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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLAY

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Discipleship1, 431:How much part does divine indifference play in this redemption process? [432] In which of my threeDiscipleship1, 432:- is it felt the most? Does redeeming force play through me to others? My nature in truth is love.Discipleship1, 442:group activity with which you are engaged, the play of adolescent minds and emotions upon yourDiscipleship1, 482:focused; the tide of life and the [482] play of energies - as understood upon the Path ofDiscipleship1, 500:my brother, a sense of humor and a tendency to play, bearing in mind that relaxation is as much aDiscipleship1, 561:meditation, say the following obligation: "I play my part with stern resolve, with earnestDiscipleship1, 596:stage whereon you deliberately have chosen to play your part. You have three years in which to makeDiscipleship1, 602:and truth, and they must all be called into play at this time. Remember that your decision, ifDiscipleship1, 628:comprehension as to the place each of you had to play in the future work. If all my disciples takeDiscipleship1, 659:which call your emotional reactions into play on matters and subjects which, in this day of worldDiscipleship1, 674:on its way. "Enter the field where children play and join their game." Awakened to the game ofDiscipleship1, 758:him to do. He knows the part which he has to play. He responds sensitively to the Master's aura notDiscipleship1, 765:the lowest aspect of his consciousness into play and action. I have for years taught you, and yourDiscipleship1, 770:some appropriate aspect. They usually play [771] their part successfully, and their success isDiscipleship2, 41:planned moving forward into light. You can play your part in this determination, if you so will.Discipleship2, 44:it is for you to decide what part you will play, as individuals and as a group, in the coming cycleDiscipleship2, 62:of the World institutes new law and brings into play new energies. Laws are only the unalterableDiscipleship2, 110:your aid so that one of the newest Ashrams may play a good part in the group of Ashrams, gatheredDiscipleship2, 110:and love to all men, pass on your way. Let love play its part in all your lives and all yourDiscipleship2, 142:of thought upon which the higher impressions can play, yet persistence in the daily recognition andDiscipleship2, 208:process Now, and with the part meditation must play in the preparation for the coming of the ChristDiscipleship2, 247:of these faculties will require calling into play your understanding, if the formulas connectedDiscipleship2, 298:and not with their own selfish goals. Such a play of imaginative thought is good and constructiveDiscipleship2, 299:the true disciple, if I may be permitted this play on words. One of the first lessons in theDiscipleship2, 330:into wisdom as his mind is subjected to the play of the higher understanding of those with whom heDiscipleship2, 344:the creative imagination must be brought into play; it must be remembered that these words, symbolsDiscipleship2, 359:and becomes aware of the tiny part which he can play by cooperation with this planning - or,Discipleship2, 360:not concerned with a part which an aspirant must play as an individual, nor does it include theDiscipleship2, 447:much larger whole and has a very needed part to play. I would remind you that very large trees canDiscipleship2, 548:into periods of silence. Yet both must play their part. You are passing on the Lighted Way, myDiscipleship2, 591:all three. These three you have. The gift of play must come to you, my brother. Play upon the earthDiscipleship2, 591:The gift of play must come to you, my brother. Play upon the earth and play in the hidden place andDiscipleship2, 591:come to you, my brother. Play upon the earth and play in the hidden place and sport yourself withinDiscipleship2, 607:where to find you." The part that you have to play will slowly emerge and become clear to your mindDiscipleship2, 611:life. A great Law of Compensation comes into play in a peculiar manner and along special linesDiscipleship2, 624:thought and the white light of the mind begin to play upon the matter of that plane, producingDiscipleship2, 655:you when your own inner strength is called into play and is used by you consciously and rightly. IDiscipleship2, 667:the part which he, as an individual server, must play. There is more to it than that, but I fear toDiscipleship2, 679:reactions. Each Ashram has its part to play in materializing the Plan and some project to carryDiscipleship2, 699:happier phase of living if you permit music to play a major part in your life rhythm; choose onlyDiscipleship2, 711:matter and remove the impediments to the free play of your love nature, you will always be aDiscipleship2, 742:impact upon the minds of those around you. You play around with ideas all the time; you experimentDiscipleship2, 755:the plane where life has placed you in a part to play. The rhythm of all life pulsates in time andDiscipleship2, 761:to be; let not your sixth ray devotional nature play any part in this process or contact. Bear inEducation, 4:a controlled personality; it must enable him to play his part in the work of the world and fit himEducation, 6:then with the greater whole in which he has to play his part. Each aspect, regarded as a lowerEducation, 23:leaving him little opportunity for the free play of the individual will, intelligence, purpose andEducation, 24:it is true that all these distinctive energies play constantly upon energy-substanceEducation, 26:spiritual triad, so that there can be the free play of consciousness and complete identificationEducation, 100:to the State and thus can be of social value yet play a distinct individual part, and at the sameEducation, 115:obloquy and oblivion. "In the aggregate of this play with ideas, and in the constant impact uponEducation, 115:will the true patterns be made available, to play their part in leading the race towards itsEducation, 115:in a realization of Brotherhood. Thus thoughts play their part, and the problem of ideas will beExternalisation, 9:the divine soul. These higher powers come into play when the head and heart centers, as well as theExternalisation, 40:this second group is a part and in which it can play an important function, and occupy a keyExternalisation, 104:new order will be brought into expression by the play of the spiritual energy upon the forces inExternalisation, 178:peace programs, policies of appeasement, and play into the hands of the totalitarian powers?Externalisation, 195:of other nations and to comprehend the part they play in the whole picture. It will be developedExternalisation, 199:by their environment and who at present play no real determining part in world events, except in soExternalisation, 212:thinking, wise speech and skill in action should play in the attitude of the world disciples andExternalisation, 212:world disciples) I know that present events will play their timely part, will give place to othersExternalisation, 244:good of humanity itself. Thus the individual can play his part in the bigger whole, and his help isExternalisation, 244:can do, and yet are eager to see clearly and to play their part when right vision is theirs? ToExternalisation, 276:put before us the methods whereby humanity can play its part and do its share in aiding all thoseExternalisation, 280:disciples and the men of goodwill actually now play their proper part. Symbolically, they can putExternalisation, 328:part which science, education and economics must play in the future is being brought increasinglyExternalisation, 345:destroy the forms which are obstructing the free play of the divine Spirit; that Will must notExternalisation, 363:learned and the sacrificial will is called into play. I have made this practical application andExternalisation, 379:what use is it when heard? What [379] part can I play in the vast arena of world affairs? How can IExternalisation, 381:the one thing that really matters is for man to play his part, to mobilize his time and all that heExternalisation, 384:call for innumerable ways of working. All can play their part if based on real goodwill and ifExternalisation, 398:on Earth instead of death and the love of God play its active part in the reconstruction of worldExternalisation, 402:with the Hierarchy and strengthen you to play your part in world salvage. Externalisation, 410:throughout the world has been prepared to play its part in this third Approach. The Buddha cameExternalisation, 442:objectives, so that they too may be prepared to play their due part. Such, my brothers, is theExternalisation, 455:the quality of the demand), the Hierarchy will play its part and aid in making possible that whichExternalisation, 464:A great Triangle of Force will be called into play during, those five days as the nucleus throughExternalisation, 545:which will make the past war appear like child's play; antagonisms and hatreds will embroil entireExternalisation, 556:to take part in these two ceremonies with a full play of the imagination; these ceremonies willExternalisation, 557:ancient work, and not - as in the past - to play the part of interested onlookers. I would warn youExternalisation, 577:This Ashram has an important part to play in the work of preparation, for it is through theExternalisation, 607:which is there being played. This time, He will play His part, not in obscurity as He previouslyExternalisation, 608:can happen He must again enter the public arena, play His part in world affairs and prove the scopeExternalisation, 622:of that center where the love of God has full play. There it is fully realized that (in the wordsExternalisation, 627:in the British concepts of justice and fair play and world trade, and would do it more cleverlyExternalisation, 675:centers on Earth and the part which they will play in rebuilding and reorganizing the world. [676]Fire, xv:and to indicate to man the part he must play as an atomic unit in a great and corporate Whole. ThisFire, 71:spirillae, and brings them all gradually into play. 26 Permanent Atom. An appropriated point ofFire, 80:the pranic emanations of the etheric body itself play upon the dense physical body in the sameFire, 80:same manner as the pranic emanations of the sun play upon the etheric body. It is all one vastFire, 162:man to vivify these centers and bring them into play. I sound here a solemn word of warning. Let aFire, 202:time. That as the higher triangle comes into play and the polarization steps up to the higherFire, 208:Through their stimulation there comes into play one or more of the corresponding spirillae in theFire, 215:It is the law that eventually comes into play after spirit and matter are blending, and adaptingFire, 245:that I am" principle. Thus the different factors play their part in the general scheme of things,Fire, 287:developed, and a new factor comes gradually into play. Little by little the intuition, or theFire, 363:essentially the Hierarchy of manas. This is no play on words, but a statement of deep occultFire, 383:things, the place the Earth chain and globe play in the evolution of the planetary Logos of theFire, 401:action in time, and only as the Triad comes into play, via the esoteric four, are the fires of bothFire, 462:of the domestic animals, and the consequent play made upon the third spirilla in the animal atoms
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