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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLANS

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Discipleship1, 770:Accepted disciples who get the Master's idea and plans in far greater completeness, but fail oftenDiscipleship1, 783:was called The Next Three Years) indicated their plans and purposes, and made suggestions as toDiscipleship2, 35:are his reactions and the more he thinks and plans for the future, and the greater also the clarityDiscipleship2, 37:not upon your co-disciples, their activities, my plans and the purpose at this time of yourDiscipleship2, 42:to relinquish hindrances to service; the plans of the Christ for humanity's release are moreDiscipleship2, 44:which a fight must be made, wherein the wider plans must be understood, endorsed and preached, theDiscipleship2, 47:your planned life service (What definite plan or plans have you, my brother?) and act as if theDiscipleship2, 86:You see, my brothers, I am making no startling plans for handling the work in the event of theDiscipleship2, 99:of your life? Question 6 What part in my plans and in the task assigned to my Ashram are youDiscipleship2, 100:R.S.W.) are actively working in relation to my plans, though those plans are not in reality mine,Discipleship2, 100:working in relation to my plans, though those plans are not in reality mine, but simply theDiscipleship2, 105:Together, in unison and in deep reflection the plans unfold, and each disciple and initiate seesDiscipleship2, 151:in the setting of a time cycle. If plans mature as desired by the Hierarchy, the new stanza canDiscipleship2, 225:towards those expenditures which will make the plans of the Hierarchy possible, which will aidDiscipleship2, 228:expressed in this meditation. Lay practical plans and then review each week the planned activitiesDiscipleship2, 231:an attractive and magnetic unit in the Masters' plans. Realize the occult Law that "to those whoDiscipleship2, 271:who constitute the Hierarchy of the time. Their plans, their thinking and their living potency pourDiscipleship2, 296:before human progress, and in the Masters' plans, in the teaching given, and in the trainingDiscipleship2, 315:to do, and all the weaving and close-related plans are all worked out, then the One in whom we liveDiscipleship2, 329:as you may realize, has handicapped the ashramic plans, and those who whole-heartedly have workedDiscipleship2, 350:have governed the development of all these plans: its clear-cut significance, unperceived as yet byDiscipleship2, 350:time boundary by the nations who formulate these plans, [351] within whose announced limits certainDiscipleship2, 402:where high spiritual Beings must lay their plans. This is a different process to the creativeDiscipleship2, 426:emanates, therefore, from the astral plane. The plans for his coming are being laid in the higherDiscipleship2, 443:not block that channel with your ideas, your plans and your physical plane activities. I would notDiscipleship2, 447:my Ashram; it is an integral part of much larger plans and is largely modeled upon those ashramicDiscipleship2, 447:plans and is largely modeled upon those ashramic plans (which are part of still greaterDiscipleship2, 448:worker to grasp. The doing of the thing which he plans is to him oft the satisfactory reward ofDiscipleship2, 448:with the Plan, or in reality with your plans? Again a question of importance. A rich life ofDiscipleship2, 473:involved in the reorganization of your time and plans will do much to offset the above difficultiesDiscipleship2, 498:alone and to generate within themselves the plans which they consider fitted for the type ofDiscipleship2, 499:in that land. Begin, therefore, to lay your plans. Write letters. Locate your students. EstablishDiscipleship2, 501:value you and must also do their part. Lay your plans for increased School activity, andDiscipleship2, 501:from my Ashram is one of great activity. The plans are outlined and the work assigned is clearlyDiscipleship2, 504:on; the results will be the carrying out of your plans for work with greatly intensified effort.Discipleship2, 511:on. You are pledged as a disciple to further our plans and to occupy yourself with definite groupDiscipleship2, 549:"my work, my group, my teaching, my people, my plans," and in so doing stabilizes himself in hisDiscipleship2, 590:which will render them active cooperators in the plans laid down by us for the helping of theDiscipleship2, 592:today it demonstrates in the form of a myriad plans for postwar helpfulness, in the form ofDiscipleship2, 592:government and beginning to condition all the plans for world peace and international relations.Discipleship2, 639:interested anew and alertly in the hierarchical plans, and fit yourself into the time schedule ofDiscipleship2, 663:[663] perhaps and above aught else frustration? Plans which have not materialized; dreams whichDiscipleship2, 677:and A.A.B. have already realized and are laying plans in line with the above. All over the worldDiscipleship2, 678:work fits in with the general picture and the plans of the New York workers. There are, my belovedDiscipleship2, 679:established my work, instead of working out the plans as proposed to you. We come, therefore, notDiscipleship2, 680:of mine; there is no time now for personality plans, for criticisms and for disagreements. I haveDiscipleship2, 680:be for the Hierarchy and the furthering of its plans. Take again your place as an outpost of myDiscipleship2, 681:your ideas and suggestions to the reservoir of plans at Headquarters and learn to consider and takeDiscipleship2, 681:to consider and take part in other people's plans besides your own. What more can I say to you, myDiscipleship2, 725:a good illustration of what I mean in the two plans which you have evolved during the past sixDiscipleship2, 725:paper was more important than the other. These plans were drawn; time was taken in submitting themDiscipleship2, 725:country in the world are formulating them. Your plans were simply compilations of familiarDiscipleship2, 725:you from a true and practical cooperation in my plans which you know well and which the disciplesDiscipleship2, 737:more clearly to your life decisions and plans. They are your own concern. I have sought to widenEducation, 96:more easily be initiated into the purposes and plans of the Creator. 2. The Science of Meditation.Education, 97:higher. Identification with group purposes and plans is the natural attribute of the soul. As thisEducation, 109:results in Their work to bring into being the plans of God. The Masters can not and do not workEducation, 110:objectives and to cooperate with the immediate plans in this time of planetary crisis and upheaval,Education, 110:not possible for you at this time. Some of the plans and ideas controlling hierarchical action IEducation, 120:of detachment, in order that its desire and plans shall no longer be oriented to form living, theExternalisation, 25:Thus they can aid in carrying out the plans of the Council of the Hierarchy to meet the immediateExternalisation, 25:human emergency. As I told you before, the plans for humanity are not laid down, for humanityExternalisation, 41:how the groups have a definite place in the plans of the Hierarchy. By developing spiritualExternalisation, 73:childish efforts at improvement but embryonic plans whereby, eventually, may come release and theExternalisation, 76:[76] ends are as inscrutable to you as are the plans of the Ruler of Shamballa. These are forcesExternalisation, 83:ambitions, and the imposition of intellectual plans and concepts (the so-called ideologies) uponExternalisation, 86:science that the Hierarchy can form its larger plans and know in what manner individual nationsExternalisation, 93:- The Way towards the Central Spiritual Sun. The plans of the planetary Logos upon the SystemicExternalisation, 175:vision of the new world order and the retrograde plans of the so-called "new order" with which theExternalisation, 183:idealists and thinkers are unfolding schemes and plans which vision entirely new conditions thatExternalisation, 189:must be rescued from the future which Hitler plans, as well as the children of other countries; theExternalisation, 202:human consciousness and see the fruition of His plans, sacrifice and service, but the hold of theExternalisation, 307:expressions of His mind, His energy and His plans. This is the spiritual correspondence toExternalisation, 314:the past pamphlets and my later writings those plans and instructions on service which will beExternalisation, 317:with the forming of the group to carry out the plans for 1942-1945. It is being formed in the darkExternalisation, 325:Your task is to aid the work which the Hierarchy plans to do, to find the ways and means wherebyExternalisation, 332:and particularly concerning the share in these plans which spiritual groups can undertake. I wouldExternalisation, 353:will you cooperate in every possible way? The plans may be laid, the vision may be seen but unlessExternalisation, 369:by the articles, pamphlets, books, speeches and plans dealing with the new world order. The forcesExternalisation, 375:will be permitted to hold, and whether the evil plans of the Germans will spare any of theirExternalisation, 376:out of the welter of words and the plethora of plans, little of practical value has emerged andExternalisation, 378:of opinions expressed, by the many suggestions, plans and schemes for world betterment, and by aExternalisation, 381:to [381] the subject and that the reconstruction plans involve steps which are possible and whichExternalisation, 384:You may not agree with all of them or with their plans and modes of working, but all are needed.Externalisation, 407:found and here the spiritual Executives of God's plans live and work and oversee human andExternalisation, 407:the Love of God, the Purpose of divinity and the plans whereby that purpose is brought intoExternalisation, 422:Hierarchy; the Hierarchy will respond, and God's plans will then be worked out on Earth. TheExternalisation, 431:look at the world situation? What are Their plans? Can these plans be materialized? And what canExternalisation, 431:world situation? What are Their plans? Can these plans be materialized? And what can the individualExternalisation, 435:of mankind to work out now certain postwar plans which will entirely change our presentExternalisation, 441:Custodian, and also by laying down those plans whereby the Christ may - via the Hierarchy and theExternalisation, 442:are likewise getting ready to implement these plans and are endeavoring to inspire Their disciplesExternalisation, 442:have all aspirants and disciples follow. The plans outlined by me during the past ten years areExternalisation, 445:arena of world affairs. I have myself laid my plans before you. There the program must be left toExternalisation, 458:demand spiritually and implement the inner plans with intelligence. On a planetary scale, and notExternalisation, 459:determination are far more active and their plans better laid because both their thinking and theirExternalisation, 459:but impractical person whose ideas and world plans and suggestions as to the new world order litterExternalisation, 460:abuses which must be put right, discuss proposed plans and, from their particular angle of vision,Externalisation, 484:to direct them. Then through the enlightened plans of the world intelligentsia and prominentExternalisation, 484:Those who will be directly affected, if the plans go as desired, are the big educational systems,
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