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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PLAY

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Fire, 464:to the necessary stage of vibration by the play upon their mental bodies of the combined vibrationsFire, 490:some comprehension of the place the devas play in transmutation may be achieved. The position thatFire, 495:standard metals, such as gold and silver, which play such a vital part in the life of the race, andFire, 502:and which from high cosmic levels play upon groups, fostering certain attributes for which we have,Fire, 514:these rays are given as seven in number, and play upon these points or circles (analogous to theFire, 613:swept into action in group formation through the play [614] of positive force upon them, or throughFire, 637:a human being. Three types of force, therefore, play upon or through these devas: That energizingFire, 661:and to the place desire and feeling play in his development. Consciousness expands through contact,Fire, 667:equilibrium of electrical phenomena, has to play equally upon and through both evolutions, but inFire, 687:astral plane, and in the part sex and passion play in the development of man. At the close of thisFire, 761:it is the will aspect which is brought into play, and which produces appearance - either the willFire, 800:to show the sources of the "influences" which play upon all atomic lives. The atom likewise isFire, 801:the reality of the variety of influences which play upon all [802] that is manifesting, and to callFire, 802:or vibrations, calling forth response, play upon every form and atom in the solar system and allFire, 895:out of time and space," and the place that birds play in the mysteries. Herein lies for him theFire, 949:purpose of evil and the place the evil forces play in the general scheme. Third, by the energyFire, 978:fellow workers and chosen cooperators it will play an ever lessening part. Intuitive perception andFire, 990:(resultant from that relationship) converge and play through that one of the planetary Logoi who isFire, 1015:the place the various types of receptive matter play in the magical work. As is ever the case inFire, 1025:and the communicating currents in full play. He must literally "renew his meditation," and makeFire, 1035:the three worlds in which he has to play his part, and the instrument which he has to use. This rodFire, 1049:the higher. Gradually, as the sweeping spirals play their part, the higher vibration makes itselfFire, 1049:Between the two vast periods the heat doth play its part. But when the heat grows fierce, and theFire, 1051:racial, and national energy. All of these play upon the sensitive atoms in the various bodies andFire, 1051:solar centers, as the forces emanating from them play upon the planetary centers and thereby affectFire, 1052:them. There is also to be borne in mind the play of energy which emanates from any one of thoseFire, 1067:In every case the three fires or types of energy play their part; in every case the four stages areFire, 1069:Logos, and upon the currents of force which play upon His planetary body, and which emanate fromFire, 1100:equally achieved. Certain influences and forces play upon the mental sheath of any human being, andFire, 1101:manifestation. The effects produced by the play of these five types of energy upon each otherFire, 1103:of the term. Later, as higher energies come into play and the effort is made to balance the threeFire, 1114:Streams of force from the Sacred Planets play upon the central tier of petals. Herein lies a hintFire, 1117:with their allied systems in their immensity play the part of atoms. Thus some idea may be gainedFire, 1210:it shall become a vital principle through the play of energy upon it. We are dealing here with thatFire, 1214:aspects; time and space or "divine opportunity" play their parts in microcosmic group work as theyFire, 1217:law of service, but only comes consciously into play when the atom has established certain basicFire, 1263:further be enlarged upon. The Hierarchies which play a great part in the introduction of polarFire, 1274:reigns. The absent Lhas forget the worlds and play at other games... All passes into nothingness.Fire, 1274:- pursue their cycles. * * * The twelve-pointed play Their part and are the result of the communionFire, 1281:a cosmic Path; That which in greater kalpas will play a godlike game; That [1282] which in all theGlamour, 9:to awaken the dormant brain cells or call into play the intuition. It must be remembered (and hereGlamour, 37:successful in their personal activities, could play a most useful part. Such groups would have twoGlamour, 39:glamor and maya. Illusion does not yet fully play its part and the Dweller is seldom adequatelyGlamour, 52:the sense of power, and with the part he is to play in aiding humanity, than he is with theGlamour, 56:faculty of the mind then comes into play; the "mind-stuff" becomes actuated by the energy of theGlamour, 92:- Rays 3.7. Thus you will note that all the rays play their part in the mechanism of man, makingGlamour, 110:mind nature to be developed and brought into play in the effort to solve the problem in thisGlamour, 115:brings this third category of glamor into full play. These glamors are dependent upon theGlamour, 130:of them is a true idea which has its part to play in human or planetary service; and each of themGlamour, 135:mind and method of life. They prevent the free play of the intuition, with its real power to revealGlamour, 135:used by students and aspirants through the free play of the intuition. Glamour, 145:it to a calm, cold scrutiny. Glamor and emotion play into each other's hands and feeling runs soGlamour, 152:group tension can interfere with the free play of the power and light which you are supposed toGlamour, 170:learned and the sacrificial will is called into play. I have made this practical application andGlamour, 190:correctly followed, it brings the intuition into play and the world of meaning (lying behind theGlamour, 243:of the many parts which the Soul undertakes to play. The disciple learns eventually to know himselfGlamour, 269:three aspects which [269] must be brought into play before the divine will can begin to control.Healing, 27:All opathically or homeopathically, for both can play their part at times, or through any of theHealing, 76:traced to congestion or to the lack of the free play of the forces. In this connection it might beHealing, 77:it most easily passes. Where there is no free play between the etheric body and the astral body,Healing, 77:you will have trouble. Where there is no free play between the etheric body and the physical body,Healing, 85:center to its related gland, permitting the free play of the force pouring through the center toHealing, 85:between all the centers, permitting the free play of force in correct rhythm throughout theHealing, 91:is better integration, and as a result a freer play of the life forces throughout the vehicles ofHealing, 94:body, for instance, and which pass through and play upon it, are inherited from a very ancientHealing, 96:and a group can heal and that thought can play its potent part in the healing process, but notHealing, 97:Where there is integration there is the free play of force and of energy throughout the materialHealing, 126:in the world and living the life of reflection, play their useful part. Healing, 131:life essence. These two basic energies, as they play upon the forces of the personality, bringHealing, 155:The three great energies which are brought into play during the divine creative activity areHealing, 170:upon which the intuition of disciples may play. The solar plexus is a reflection in the personalityHealing, 195:of Disease The outgoing forces from a center play upon the etheric counterpart of the entireHealing, 211:material perfection is produced, plus the full play of the enlightened consciousness and also ofHealing, 223:glands as the will of the man is called into play to surmount danger; the will-to-live, with itsHealing, 243:upon the dense physical body. These radiations play upon the units of energy which, in theirHealing, 256:being recognized increasingly and are known to play an orthodox and recognized part in the newerHealing, 257:which will heal the whole man and bring into play all the resources - physical, emotional, mentalHealing, 304:or other of the seven types of energy as they play upon the human body. All physical ills emergeHealing, 304:body; through these the impersonal energies play, carrying life, disease or death, stimulating theHealing, 331:the physical vehicle in health through the free play of the pranic currents. The above is anHealing, 344:life so that the higher energies can have freer play. [345] Bring about those conditions andHealing, 356:some understanding of the part that love has to play in the art of healing?" I can answer withHealing, 356:of some kind. As to the part love has to play in the healing process: Love is the life expressionHealing, 370:The magnetism of the healer is then brought into play and, consciously and with intent, he can drawHealing, 435:Thus the will aspect comes increasingly into play until, upon the Path of Discipleship, spiritualHealing, 537:medical practice and surgical knowledge will play their useful parts in preventive medicine,Healing, 591:of much importance to you. All these energies play an active part in the life cycle of every manHealing, 633:in the nature of the divine Will are called into play where disease and death are concerned: one isHealing, 710:the two which are as one, and so the fifth must play its part and the five must play its part andHealing, 710:the fifth must play its part and the five must play its part and the five must function as if one.Hercules, 7:and demonstrated the part which the unit must play in the eternal Enterprise. A great easternHercules, 67:the generator of opportunity: these three play their parts in the life of the aspirant as [68] heHercules, 83:controlled unfolding of the various forces which play their subtle parts in bringing about theHercules, 84:intellect until the intuition is brought into play, interpreting and extending the intellect andHercules, 123:Reminding one again that eight energies play through Virgo, that it is a sign of synthesis, RudhyarHercules, 166:the seven-stringed harp. The aspirant learns to play upon the harp and he makes music with hisHercules, 176:he is no longer held by the physical law he can play with the forces of nature. We are beginning toHercules, 223:Aries, the Ram, Lamb Naphtali Naphtali is a play upon the He brew word "talceh", the Ram. It meansHercules, 223:The living water. Pisces, the Fishes Gad A play on "Dag", the fish. [225] Hercules, 225:higher faculty of the intuition is brought into play, and this is symbolized for us [226] in the
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