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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLAY

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Astrology, 5:and governing energies and forces which play through and upon the whole field of space and all thatAstrology, 6:allowance has been made for the energies which play upon our planet all the time from otherAstrology, 7:from which all the energies and forces which play upon our planet flow and emanate; I willAstrology, 9:the energies from the many originating Sources play. We are, therefore, concerned with the ethericAstrology, 10:of transmission for all the energies which play upon and through our solar system, our planetaryAstrology, 12:influences and energies as they beat upon and play through our little planet, but they have omittedAstrology, 14:The forces, emanating from the solar centers, play upon the planetary centers... This is hidden inAstrology, 15:added other streams of energy which definitely play upon and affect our planetary life, such asAstrology, 19:to the type of vehicle or body upon which they play; the nature of these vehicles and theirAstrology, 32:of some of these interlocking energies which play through, traverse, return, stimulate and energizeAstrology, 50:Unknown All the above energies are called into play as far as man is concerned during the majorAstrology, 50:Unknown All the above energy is called into play as far as man is concerned whilst he is inAstrology, 61:this point, the sign Gemini begins potently to play its part in the life of the disciples, withAstrology, 106:and heart must be coordinated and brought into play when the great reversal takes place. We haveAstrology, 183:matter and their interrelation, plus the [183] play of qualitative energies; they bear witness atAstrology, 185:is over and the Cross of Discipleship begins to play its part. Astrology, 187:ray devotion to an ideal, high or low. All these play upon the individual born in the sign of [188]Astrology, 220:to appear and then Neptune and Mars begin to play their part. A close study of all the aboveAstrology, 220:reveal the fact that four signs of the zodiac play a dominant part, therefore, in the life of theAstrology, 224:as well as six out of the seven rays must all play their part in conditioning the man in ScorpioAstrology, 250:governs the path of discipleship, can properly play its part. The power of Mars is lessened inAstrology, 265:on these matters and the nine united potencies play their part in developing the Christ life in theAstrology, 265:are the testing points in the process of the play of energies from the other nine signs as theseAstrology, 286:of the Leo person. What [286] part Leo may play in the personal horoscope of Hitler I do not know,Astrology, 297:the central, spiritual Sun which is called into play, and Uranus is then the distributing agencyAstrology, 323:of opportunity (Saturn). These, however, play subjectively upon the dweller in the form and are notAstrology, 323:and the indirect influences of the seven planets play their [324] varied parts in man's unfoldment,Astrology, 327:subject will be better understood, evoking the play of the intuition. This demonstrates a secondAstrology, 331:not focused in this [331] sign. Only five rays play through this constellation which even at aAstrology, 355:human kingdom. Between these two the influences play from Sagittarius to Gemini and vice versa. ItAstrology, 388:the final radiant activity which consummates the play of the Taurian force upon humanity during theAstrology, 396:of the qualities of the four energies which play through each arm of the Cross upon humanity. OneAstrology, 403:noted the differing divine qualities which this play of energies evokes in humanity - as well as inAstrology, 403:the vast aggregation of impelling energies which play throughout our cosmos; individual man mayAstrology, 412:in fact - as far as man is concerned - they play upon unevolved man, upon evolved man or uponAstrology, 443:can arrest the impact of these energies which play upon and through our planet. When I say this, IAstrology, 458:world affairs will be seen as the result of the play of these forces and energies and, therefore,Astrology, 458:As in the individual life, the results of the play of the life of the soul upon the form aspect,Astrology, 480:life of the soul. The 12 constellations, as they play their part in the life of the discipleAstrology, 510:planets, veiled by the Sun and Moon, come into play and will realize that he must decide (from aAstrology, 525:disciple is to handle the forces which play through him in such a manner that only constructiveAstrology, 527:are also the second and the fourth must and will play an important part in determining humanAstrology, 562:moves. A new light enters in. The Seven Sisters play their part (the Pleiades are in Taurus, theAstrology, 572:- emotional and idealistic - have a part to play in focusing the mass fluid aspiration. TheirAstrology, 585:destroy the forms which are obstructing the free play of the divine spirit; that will must notAstrology, 602:development; as these seven energies play upon the human consciousness in an effort to produce andAstrology, 641:1029) 9. "There must also be borne in mind the play of energy which emanates from any one of theAtom, 23:the interaction between groups, and the endless play of one force or type of energy upon another. Atom, 46:some greater scheme in which even our God has to play His part and to find His place. It is aAutobiography, 54:There were rooms where they could write letters, play games, sit around the fire and read theAutobiography, 54:sit around the fire and read the current papers, play chess and checkers and be talked to by us ifAutobiography, 54:with them; go up and sit down beside them and play checkers; be nice to them, remain [55]Autobiography, 55:soldier, finding out his name, sitting down to play games with him, asking him about his home andAutobiography, 65:"I don't drink and I don't dance; I don't play cards and I don't go to the theatre, and I know youAutobiography, 76:and became very good at the game, not because I play it Scientifically, but because I had anAutobiography, 76:the harmonium for hours and these I could almost play by heart. I had a very good mezzo sopranoAutobiography, 81:that he liked to do. He must no longer drink, play cards, swear, or go to the theatre and, ofAutobiography, 135:be back home. If it was winter time, I would play with the children indoors or read to them. If itAutobiography, 185:and French and Dutch girls - for it takes two to play that game." Though our boys had too muchAutobiography, 270:is pledged to cooperate. He is taught how to play his part in raising the consciousness of theAutobiography, 302:the individual disciple must have if he is to play his proper part in the planned teamwork of theBethlehem, 20:years its potencies and [20] forces will play upon the race and will establish the new types,Bethlehem, 21:and procedures in which we, as individuals, play no conscious part. Christ enacted for us theBethlehem, 42:as Melchizedek, and as the Ancient of Days, will play His part and initiate us into the stillBethlehem, 112:without any solid truth behind them, a mere play of the imagination! The garment which clothes theBethlehem, 163:of man makes every human being, at some time, play the part of the Virgin Mary to that indwellingDestinyor radiations (rays, in other words) as they play upon humanity in its many varying stages ofDestiny, 4:that certain major potencies are coming into play at this time. Certain forces are becomingDestiny, 4:here and point out that these forces come into play either cyclically or through demand. This is anDestiny, 5:ray energies active at any time) coming into play: Those energies which are passing out ofDestiny, 6:and the effect of these five energies as they play upon our planet, evoke response - good and bad -Destiny, 43:can begin, and his objectives come unduly into play. This is what has happened in theDestiny, 55:to know the exact part their nation must play in the history of nations. Every nation - withoutDestiny, 93:world affairs will be seen as the result of the play of these forces and energies and as,Destiny, 94:As in the individual life, as the results of the play of soul energy upon the form aspect, one orDestiny, 100:disciple is to handle the forces which play through him in such a manner that only constructiveDestiny, 102:are also the second and the fourth must and will play an important part in determining humanDestiny, 130:by the energies which they have released to play upon forces under the laws of their being. TheDiscipleship1, 33:- disciples and initiates - and to this group, I play the part of secretary and of organizingDiscipleship1, 36:Thus another type of energy is brought into play, producing another type of interrelation andDiscipleship1, 64:but knowledge and love must be called into play together, producing only those results which areDiscipleship1, 64:Plan. Disciples are not permitted to call into play and functioning activity the Will aspect of theDiscipleship1, 90:of the creative imagination are brought into play. 2. The power to visualize is the form-buildingDiscipleship1, 109:for thirty years has been such that the free play of the psychic forces has been inhibited. You areDiscipleship1, 117:two are better understood by you and when the play of these two forces produces in you an innerDiscipleship1, 201:progress on the Way. The inhibitions to the free play of the light of the soul through you in yourDiscipleship1, 206:gifts and acquired talents may be called into play and give you that rounded out development whichDiscipleship1, 218:Stand, therefore, upon this belief and relax and play at times. As has been my habit in relation toDiscipleship1, 222:of the powerful influence you can call into play and thus affect other people's lives. You knowDiscipleship1, 241:rest and sleep. Feed it normally and sanely and play no experiments with it as you have so oft andDiscipleship1, 250:upon your own stage, on which you each seek to play a leading part; subordination to group life, soDiscipleship1, 257:great aligning qualities which are brought into play when the soul can grip and control the vitalDiscipleship1, 275:you ponder on this and intensify your effort to play this part and above all to play itDiscipleship1, 275:your effort to play this part and above all to play it dynamically. It is a vital service which youDiscipleship1, 314:the world of business, and of family relations play their part, enabling the sannyasin to "continueDiscipleship1, 320:in your chosen profession but negates the free play of the intuition. This latter, however, isDiscipleship1, 324:the will of the soul which must be brought into play for group ends and not the will and theDiscipleship1, 350:R. S. W. You can see how potent a part you can play in this life if the force or influence whichDiscipleship1, 382:and to the place an individual mind can play in the service of humanity, and whose radiation isDiscipleship1, 383:if your first ray soul power is brought into play, or it can be accomplished more slowly if you
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