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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLATITUDES

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Astrology, 585:but doing nothing but murmuring prayers and platitudes whilst humanity is dying. You can easilyAutobiography, 10:I never found that religion, or common sense platitudes - as usually dished out - help in a time ofAutobiography, 89:direction. He never runs around talking sweet platitudes to perfectly mediocre people whoseAutobiography, 89:that night, He offered me no compliments or nice platitudes. He said, in effect, the work must goAutobiography, 124:needs - not soporifics, not authority, not sweet platitudes - but the living Christ. After sixBethlehem, 223:as in intercourse with my fellowmen by the cold platitudes that fall so lightly from the lips ofDiscipleship1, 58:him in daily touch. This is one of the initial platitudes of the Path. It was, however, at one timeDiscipleship1, 390:produce effects in him. In these ancient platitudes lie, for you, much instruction, much light andDiscipleship1, 446:material expression. This is perhaps one of the platitudes of the occult position, but it is ofDiscipleship1, 599:These words may sound to those who read them platitudes, applicable to anyone. You yourself know,Discipleship1, 709:the importance of the truths which underlie all platitudes. This is perhaps the most difficult taskDiscipleship2, 554:very door of initiation. These are to you the platitudes of the Path and require from me noDiscipleship2, 621:and love with wisdom. These, my brother, are the platitudes of the spiritual experience and theseDiscipleship2, 650:he must perforce then take refuge in the trite platitudes that suffering humanity has evolved toDiscipleship2, 652:or symbolically, nor am I referring to the usual platitudes expressed in the injunction "dwell inExternalisation, 113:in the fires of adversity. These are not platitudes but eternal truths. This world crisis, with allExternalisation, 232:combatants. Would you have me deal with pleasant platitudes anent a future happy world, whenExternalisation, 346:other," but doing nothing but murmur prayers and platitudes whilst humanity is dying. You canExternalisation, 382:non-spectacular and almost constitute spiritual platitudes. But they are the essential andExternalisation, 619:or, wish to waste time with the ordinary platitudes and the well understood replies, which do notExternalisation, 619:replies, which do not aid because they remain platitudes and are not translated into action. IGlamour, 243:you before. These truths are, for you, only the platitudes of occultism and yet, if you could butHealing, 252:These items of information are again but the platitudes of the social worker in the many cities andHealing, 511:Heaven! These are familiar truths and ancient platitudes, but they still remain largely theory toHealing, 528:are basically sound and state the fundamental platitudes (the essential truths, nevertheless) whichHealing, 528:however, are not healed by the enunciation of platitudes, by [529] the affirmation of divinity orHealing, 603:goodwill are no true protection, in spite of the platitudes of the sentimental occultist. In fact,Intellect, 166:with Reality, and with other souls, and the platitudes of a nice and cultured mentality. The effectIntellect, 245:the back and pronouncing high sounding but inane platitudes. He would improve the brief moment byIntellect, 252:the soul, through meditation, have no time for platitudes; these can safely be left to the parrotsMagic, 175:and hence we have the beautiful platitudes, couched in Christian phraseology, and tinctured by theMagic, 191:emotional reactions, and right thinking are the platitudes of all religious systems and have lostPsychology1, 276:a flood of puritanical injunctions, in righteous platitudes, and with unsatisfying explanations,Psychology1, 302:postulates I have above enunciated, sound like platitudes. But platitudes are the universal andPsychology1, 302:above enunciated, sound like platitudes. But platitudes are the universal and recognized truths,Psychology2, 131:Path. These are well known. They are the platitudes of the spiritual life, and constitute theRays, 26:be on the surface - trite truisms and spiritual platitudes; but they are rules for initiationRays, 99:call the usual metaphysical and theosophical platitudes, and to see life as the Hierarchy sees it.Telepathy, 77:with his personality, nor will they contain the platitudes of the religious background of the
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