they work out through the servingAstrology, 378:if without full understanding, to work out the plans of God, proceeding in spite of each other.Astrology, 430:Bear and the Lion met together and laid their plans [431] in conformity with the plan and with theAstrology, 443:all-embracing Lives, of Their impulses and Their plans?) is to all eternity the good of the wholeAtom, 19:His intelligent activities, and to watch His plans working towards fruition. Even if we cannotAtom, 124:is not as yet our consciousness, Who has His own plans and purposes and ideals, and Who, perhaps,Atom, 124:which may be due to the working out of the plans of the Deity or Logos, that central Life Who isAtom, 148:earth. They are beginning to cooperate with His plans, to work for the betterment of their group;Atom, 149:them not into the working out of their own plans, but into an intelligent cooperation with theAtom, 149:all our energy into the working out of group plans, then we shall have what the Christian calls theAtom, 150:which the planetary Life is working out His own plans, and a later one in which He falls in withAtom, 150:later one in which He falls in with the greater plans of the Life which animates the solar system.Atom, 150:and the development of the great international plans within the planet. We must bear in mind also,Autobiography, 95:two beloved, elderly ladies discussing me and my plans and went out into the cool night air toAutobiography, 128:had been heard but didn't know it. All the time plans were being laid for my release, but I wasAutobiography, 144:drop my work as a sardine packer and make other plans. My work with the Theosophical Lodge inAutobiography, 161:was getting more and more difficult and plans were being made already for the convention of 1920,Autobiography, 172:but through the labor unions, through the plans for world unity and postwar rehabilitation, throughAutobiography, 178:we sat down to size up the situation and to lay plans for the future were exactly $1.85. It was theAutobiography, 220:United States. In the spring of 1931 we made our plans to accept Olga Fröbe's suggestion and go toAutobiography, 231:of the Christ, are working out gigantic plans of world salvage. This attempt to lead humanityAutobiography, 251:The New Group of World Servers,) indicated their plans and purposes, and made suggestions as toAutobiography, 265:of applied knowledge and upon the work and plans of the Hierarchy. The intuition will be developedAutobiography, 266:be placed. Nothing can arrest the hierarchical plans as outlined above. Those who cannot faceAutobiography, 268:group work. He learns to relinquish personality plans in the interest of group purpose - everAutobiography, 293:work of the Masters and to the helping of the plans of the Spiritual Hierarchy is practicallyAutobiography, 297:School to some of the immediate aspects of the plans of the Hierarchy. We realize that we have aAutobiography, 297:that we have a very limited knowledge of these plans but we also realize that as a result of the 30Autobiography, 300:be available to carry forward the Hierarchical Plans. An esoteric school could find the people andAutobiography, 304:project of combined field operations in the plans of the Hierarchy, involving a new type of worldBethlehem, 24:to a sane and intelligent cooperation with the plans for humanity. It is the balance of head andBethlehem, 70:likewise by God, is of vital moment in the plans of God Himself. This would give meaning to life;Bethlehem, 142:who does his own thinking, makes his own plans and cannot be regimented or beguiled by words. He isBethlehem, 264:construction is right and proper, but the plans for the coming building must be somewhereDestiny, 8:and hence the fact that - in defense of their plans - even the most recalcitrant of the nations hasDestiny, 14:to the Lord of the World as He works out His plans of world unfoldment. The energy of the will ofDestiny, 31:come and the world disciples, impressed by the plans and under the instruction of the HierarchyDestiny, 39:directing group of Lives Who are working out the plans of God, founded upon the love of God. TheDestiny, 59:to note that Italy carries forward her plans with very little hate and with the minimum ofDestiny, 107:therefore, upon the mental plane. The plans, which embody these two differing ideals andDestiny, 108:the plane of desire. The materializing of the plans of these two groups of illumined minds proceedsDestiny, 121:ray upon the work and training, the life and the plans of the disciple, conditioning as itDiscipleship1, 18:a supreme effort which the Hierarchy of Masters plans to make. Should all of you in the field atDiscipleship1, 31:by the Masters and have you recognized their plans taking shape before your eyes? Have you graspedDiscipleship1, 31:with my chosen work and carry forward the plans which I set myself when I took a certainDiscipleship1, 33:are many today working intelligently with our plans, often isolated and alone. The main requirementDiscipleship1, 35:to clarify this group work which the Hierarchy plans and enable you to grasp the intent clearly, IDiscipleship1, 46:your willingness to serve and to cooperate in my plans. Beyond thus indicating the way and theDiscipleship1, 47:interest and possible collaboration) the plans for future group activity. These plans canDiscipleship1, 47:the plans for future group activity. These plans can materialize if you can make the necessaryDiscipleship1, 71:must work in order to emphasize again to you the plans for my own groups of disciples. These groupsDiscipleship1, 71:changes in technique though not in the basic plans. All this is, however, an experiment and I wouldDiscipleship1, 85:sacrifice of personality reactions, ideals and plans. At present the varying ideals, attitudes andDiscipleship1, 124:were you with the Hierarchy, its personnel and plans, and with your relation to the unseen Master.Discipleship1, 137:you will regret temporarily falling in with my plans for the group. In connection with myDiscipleship1, 142:until after... In the secret place must your plans be wrought out and two men (who could be ofDiscipleship1, 148:your inability to carry forward your cherished plans over long periods of time have their basis inDiscipleship1, 157:to group work, and to a consideration of the plans to be followed in the unfolding work of theDiscipleship1, 163:momentum at this time is adequate to carry the plans forward. Therefore, hold steady, brood deeplyDiscipleship1, 165:these dates carefully in mind and thus lay your plans for the future. Thus will you be working withDiscipleship1, 183:sumtotal of the similar thoughts, desires and plans of the majority. It is for this reason,Discipleship1, 214:and broad general schemes and the wider plans are for you easy to grasp. See the world pictureDiscipleship1, 216:a few years' time, you will better understand my plans for you. From the angle of the etheric body,Discipleship1, 325:In 1936 and particularly in 1937, if the plans work out as desired and you go forward on the Way,Discipleship1, 469:with it and is seeking a solution. Yet the plans for the world of humanity are materializing andDiscipleship1, 576:thoughts will harmonize and blend; then your plans will be constructive and free from self; thenDiscipleship1, 579:adjust themselves to the newer rhythms. Make no plans but follow the lines of service as they openDiscipleship1, 589:to criticism, to the formulating of group plans which are impossible of accomplishment, changingDiscipleship1, 589:are impossible of accomplishment, changing such plans at frequent intervals and using speech as aDiscipleship1, 590:how a group should be run? [590] You are full of plans and of ideas which you lay before manyDiscipleship1, 590:need. It is not done by the laying of vast plans which fail of accomplishment because they areDiscipleship1, 593:much is sensed and grasped; possibilities and plans, modes and methods of teaching and of service,Discipleship1, 594:service and cooperation with my determined plans. These, all of you who are my chosen disciples,Discipleship1, 606:and into the weaving of your own material plans, send out your thought to me. [607] Discipleship1, 607:yourself. Have you done this? To forego all plans. Have you done this? To disperse the clouds ofDiscipleship1, 607:Why? Think this out, my brother. You have made plans. Will you reread my last instruction to youDiscipleship1, 608:reason has been that you have relinquished your plans and your personality scheming, and thus haveDiscipleship1, 611:A. A. B. and began my work with her). The plans are made and the work is functioning. Yet youDiscipleship1, 613:to the Plan, but occupied with your own plans and believe that your plans are part of the Plan.Discipleship1, 613:with your own plans and believe that your plans are part of the Plan. List the plans and theDiscipleship1, 613:that your plans are part of the Plan. List the plans and the schemes along many lines which youDiscipleship1, 614:so called, has hitherto been the making of plans after your initial service of financing theDiscipleship1, 614:organize a group here and a group there. But the plans are already laid; the groups are alreadyDiscipleship1, 615:to work as a humble server, relinquishing all plans, all big ideas, and for the rest of this lifeDiscipleship1, 618:have again sought to work in connection with my plans. Things have not worked out as youDiscipleship1, 635:the center of spiritual force through which the plans of God come into being. Your excursions intoDiscipleship1, 652:the mind then steady in the light and carry your plans and service into the Presence. Discipleship1, 657:through the substitution of the Plan for your plans, of human need for your need, and of the WorkDiscipleship1, 657:that word Substitution. At present, it is your plans, and not the Plan; it is your needs -Discipleship1, 688:and frequently works out in the vast personality plans of the world leaders in the various fieldsDiscipleship1, 690:of the world disciples; the working out of these plans under the inspiration and help of the worldDiscipleship1, 693:group of servers through whom hierarchical Plans can be carried forward and to demonstrate, uponDiscipleship1, 693:particularly in this time of crisis. The plans of the Hierarchy, as they embody the will ofDiscipleship1, 698:be the success of the Master to carry out his plans through the medium of the group. Under divineDiscipleship1, 718:the present; the Hierarchy is working and laying plans for the future; Shamballa is engrossed withDiscipleship1, 739:instance of this today, in connection with the plans for a postwar world and the need forDiscipleship1, 758:in his closest councils and who carry out his plans. The chain of Hierarchy is great and immutableDiscipleship1, 759:consequently able to bring through the Master's plans (his share of them) on to the astral plane.
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